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Happy New Year to you all.
Yes, its January 1, 2019 and we get to start all over again. Its New Years day. We enjoyed New Year’s eve with former high school classmates of mine who are in San Carlos for several months. We brought in the New Year at La Palapa and I am grateful for an evening that ends with the singing of “Auld Lang Syne” at the true San Carlos midnight of 9:00pm. I guess that’s a sign of “impending maturity”, or maybe more realistically, the pragmatics of old age. I can live with it, as I think many of our San Carlos demographic can. To further my thoughts of impending maturity, I thought I’d share this little piece my uncle Peter sent me a few days ago. He is a healthy and happy 87 year old and still continues his work as a Chaplain at Winnipeg International Airport. This is what he sent and I trust a few of you will be able to relate:
Thought I would let my Doctor check me, cause I didn’t feel quite right  
All those aches and pains annoyed me, and I could not sleep at night.
He could find no real disorder, but he could not let it rest
What with Medicare and Blue Cross, it would not hurt to do some tests
To the hospital he did send me, though I did not feel that bad—
He arranged for them to give me every test that could be had!
I was fluoerescoped and cystocoped. My aging frame displayed
Stripped upon an ice cold table, while my gizzard was X-rayed.
I was checked for worms and parasites, for fungus and all bugs
They pierced me with long needles taking samples of my blood.
Doctors came to check me over — probed and pushed and poked around
And to make sure that I was living, they wired me for sound.
They have finally concluded. Their results have filled a page, 
What I have will one day KILL me — My affliction is Old Age!     
I hope you new year is test free, needle free and that you don’t have to get cystocoped! :We all know that life is filled with obstacles and I don’t minimize those obstacles. But we’re also challenged in God’s Word, that whatever our story may be, like Joshua who we looked at last Sunday, we are all challenged to move ahead into what God would have for us in the coming year. And in order to do so, we have to firstly put the past behind us. The Israelites wasted 40 years in the desert, robbing themselves of moving into the land of milk and honey. The reason was simply a fear of what they would face if they pursued God’s plan for them. The challenge we receive from Joshua is to not allow the obstacles to keep us from fulfilling God’s dreams for us.
              As He promised Joshua, He will also be with us if we’ll choose to pursue His Direction. The Lord continued to prove that at every turn; as the Israelites stood before the Jordan and watched it open up to allow them to cross; as they marched around Jericho for 7 days and then those walls came down; and as they took over the promised land. Over and over, in direct accordance with their obedience, God proved He would provide for them as they followed His Plan.
              God’s promises are equally as real for us. If we’ll trust Him to help us get past the obstacles in our lives, you will find that He is forever trustworthy. He will be with you and He will provide everything you need to accomplish everything He desires for you to do. I pray your new year is full of many special times with our Lord and that you continue to find Him to be your trustworthy Savior in every situation you may face.
Happy New Year,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine
Jan 8 – Mark Mulligan CD Release and Benefit Concert – Next Tuesday @ 6:00 PM – Yes, we are hosting a CD release party for Mark’s brand new, inspirational CD “the Rising Son”. I received the very first copy, hot off the press, two weeks ago and you won’t be disappointed. This will be a great night to bring along some friends and celebrate with Mark and in turn to raise some funds for both our benevolence fund and for Mark’s Outreaches.
Jan 6 -The SCCC Benevolence Fund has been so well utilized that we are now in a shortfall position of $2600 USD and most likely this will increase by year end as we see more needs being directed our way. Thus, we will continue our former practice of placing an offering basket at the back of the sanctuary the first Sunday of every month, in conjunction with Communion. These monies will be used solely for Benevolence purposes.
Jan 7 – Mission Outreach Workday to King’s Kids – Leaving the church @ 9:OO am. If you can help, Jesse & Jenny are looking for some volunteers to do some random clean-up jobs and possibly some painting. Please sign up with Brandon Baird (

One of the mantras of the Word of God is that “Leadership is Servanthood”. We are looking to you, people who attend San Carlos Community Church, to prayerfully consider who some of those potential leaders could be. We have openings for several Elders and six Deacons this year. If you know of someone with a servant heart, who could fill either of these roles, I encourage you to add their name to the nomination box at the back of the sanctuary. You can find a list of qualifications and/or expectations on the same table, along with the nomination ballots. Nominations will close on Jan 13, 2019.
Sue Marston’s Co-Ed Bible Study on the book of Ephesians begins Jan 15 @ 1:30 pm at the church.
From the Women’s Ministry at SCCC:

  • Winter bible study will run from Jan. 16 – Feb. 27.  Missing Pieces” by Jennifer Rothschild is about real hope when life doesn’t make sense. 
  • There will be a Facilitator’s meeting on Jan. 8, 2019 for this winter study. 

“Spouses” – Sat. Jan 19th from 10-12 at the church. This is a “one session only” Grief Share related ministry, specifically designed to care for those who have lost spouses.  The video potion is hosted by a man and a woman who have both lost their marriage partner. Participation will be limited, so please register early and avoid disappointment. Pre-register with Marilyn at 226-1550 or  
“God’s NOT Dead: A light in Darkness“ – Another Monday Night at the Movies coming on Feb 4 @ 6:00pm. This is the 3rd in the “God’s Not Dead” Series. We watched it this summer and thought it was done really well.
“Prayer Wall” This is a great resource to help us be aware of and to pray for folks in our church family. Click on this link to add your request or to pray for the needs of our church family:

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