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Good Morning Church Family,
*  Happy Birthday, MOM! Yes its my Mom’s 85th birthday today. She is a sweet and vibrant woman who continues to serve in any capacity she is able to. She loves and supports her children and grandchildren and this son so appreciates all that she has added to his life. Love you Mom! We are so looking forward to seeing you next week and having a belated birthday dinner with you! (and yes, she reads these pastor’s desks with anticipation and if its not in her email by 8:00 am my time, she calls!)
* Although the balcony has been closed off, the church was almost full again on Sunday as we celebrated the baptism of Shirley Freligh. She was so excited and had never experienced baptism, which made it even more special. Way to go Shirley. Pics to follow on Church Facebook Page.
            That’s four baptisms this month and for this pastor, that is a “really good” day or several days in this instance. (Rhonda Johnson, Thonda Oliver, Jim McKinney and Shirley Freligh) Your testimonies of faith as you follow the Lord in baptism is a huge message that our community gets to hear. We were at several community events last week and the conversations surrounding these baptisms were central to each event. Praise the Lord in how He is being spoken of in our San Carlos community.
* Mayra also announced the upcoming VBS for the summer – a series called “Shipwrecked”. If you’d like to help her with this special outreach event, the dates are July 2-6. Volunteers are already prepping materials for the event. If you’d like to help, please contact Mayra.
* In light of my opening comment, Jeannine and I will be leaving San Carlos for the summer months and will return in late September. The sweet part is that our church will not skip a beat as the Lord guides those who will lead the church during our time away. I will send updates on several occasions, but the regular pastor’s desk will also be taking a break.

Allow me to share some of the upcoming details:
1. You will get to enjoy our own Matt Wyka preaching during the months of May and June. He will give oversight to the church during these two months as well. Feel free to contact him with any related questions you may have.

2. Scott Clement (who preached on Good Friday) will give oversight to the church from July to September. Scott has a series in mind that he will be preaching on and will fill 6-7 Sundays with this series. Please call him with any related questions during this time.

3. We will have several guest speakers including Ken VanKirk, Rene Kindell, Ryan Thiessen, and our own Mayra will be sharing one message in September.

4. Please contact Mayra with any announcements you have by Friday noon, prior to the Sunday service you want the announcement made.  

5. Chuck Morton, one of our elders, will be available for any counseling needs you may have. 

* Prayer – go to
         (Please use the “Church Prayer Wall” to add and/or prayer for any of our church               family’s needs over the summer)
     * Missionary of the Week: Maggie (Amor, Agua & Mas)
     * Deacon of the Week: Christie Forester (Facilities)
     * Bob Burr – continued healing from ByPass Surgery   
     * Keith Robinson – battling cancer
* For the month of April, we are looking at some heroes of the faith – ordinary men and women from the Old Testament, people who faced specific challenges in their lives, yet the Lord loved and used them in extraordinary ways. They serve as wonderful examples in many ways of how the Lord desires to use us, but they also provide warnings for us in how easy it is get off track in our spiritual journey. I pray that you are encouraged as we look at the lives of Gideon, Esther, Samson and Ruth.
            This week, we looked at Samson. While on one hand, he was a total “putz”, we also see that he gave the nation of Israel some great leadership over a period of 20 years while the enemy was certainly right on their doorstep. In Judges 13, it tells of the good work that was “begun” in him. Yet, he had a fatal flaw and it was that one flaw which led to his defeat.
              Clearly, while each one of us may look good on the outside, on the inside, there may well be a singular issue which determines to distract us and/or lead us away from God’s path. And a failure to deal with these flaws can have as devastating an impact on us as it did on Samson. There are some action steps we can take to deal with these issues in our own lives.

  • Acknowledge your fatal flaws. (Psalm 38:18) 
    • What area of your life has the most potential to ruin you?
  • Admit you need help. (Psalm 34:17) Be vulnerable.
  • Avoid temptation. (Genesis 4:7) If in doubt, do without!
  • Ask for help. (God (Judges 16:28) & Others (a trusted friend)
  • Assimilate God’s truth into your life. (Psalm 119:11) 
  • Restoration is always possible (Judges 16:22&30; Hebrews 11)

The Challenge: Is there an area of my life I need to surrender to God?

Next week, we’ll be looking at Ruth and one of the greatest love stories in the Bible. Its a short read and a beautiful story. Although it will be brief look, we’ll look at some of the history behind the story, review the story and then look at the application we can make for our own lives. So grateful to hear how many of you read the text in advance when you know what it is going to be. It really is inspiring to prepare a message in light of your participation.
We are grateful for some time away and appreciate all who have stepped up to the plate to make it possible. We wish you all a wonderful summer and a sweet sense of the Lord’s presence wherever you may be. Try out another church in your travels and see what the Lord will show you about Himself.
Have a wonderful summer,
Glenn & Jeannine

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