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Good Morning Church Family,

It is a great morning – woke up with the wind whistling through my “almost closed” window this morning. Sounded like a winter storm in the distance, but then I remembered where I was! And the stress was gone. First cup of coffee finished, read a few inspiring articles and now, just reflecting on all the happenings around us. This is a busy little community and a busy little church as well. It may not be true for you, but I find its sometimes easy to get bogged down in the details of our lives! But this morning, I woke up grateful for the way the Lord has His Hands on all the details.
Here is just a few of the reasons we have to celebrate this week:
1. Women’s Ministry “Bible Study” – over 50 ladies attended the kick off session of “Missing Pieces.” Once again, there is several ladies who don’t attend church who are participating! Yes Lord!
2. Mayra’s (our children’s ministry director) trip to the Mountains – come hear a few highlights and a short video as Mayra tells the tale next Sunday. She’s got a great story about leading someone to the Lord. Yes Lord!
3. Selene (our youth ministry director) – 28 kids at youth last Friday. Last Wednesday, they did an outreach to the old folks home in San Jose, where they made them dinner and hung out with the Seniors. Selene’s newly formed leadership team is already planning for next month. Yes Lord! (And she’s got another great home. Thanks Connie & Gil!)
4. Sue Marston’s “co-ed” study on Ephesians is off to another great start with 10-12 people attending! Yes Lord!
5. Men’s Breakfast and Study – wow! 20 guys last week with lots of great input and discussions. The new model is working so well. This week, Pat Davis will guide us in a discussion on Prayer. See you Thursday at Tequila’s (8:30am) Yes Lord!

Search Committee for an “Assistant Pastor has been formed and the members are: Thonda Oliver, Rebecca Durham, Karen Ruddock, Dennis Reynolds, Christie Forester, Brandon Baird, Chuck Morton and myself. We had our first meeting last Thursday where we finalized the role description and the process, we will follow to pursue an assistant.
              But we need your help. Would you consider the question, “Do I know of anyone who might be a good fit for our congregation who could also fulfill many of the responsibilities listed in the role description?” If you do, would you pass that name and contact info on to one of our team members. You can also direct that potential candidate to the “Job Description” found at this link: As a Search Committee, we covet your prayers for the Lord’s direction in our search. Resumes will be accepted until Feb 28 or until the position is filled.

Please continue to pray for the Rienks family as Lona and her family grieve the loss of her husband. He was the one who lost his life while climbing the Tetakawis last Wednesday. Rienk and Lona were frequent attenders of our church last winter.

Medical Clinic Feb 1-9 – Volunteer signup began last Sunday with lots of ways to serve and to help out. Once again, if you’d like to host a few of the volunteers for a dinner at your home, Wednesday is your opportunity. What a great evening for fellowship and stories of what God is doing on the field. Sign up at the church on Sundays or talk to Brenda Koenes.
Mission Tour – This Friday: leaving the church at 9:00am and returning at 4:00 pm. This is your opportunity to visit a number of the missions our church family supports either financially or prayerfully. Talk to Jim McClelland for more information.
Mission Outreach – Looking for a little something different in your life. Brandon is looking for 6-8 people to take to San Jose on Friday, Jan 25. They will leave the church at 5pm. They will be showing a movie, along with grilling some hot dogs for the guests. Come along and Help serve, help set up, help have fun! Get more info from Brandon (

Another Monday Night at the Movies coming on Feb 4th @ 6:00 pm with the 3rd in this sequel of “God’s NOT Dead: A light in Darkness“. We watched it this summer and thought it was done really well.
Nominations for Potential Elders and Deacons – Resounding involvement this year by you the church family. This week we begin the process of connecting with all those who were nominated. So grateful for all the congregational input. More information will follow as we get closer to the AGM.

Sunday’s Message in Review – “Peligroso Prayer #3 – Send Me”
I received a great quote from one of our attendees on Sunday which relates well to this series on Peligroso Prayers: “How oft have I lashed out at my will and cried, “leap now, leap now!” and crouched for the leap, but I did not leap, for the life to which I was accustomed held me more than the life for which I truly yearned.” St. Augustine
The Message in a nutshell: The Answer is Yes Lord! Now what’s the question?
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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