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Good Morning Church Family,
* Did you notice – Sunday walking out of church – it was like walking into a warm wall! Wow did it feel great to experience that warmth again. I know, I know – it was never really cold here, especially for those of you reading this in lands known for snow and (-) temperatures. And hey, its another beautiful morning today. I think the next three months are typically the best weather we get around here. Soak it up people. It can’t get much better than this.
* I was wonderfully blessed on Sunday by the creativity of Devon Kehler. He developed this 4 tiered serving device and between, Devon, Selina, Jim and the “Cookie Sunday” team, they loaded it with 300 freshly made donuts which we got to share with all who were there. Sorry if you missed it, but hey, you snooze, you lose! They totally surprised me with this wonderful treat of celebrating my birthday. Thankyou, You guys rock. 

* The playground is coming together. A center for our children has been birthed as a result of Mayra’s dream for some playground equipment for the upcoming Semana Santa event. Some great people out there bringing it all together. Thanks guys for your incredible support of this vision. Mayra mentioned yesterday that many are signing up to help in all areas. Just another way that SCCC is touching the community we live in for Christ!!!

* Jeannine and I got to share an evening with two folks who are considering the next step in their spiritual journey, that being baptism. Such a great evening of discussing life and the details behind and His reason for following Christ through baptism.

* We had another highlight last week as we attended a quinceañera in the church which Mayra’s mother pastors in Guaymas. Nohemi is the young lady raised by Marisol’s (Devon) parents whose 15th birthday we were celebrating. But the service caught my attention. As beautiful as a wedding, this event celebrates the coming of age, the movement into woman hood. Mayra translated her mother’s message into English for the benefit of the English speakers. I was awed by the imagery, so typical of the depth of the Mexican culture.
     First, Nohemi received a “pink” Bible and with it, a message of how she could anticipate the Lord’s guidance as she remained faithful to Him in reading it. That was followed by the gift of three roses, each at a different stage of maturity and the message of how life would change with the different levels of maturity she would experience. Next her father knelt in front of Nohemi and removed her runners and replaced them with heels that a princess would wear, again another sign of her new role as a women. Then as Nohemi knelt, her parents prayed a prayer of blessing for her, which was followed by a warm word from her Mom and some heart rending hugs. A ring was then presented to Nohemi by Brenda & Art Koenes, symbolizing the unending love of God for her. Somewhere in the middle of this, there was mention made of her Tierra, which again represented the princess she had become in God’s eyes. The message Mayra’s mother spoke gripped our hearts and it was a huge treat to share this time with them.
     And as with all good things in Mexico, the evening continued with a great worship band, food enough to feed most of the known world and a celebration equal to a wedding at the Belen Casa de Pan ministry center (Devon & Marisol’s)
* Prayer  (Please see Prayer wall for additional requests) 

  • Missionary of the Week: Billy & Erika (Pioneers) 
  • Deacon of the Week: Carol White 
  • Noma Roetcisoender: Noma’s husband Jim went to be with the Lord on March 4. His memorial service will be held on March 17, back in Washington. They are part of our church family in San Carlos and she and her family are in need of our prayers. Because of illness they did not leave Washington the last two years but kept in touch with several friends here.  
  • From Keith & Deborah Robinson – Keith has chosen to live his life out….no more treatment for his recurring stage 4 prostate cancer that soon became neuroendocrine. Our Palliative Care doctor said his body is probably worn out from chemo that didn’t work, etc and probably not a great idea to do another infusion treatment…so he said put all that away in a box (give it to God) and live out your life.

On Sunday, we continued with our “hey Guy” series, looking at 2:15-19. The 3 R’s of God’s blessing were the subject of this message. God desires to bless his children, but there is an order of how that happens in our lives. As Haggai records so well, the Lord also challenges us to reflect on how things are going in our lives – REFLECT is the word. As we reflect, we will see things or areas of life where we may have moved away from God’s presence. He invites us to RETURN to Him. And as we return, God opens the door for us to RECEIVE His blessing.
            V:19 “from this day on, I will bless you.” That is God’s word, not only to Israel in 520 BC, but to God’s children in 2018. That blessing of His restored presence in our lives, that shalom we spoke about several weeks ago, is the greatest of all blessings, but the blessing continues to every area of our life and truly provides us with His peace in the midst of a very chaotic world.
            The challenge firstly is to make Jesus the Lord of our lives, but secondly, it’s a message to all of us who are sometimes tempted to move away from Him when life doesn’t turn out the way we were hoping.
One message left in Haggai, not sure when we will get to it, but allow me to give notice of the ending in Haggai, “We Win”.  
Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

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