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Good Morning Church Family,

I’m so grateful to be living in San Carlos. We continue to meet such fascinating folks, with all kinds of amazing life stories. While there are some disappointing elements in all of our stories, most of what we hear is adventurous. Just yesterday, a lady stopped by the church while we were in our staff meeting. She does not attend our church (yet) but she wanted to drop off some incredibly beautiful baby blankets which a friend had made. She thought we might have a place for them, and we do! She shared that she and her husband had traveled the world for 30 years with no home base, but they simply tried to stay ahead of any “weather catastrophes” and continue their travels. However, just this last summer, they acquired a place in San Carlos for the next two years, anticipating that San Carlos might become their retirement home! You got to know that SC has got some curb appeal when world travelers see it as a place to settle down. Just another vibrant resident of an amazing community that you and I get to be a part of.
Israel Trip Update: The brochures are in and they look great. But the Israel Tour looks even better. The trip agenda and tour price are in the brochure. If you signed up for information, there is a personalized brochure for you in the church foyer. There are some additional brochures for others who might be interested.
              I believe there will be two pricing options for the tour ( I am waiting for confirmation of this): 1. Purchase Trip with Flights included out of Calgary. 2. Purchase Land portion of trip only and buy your own flights, which may be a better option for those of us in Mexico or the Southern states. Contact Brenda Koenes ( for more information.
Please Note: Chuck & Lynn Sheridan, a prospective couple for the assistant pastor role, will be with us during the second week of February. Chuck will be speaking at SCCC on Feb 10. You don’t want to miss this very special day. Further details will follow as the search team proceeds with the interview.
Sue Marston’s “co-ed” study on Ephesians is cancelled this week (today) only!
Men’s Breakfast and Study – Ed Hildebrand is leading this week, speaking about “telling your story”. Thursday at Tequila’s (8:30am)

Medical Clinic begins this Friday (Feb 1-9) – Once again, if you’d like to host a few of the volunteers for a dinner at your home, Wednesday is your opportunity. What a great evening for fellowship and stories of what God is doing on the field. Sign up at the church on Sundays or talk to Brenda Koenes at

Notice to all Ministry Leaders: Year End Ministry Reports must be in Mayra’s hands no later than February 7, so that she can prepare the year end report for the AGM. Please get them to her as soon as possible.  
Mission Tour turned out wonderful once again. Lots of great stories from folks who had never been at any of these locations. A number of people excited about how they could make future connections to either support or be involved in these ministries.
The Mission Outreach to San Jose was well attended with 150 guests coming to watch the movie and enjoy the food. Thanks to Brandon for organizing the event and thanks to all the volunteers for all that you did to make this a meaningful event.

Sunday’s Message in Review: “Reducing our Baggage – Getting rid of the Stuff.” Rather than reviewing the message, allow me to share some really interesting feedback I received after the service. I quote my friend who sent this to me:  (Names have been deleted and replaced with pronouns)
     “I just wanted to tell you how relevant your message today was to my wife and I!  We had to fight that battle of letting go, about thirty years ago, but we finally succeeded in doing most of that!  But the other part of the story was that in our professional lives, we bought some property and developed and built a “self-storage facility” in Payson Arizona.  We managed that place off and on, for nearly 15 years, and have dozens of stories to share about “people and their STUFF”!  We were located very near to, two rest home facilities, and when the elderly needed to go into assisted care, they just could not part with all their “stuff” and would bring it to us to keep for them! 
     What was really sad to both of us was that sometimes, after many years of paying for that storage, and hoping their kids would someday love to get all their precious “stuff”… after they had passed, the kids would show up, maybe keep a couple of small things and donate all the rest to the Salvation Army or somewhere, after paying thousands of dollars they may have not had to keep it!  It happened many, many times. So you can understand, how your message of the sermon today resonated with us.  Thanks again and look forward to seeing you and Jeannine soon!” Your friend, ___!

Again, there is nothing wrong with having nice stuff. God blesses us.That was not the point. The challenge is to look at our own lives and determine whether our stuff is defining us, whether we determine our value by what we have or by what we think we need in order to make us happy. Less of what doesn’t matter and more of what does. Is there some stuff you need to let go of?
Praying that you all have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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