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Good Morning Church Family,

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends this Thursday. Enjoy the “bird” if that’s your meal of choice that day, but most of all, we can all have some fun expressing our gratitude for all the things we have the privilege of enjoying! The friendships in our church family here in SC certainly tops the list. Its so much fun to see all the conversations on Sunday, friends returning, hugs given, stories being told! Got to love our church family!

Sue Marston’s study in the Word begins next Tuesday (Nov 27) @ 1:30 pm, along with one more study on Dec 4. They will then continue in the new year. Please look for announcements at that time.

The Leadership (elders, deacons and spouses) are meeting for our second annual SCCC leadership retreat at Casa Esperanza on Nov 29 and 30 to review and discuss direction for our church’s future. Several of the items we will discuss include:
1. Ministries of SCCC and their link to the church’s vision,
2. the role of Women in our church eldership,
3. reviewing the vision of SCCC, along with an associate pastor position.
Please pray for us as we pursue what the Lord would have for our church family!

19 of our church family left for the Copper Canyon and points along the way on Sunday under the Kehler’s leadership. Their ministry team continues to expand and grow as they deliver bibles, show Christian videos, share the Gospel, teach children, teach leaders how to teach children, support pastors & churches, and love and serve the indigenous people along the way.

“I love my church” workday was a huge success. Thank you to all of you who came to help! Wow, you made a big job feel pretty small. At least 25 folks showed up and three hours later, the work was complete or at least taken as far as we were able to. Great camaraderie and fun “working” together!

Potential SCCC Israel Trip: My goodness, I think there is interest. About 70 people remained on Sunday to hear the Trip’s tour guide share a personal video he made for SCCC. While he shares a little of Israel’s history at the beginning, he also shares a little of what it could mean to travel there as a church family.
You can watch this 6 minute video by clicking on this link!AmW6CvplbCu_g9N0RpMHh8z7bang2Q  

You can review the proposed itinerary by clicking on this link:!AmW6CvplbCu_g9QZif_5qDQnxrV4Yw 
         Brenda Koenes is our contact for further information and to express your interest in going along. Email her at She will have the most up to date information.
Prayer Time: Along with the “Prayer Wall”, here are a few items to keep in mind: 

  1. Jeff Parker sent an email yesterday with pictures of Adin after his surgery. Jeff says, Adin has never liked it when people touch his face and this is even more challenging as the Medical people will continue to check the healing. The picture of his face after surgery would make you want to give this little man a hug.
  2. We are saddened to share with you that Van Brown passed away on November 13. Please be praying for Nancy and her family! Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Nancy!
  3. The Mountain Team with Rob & Sherry Kehler and Company left on Sunday for a week of ministry into the Copper Canyon.. 

Our Focus this week in Hearing God series was: Spending time in the Word of God is the key to clearly hearing the God of the Word!

God speaks to us in two ways through Scripture:
1. Universally (Logos) – the Word from Genesis to Revelation, written to all people in all places for all time
2. Personally (Rhema) – (Romans 10:17) personal word from God to you – given for a specific time with a specific message.

Examples of Rhema and Logos
1. Genesis 17 – Abraham and Sarah – promise of a son (rhema for Sarah, but logos for us). We learn principles and applications from the story (logos), but the promise (rhema) is only for Sarah. It is not a promise to every Jewish lady who turns 90!
2. Healing: John 5 – The Pool of Bethesda – Should we pray for healing? Absolutely. We learn about healing through this story (logos), but that doesn’t make healing universal for all that ask. On this day, it was a rhema word for the man who was sick for 38 years. Many others were left unhealed that day by that pool.
3. Matthew 14 – Peter walks on water. Jesus spoke a specific word to Peter in this passage when he called him out of the boat to walk toward Him on the water. It was a rhema word for Peter. For us as the readers, we learn principles and practices from reading the logos, but it doesn’t mean we can now all walk on water if we “claim this verse.”

How Does God speak a “rhema” word to us? John 14:26, John 16:13 – The Holy Spirit teaches, reminds and guides us as we read His Word. He makes the Scripture into the living word of God. He takes the logos & makes it into the rhema word of God for us.
     He can speak to us is through a sermon as the Holy Spirit uses a part of that sermon to speak specifically into our hearts a truth that He wants to teach us. The Holy Spirit can impress a thought or a verse on our hearts to share with someone who we are sharing with and it will be exactly what that person needs. The Holy Spirit has made a logos word into a specific rhema word for us.
     In the coming messages we will see other ways God speaks, but we must always maintain that the Word of God is the foundation and the filter for any other message that we may receive because Spending time in the Word of God is the key to clearly hearing the God of the Word!

Have a great week,     
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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