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Good Morning Church Family,
*  It is a beautiful morning in San Carlos. Not trying to pick on any Northern friends, but the Marstons who went home to BC, had to get someone to plow the snow out of their driveway in order to access their yard – others driving through snow in Utah, Idaho and Montana to get back – others in Minnesota and Wisconsin – same struggles – Just sayin’. Might be a good time to reorganize plans for next year and start your “summer holidays” a little later in the year! Truth is we miss you all. Noticeable difference in the congregation size last Sunday. But the “fun” continues at SCCC. (I know, I know – I should be using terminology like “the spiritual life” continues, but the truth is its “fun”, you know!)
* I had left the baptismal tank set up after Rhonda Johnson’s baptism two weeks ago, just in case someone else had a desire to be baptized. And isn’t that just the way the Lord works because Shirley Freligh came up after last Sunday’s service and asked to be baptized. Jeannine and I had a great time visiting with her yesterday and going through some questions on baptism and she will be baptized this coming Sunday. Maybe, we should just leave the tank up year round!
* Last Saturday, Ed Hudson organized a breakfast for our Spanish speaking neighbors in San Carlos. 30-40 kids and parents showed up for the pancake & eggs breakfast. All kinds of volunteers in the kitchen, doing set up, serving and clean up and loving on our guests. Matt & Mayra took turns promoting the ministries our guests could participate in from the July VBS, Youth Nite, Children’s Church, Wed Night Service and the Sunday morning (with simultaneous translation). It was a fun morning, particularly observing our folks sitting down at the tables with our guests and connecting with them (as best as possible for some of us who are Spanish challenged).
            But here’s what a little love will do for you – two new children in Mayra’s children’s church on Sunday. She also met with several others on Saturday who plan to come to the VBS in July.
On Sunday, a young couple (Marco & Lupita) who recently started attending the Wed evening service, came to the morning service for the first time. I got to meet them after the service, along with their boys Dante and Diego. Marco shared how they have felt so welcomed at our church and how much they had appreciated the service.

*  YES – another highlight of the week — (drum roll) Selene Diaz will be joining our team as Youth Ministries Director on June 15, 2018. She will complete her assignment in Iowa on May 2 and will then finish a project she has on the go in San Luis, Potosi and make her move to San Carlos in time for her June 15 start. Many of you got to see her on the keys two weeks ago as she joined the worship team. She is a sweet young lady, passionate about soccer, music, youth & the Lord and we believe she will be a huge asset to our church family. Pray for her as she makes these transitions.
* This will be the last Sunday to provide gifts of toys and cakes for the Mother’s Day celebration at the Guaymas Women’s Prison. They will have a special time of celebration for the children and the mothers on April 29 at the prison. Please talk to Gabriela if you would like to participate in this ministry opportunity.
* This is the last week of Griefshare for the season and we are grateful for Christie and the team who have taken this ministry to heart and have once again encouraged people who are facing this very real journey of loss. Thank you Christie!
* Prayer – go to
* Missionary of the Week: Heather Rix (Missionary Gospel Fellowship)
* Deacon of the Week: Terry Cummins (Ushers/Greeters; Missions)
* Bob & Becki Burr – Bob had Quadruple Bypass Surgery this week.
* Keith & Deborah Robinson – Keith is in the final stages of cancer.
* Harold & Irene Cherry – Harold is battling cancer as well.
* Christie Forester – Her great grand daughter Ellie has battled heart & health issues since her birth three years ago. Barring the Lord’s intervention, she is in her last stages of life.

Please pray for all of these folks who face these very challenging needs!
* For the month of April, we are looking at some heroes of the faith – ordinary men and women from the Old Testament, people who faced specific challenges in their lives, yet the Lord loved and used them in extraordinary ways. They serve as wonderful examples in many ways of how the Lord desires to use us, but they also provide warnings for us in how easy it is get off track in our spiritual journey. I pray that you are encouraged as we look at the lives of Gideon, Esther, Samson and Ruth.
            This week, we looked at Esther who was clearly in the right place at the right time to accomplish the plans God had for her. And our understanding from the book of Esther is that God has each of us exactly where He wants us, He has positioned us for the purposes He has in mind for us. He will always accomplish what He needs to accomplish, but He places us in the right place so we can partner with Him to do that. It is amazing to understand the ministry potential God has placed within each one of us and the trust He places in us to fulfill that potential through the stands we take.
              Three of the characters in the story helped us see ways in which we can take a stand right where we are for our Lord.

  1. Through Queen Vashti – who took a moral stand. She refused to compromise her morals and challenges Christians to do the same.
  2. Through Mordecai – who took a spiritual stand. He was clearly unwilling to worship anyone or anything other than God. He challenges our lives with the question, do our friends even know that we are Christians?
  3. Through Esther – who took a positional stand. She used her position to make a difference for the Kingdom. Has God given you a platform you can use to make a difference for the Kingdom?

 Next week, we’ll be looking at Samson and we’ll see how one fatal flaw can detract from God’s wonderful plan for our lives. We will be in the book of Judges 13-16. I was so thrilled last week to see how many people had already read the book of Esther prior to the service. You got to love people who want to grow in their walk with Jesus. Hat’s off to you!
Praying you all have a great week,
Glenn & Jeannine

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