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Good Morning Church Family,
You probably all know someone like this. If an unusual or unique or totally ridiculous experience is going to happen, it will happen to them. Well, I have a wonderful cousin, named Barry who farms back in Manitoba. The thing about Barry is that his experiences top those of most people when it comes to the circumstances he goes through. My Mom has written about one of those recent stories in her own words: “I must tell you about Barry Reimer’s incident with Rudolph the reindeer. Barry and Nancy and their son Luke came home from Brandon and they were just on this side of Ninette, when a car approached them from the opposite direction and the other car hit a deer, Rudolph.  Rudolph flew through the air and was dismembered but a leg and all his innards including, his final deposits came flying through Barry’s windshield and covered Barry and Luke with the fresh warm remains of Rudolf. Both guys were wearing their beautiful new coats that they received for Christmas and they were full of it. Barry had glass in his face and his new Buick interior was loaded totally with the most horrible odor. He purchased this car 2 months ago. They are trying to figure out whether the car is worth fixing. Barry says he has one more incident for the books of his interesting memoirs.” Aren’t you glad you aren’t your friend when it comes to these kinds of events?
Jan 8 – Mark Mulligan CD Release and Benefit Concert – TONIGHT @ 6:00 PM – Yes, we are hosting a CD release party for Mark’s brand new, inspirational CD “the Rising Son”. I received the very first copy, hot off the press, several weeks ago and you won’t be disappointed. This will be a great night to bring along some friends and celebrate with Mark and in turn to raise some funds for both our benevolence fund and for Mark’s charities. Admission is by donation.
Yesterday’s Mission Outreach Workday to King’s Kids – Way to go Brandon! Brandon left with a car full of helpers yesterday morning heading out for the Navarro’s. This is just one more way that San Carlos Community Church is supporting our missionaries, in turn helping us to know them in a more personal way. Hat’s off to everyone of you who came to help out.
Year End Mission Reports are starting to filter in and I just finished reading one of the most enjoyable year end reports from Devon and Marisol & Belen Casa de Pan. There are two parts to it – one is a 2018 photo report and the other a 2018 year in review. Its so worth the read. Other reports will be posted soon. Click HERE to  enjoy both of these reports.
One of the mantras of the Word of God is that “Leadership is Servanthood”. We are looking to you, people who attend San Carlos Community Church, to prayerfully consider who some of those potential leaders could be. We have openings for several Elders and six Deacons this year. If you know of someone with a servant heart, who could fill either of these roles, I encourage you to add their name to the nomination box at the back of the sanctuary. You can find a list of qualifications and/or expectations on the same table, along with the nomination ballots. Nominations will close next Sunday, Jan 13, 2019.
“Dinner for Six” is happening!  Feeling left out? Talk to Marilyn Hicks! 622-226-1550
Sue Marston’s Co-Ed Bible Study on the book of Ephesians begins Jan 15 @ 1:30 pm at the church.
Women’s Winter bible studyMissing Pieces” by Jennifer Rothschild begins Jan 16
“Spouses” – Sat. Jan 19th from 10-12 at the church. This is a “one session only” Grief Share related ministry, specifically designed to care for those who have lost spouses.  The video potion is hosted by a man and a woman who have both lost their marriage partner. Participation will be limited, so please register early and avoid disappointment. Pre-register with Marilyn at 226-1550 or  
“God’s NOT Dead: A light in Darkness“ – Another Monday Night at the Movies coming on Feb 4 @ 6:00pm. This is the 3rd in the “God’s Not Dead” Series. We watched it this summer and thought it was done really well.
“Prayer Wall” This is a great resource to help us be aware of and to pray for folks in our church family. Click on this link to add your request or to pray for the needs of our church family:

Sunday’s Message in Review – “Peligroso Prayers – Search Me”
              Psalm 139:23-24 is David’s response to accusations, insults and a plethora of other things being thrown at him. His response is not what we would expect, “get them God, deal with my enemies.” He rather prays, “search me oh God, test me and know my anxious thoughts, point out anything in me that offends you.”
              Why “search me?” David knows that our hearts can mislead us. In fact Jeremiah says that our “heart is the most deceitful of all things and desperately wicked.” The truth is that we are prone to deceive ourselves and we can’t change what we don’t know about ourselves. So David invites God to explore, to look into the depths of his heart to reveal anything that is out of order. Obviously, this is a prayer that God will answer. At our request, the Lord will clearly reveal the things we may be blind to.
              One qualifier here needs to be understood. The Lord never reveals anything to us to grind us down or to hurt us. He already is fully aware of everything in our hearts. He wants to help us be aware of it, so that we can deal with those issues and move toward the abundant life He has for us.
              As we looked at the next phrase, “test me, know my anxious thoughts”, we learn that what we fear the most is where we trust God the least. What is it that makes you anxious? Our anxiety may well reveal an area of our life where we’re not trusting God.  
              1 John 1:9 shows us that God forgives every sin and shortfall we confess to Him. But in James 5:16, we see that healing from those same sins, comes as we confess our sins to one another. In light of that we were challenged to ask several people who we know truly love us these questions:

  • What are other people trying to tell me or say to me?
  • What am I rationalizing in my life?
  • Where am I the most defensive?

Through answering these questions, we begin to understand what it is that is offensive to God.
              David’s conclusion is that if we’ll pursue these questions, the Lord will truly lead us into an abundant and fulfilling life. Dealing with the “Search me and test me” questions ultimately brings us to that place of physical, mental and spiritual healing. The question we’re left with is, are we willing to pursue the answer to these questions.
Praying you have a great week!
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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