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Good Morning Church Family,
* It is a good day in San Carlos and it’s a great time to be part of San Carlos Community Church. We’re excited about our church’s vision and about our future. The feedback I received last Sunday after sharing about who we are and then a little about where we’re going was a treat for both Jeannine and I. I also shared a little about a potential associate pastor search, scheduled for Nov, 2018 and I’ve included a transcript of that at the end of this pastor’s desk for you to review, if you like. Keep on dreaming because I believe the best is yet to come! Imagine all that the Lord could do through us, as we follow His desires and His will for our lives!
* Mayra’s Semana Santa plans are coming together and so is the Playground. (thank you to all the guys involved – you responded like right now) The playground is one of the new components Mayra envisioned in making this another impactful event. Its interesting, I had a conversation with a non church attending friend uptown a few days ago, who was in awe that our church would have the kind of attendance that could utilize playground equipment. He seemed really excited for us!
            There are still more opportunities for you to be involved and in a variety of different ways. Talk to Mayra if you’d like to participate in this amazing event.
* April 2 @ 6:00PM – Monday night at the Movies “The Climb” – from Billy Graham’s World Wide Pictures: Two hotshot solo climbers forge an uneasy friendship in order to reach their ultimate summit.  Their teamwork escalates into a test of wills, character and sacrifice that pushes both men beyond their limits.  Starring Jason George, Ned Vaughn, Todd Bridges, Clifton Davis, and Dabney Coleman.
* Already a bit of chatter about the special missions offering which is taking place over the next two Sundays. The matching component has made this an even greater highlight and we’re praying you will participate in keeping our missions program strong. And its “double the pleasure”, knowing that our financial gifts will be matched dollar for dollar, up to a total of 20,000 USD. Please use the offering envelopes provided for your special missions offering.
* Don’t forget CEC’s special fund raising event tonight @ 6:00PM at the “Diner”. Be sure to give Howard a call if you’d still like to go.

* Julie Young, our brand new “we care” director, will be providing some updated information next Sunday. This is another great care ministry of SCCC and may offer a way for you to be involved in a caring ministry. Details to follow.

* Prayer  (Please see Prayer wall for additional requests) 

  • Missionary of the Week: Ken & Ruth (Pioneers) 
  • Deacon of the Week: Brandon Baird

 * The following is a transcript of what I shared at the conclusion of Sunday’s message. Understanding the needs of our church and of our own lives, we are so encouraged that the idea of an “associate pastor” could come to fruition.

      The elders have agreed to establish a pastoral search team in Nov, 2018 and to begin a search process for an associate pastor. We have a great church, we’ve seen continued growth this winter again, even without those who no longer come to SC for the winter. Ministries continue to develop here organically, and I praise God for them as they are created out of a spiritual need and led by passionate leaders. Each one requires and deserves our church’s support, along with the human resources (people) needed to function. Praise the Lord for the multiple ways He touches people through this church. Amen!!! This is good.
      We have also been overjoyed with seeing our church develop a community mindset. We have truly become a community church and are recognized more and more as being a vital link in who this community is. Maintaining that awareness also requires time and energy. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s a model of ministry that has worked in drawing people into the church, seeing some come to know Christ and others to once again, take this walk with Christ more seriously.
      We would like to see someone come on board who has a passion for the direction this church is moving, someone who could help out with the preaching / teaching ministry, both Sundays and Wednesdays, someone who also sees the community as relevant to who we areand someone, who could help administer some of the other functions which are a part of our growing leadership role here at SCCC.
      Although Jeannine & I are thrilled with all the areas of ministry going on here, it has reached a level that requires a significant amount of time and energy. We love it here but we also see the church’s need to support our ministries in a more efficient and effective way. We also feel that our role here limits us in connecting with our family and simply having some time to fulfill some of the dreams we have in our own lives.
     There are several solutions. Jeannine & I discussed have discussed it most of the winter and wondered whether we should simply make way for another pastoral couple. For us, that felt like a horrific decision and not really a solution which dealt with the church’s needs. We also love it here. Our plan is to someday, fully retire in SC and to be as supportive of this church as many of you are – in whatever role we serve here. However, we simply don’t have the energy to maintain our role at this level on an ongoing basis.
     In discussing this with the elders, the possibility of bringing on an associate pastor became an idea which could bring us to a purposeful solution. During the busiest times, we would both be in place to serve and fulfill the needs here, but at other times of the year, we would work toward only one of us being on site.
      The elders have also agreed to allow us to take more time away during the summer months and we will take one month of vacation, plus another 4 months of unpaid leave this summer. That is an agreement that is acceptable to both the elders and ourselves. But it will be a time for refreshing our own lives and fulfilling some of our own personal dreams. With our present leadership, I can assure you all that our focus is to maintain a healthy church, with healthy leaders, with a community focus and with well supported ministries. We will keep you informed of changes as they unfold.
     This morning, my heart’s desire is to be as transparent with you as I possibly can. Jeannine & I both look forward to many more years of service in this great church and community. We look forward to growing in our walk with Christ, just as you do, as we learn and we serve the Lord together. Thank you to you all for your many encouragements along the way.
Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

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