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Good Morning Church Family, 

The Church looked utterly amazing on Sunday, dressed to the “nines” to honor the birth of our Lord. Christmas is such a special time in our spiritual journey. We are so grateful to Karen, Kathy, Gloria and there may have been others who helped dress the place up so nicely. We get to enjoy a beautiful setting because of these ladies. Make sure to thank them when you see them. Karen tells me there will be a few more surprises this coming Sunday!
Talk about a couple of bold ladies. Friday evening, Selene & Mayra brought their respective youth groups to the beach at Bahia Delphin for an “overnight” comping experience. Between chasing coons away from their food, they had a great evening with 27 youth and then, because of Ed & Jennifer’s kindness and generosity, they shared a breakfast together on Saturday morning. So grateful for staff that want to see God move in the hearts of these youth.
In previous years, Pastor David and the folks at the Spanish church next door have invited our church family to share in a fundraiser meal with them at their church. This has been an effective tool which they have used to raise support to enable them to reach out to their community. They are presently repairing a building in La Manga in which they are endeavoring to plant a church. Pastor David shared that they have limited resources to repair this building and are short of time and people to host a fundraising dinner. I shared this with both the deacons and the elders and our desire is to bless Pastor David and their church with an offering on Dec 16. In the past, they have netted 5000 pesos from their event, but imagine if we could present them with an even greater gift so they could effectively minister to the folks in La Manga. What a treat to be able to encourage this church family.
We had our annual Leadership Retreat this past week. I think we all left encouraged by the sweet spirit in the place. Each person shared freely in the discussions which took place. And the discussions were challenging ones. However, each person was respected and treated with honor as they shared their thoughts regarding the questions at hand. We took the time to look at Scripture relating to both sides of the debate of whether women should or should not serve in an elder role. After the questions were asked and the discussions were completed, the leadership, by consensus, agreed to move ahead with receiving nominations of both men and women for the role of an elder at SCCC. While it had been our practice in the past to nominate only men to the elder role, our constitution does not make any distinction between men or women serving in either elder or deacon roles at SCCC, thus no changes will be required.
       We would like each of you to be aware of how we came to this consensus. Anyone who attends our church is invited to attend a meeting on Thursday, Dec 13 @ 6:00 pm where we will review the Scriptures the leadership looked at as we discussed the question of women in elder roles. We welcome your input and your questions at this meeting and want you to be fully aware of why we came to this consensus. I trust you will be encouraged by this time together as we were.
As a follow up from last spring, the Leadership also agreed to move ahead with pursuing an assistant pastor to serve our congregation. There are a number of items which need to be put in place (search committee, job descriptions, etc) before the search will begin. The elders did begin to look at the process yesterday and we will keep you informed as things progress. With some creative agreements, we hope to have 2 pastors at work during the busy winter months while only one would be here during the lighter summer months, thus resulting in 1.5 pastoral staff costs. Please pray for us as leaders as we want to serve and honor the body in all we do, but even more, we want to be faithful to our Lord in the decisions we make.
Deacon & Elder Nominations will open Dec. 16, 2018 and close Jan. 13, 2019. As congregational members, we look for your input in prayerfully nominating potential leaders to fill the following roles:

  1. Three deacons will complete their first term of service at the 2019 AGM. They are Brandon Baird, David Campbell and Christie Forester. All 3 are eligible for re nomination for another 3 year term.
  2. We also have openings for two, (possibly three) more new deacons this year (for a total of six deacons) as a result of a previously unfilled position and by recent / potential upcoming moves.
  3. We would like to add two additional elders to our elder team at SCCC. Presently we have three elders: Grant Dafoe, Chuck Morton and John New.
  4. Qualifications for both roles will be available as a handout on Dec.16 & via “Pastor’s Desk”

Prayer Time: There are a number of folks who need our prayers listed on our website “Prayer Wall”. Please remember them in your prayer times.
Israel Trip Update: Plans continue to move forward for the Israel trip. I ask your forgiveness in not getting back to you sooner due to going to the mountains and then having bookings here at the Center last week.
     We have been conversing with the travel agent and have gleaned some details for you. The itinerary includes 10 days in Israel beginning and ending in Tel Aviv. Tour bus, guide, motels, and breakfast & supper are included each day. Lunch is personal choice each day but at your own cost. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm flight costs until the new year. Flight schedules are only posted ten months in advance.   January we will have brochures for you to look at with the flight cost and travel included.
     We did learn that there are flights out of Hermosillo traveling via Mexico City, Amsterdam or Paris, and into Tel Aviv with either 20 to 24 hour flight time.  With flight time and the tours, 2 weeks of time need to be allowed. If travelers would like to spend extra time in Israel or elsewhere, that should be scheduled for after the tour. You will need to arrange this with the tour company who can assist you with these add ons.
     At this point be assured your name is on the list.  I will send you the further information in January.  If you are not here in San Carlos, just let me know and I can mail you the hard copy of the brochure.
     Today Pastor Glenn gave an interesting fact about the walls of Jericho.  He mentioned that after they marched around Jericho, as you know, the walls fell and they went into conquer Jericho.  What I did not realize is that there is one corner where today you can look down several feet in the earth and see the walls standing. It was as though God had pushed the walls into the ground.  Won’t it be exciting to see for ourselves some of these truths become part of our experience!  
Art & Brenda Koenes

Our Focus last week in the Hearing God series: Discerning the Will of God
     The Will of God is Not:  
     1. bad (not designed to make you miserable)
     2. fixed. (Psalm 37:4)
     3. contrary to His Word. (Psalm 119:11; 2 Tim 3:16-17)
     4. hidden. (Romans 12:2)
     5. revealed to others first.
   God’s will is a whole lot more about who you are becoming
   than what you are to do or where you are to go.
Biblical examples of people receiving God’s “specific” will.

  1. Psalm 32:8 – God’s promise to guide us on the best pathway!
  2. Genesis 1:28 – Adam and Eve
  3. Genesis 6:14 – specific word to Noah
  4. Genesis 12:1 – will for Abraham
  5. Exodus 33:7 – Moses “tent of meeting” to inquire of God
  6. Acts 7:44 – “tent of meeting” in Old Testament, Holy Spirit in New.
  7. Jon 5:19 – Jesus did what the Father told him.
  8. Acts 13:2-3 – Holy Spirit gives specific word to Antioch church.

Steps for receiving and carrying out God’s will:

1. Submit to His Will  
     Do you want to know God’s will so you can consider it or so you can live it?
2. Receive a personalized word (rhema – specific for you 
       When can I expect to receive that word? 
       a. Immediately
       b. as you persevere in prayer
       c. as you read the Scriptures
       d. as you go about your day
       e. during sleep or after you wake up
3. Confirm that personalized word.             (what)
     How do I confirm that information?
       a. Does it violate any Scriptural Principles?
       b. Reflect on the “tone” of the message!
c. As it a recurring word?

       d. Ask God for confirmation through your devotions.
       e. Receive confirmation from others.
       f. See if circumstances point in the same direction.
4. Ask God to reveal the process    (how)
5. Wait for Divine timing                 (when)
6. Obey the Personalized word.

James 1:5-8 – If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of God who gives generously!

The Challenge – Do I want to know God’s will so I can consider it or so I can live it?
Have a great week,     
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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