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Good Morning Church Family,
Heard about two more families in church last Sunday, who each bought homes in San Carlos last week and one more family that did so the week before. It’s a fair warning folks, cause it happens all too often. People that come here are soon in love with this place and “within days” they take the next step and purchase a home. Welcome to your new “home sweet home” folks and welcome to San Carlos Community Church. We’re so glad you came. Congratulations!
Tomorrow, Jeannine and I are on our way to Hermosillo to pick up Chuck & Lynn Sheridan. They are a pastoral couple who the search committee has been looking at to potentially fill the “assistant pastor” role. It will be a week of “checking each other out” if you would to see if this is the Lord’s fit for both SCCC and the Sheridans. The Search Committee will meet with them for an interview on Friday afternoon and then Chuck will speak at the Sunday morning service. We’re praying for the Lord’s direction as we pursue God’s will for us. Please make a point of joining us on Sunday. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Leadership Update: The deacon and elder nominees have all been interviewed and so our slate is complete. Deacon nominees are Pam Bertrand, Megan Van Kirk, Jennifer Hudson and Jim McKinney. Elder nominees are Betty Graham, Christie Forester and Art Koenes. Each of these will need to be affirmed by a vote at the AGM. People who love serving the Lord are such a blessing to  our church. So I’m grateful for this slate of candidates that we have for the coming year.
Israel Trip Update: The brochures are in and can be picked up in the church foyer. The Land only portion of the trip is $2200. If there is 10 or more people interested in flying out of Calgary, they will provide a price which includes flights as well. Contact Brenda Koenes ( for more information. 

Men’s Breakfast and Study – Don Geisler is leading this week and will be looking at “Courage during Trials.” Thursday at Tequila’s (8:30am)
Movie Night with “God’s Not Dead – A Light in the Darkness” – another amazing turnout last night as over 80 people enjoyed some popcorn, while sitting back to enjoy this amazing movie. Thanks Bob & Catherine for providing evenings like this. Its such a great avenue to introduce friends to our church.

Medical Clinic has been running this week: A number of the medical team joined us for our service on Sunday. They’ve already been busy, but this week is non stop. Please pray for these folks as they care for the physical needs of people, but also as they have opportunity to share the love of Christ.
Notice to all Ministry Leaders: Year End Ministry Reports must be in Mayra’s hands by tomorrow at the latest, so that she can prepare the year end report for the AGM.

Sunday’s Message in Review: “Reducing our Baggage – Dealing with the Distractions.” Two weeks ago, we began a series on “Reducing our Baggage”. The first week, we looked at reducing our stuff to which I received some interesting feedback. The question posed was, “Many of the folks who come to San Carlos for the winter months have two homes, one here and one where they came from, while some of the locals don’t even own one home. Is that a concern, Pastor?” Good Question and worthy of your feedback if you’d like. Just click “reply” and send me your thoughts.

     While that’s a great question, I also understand that God blesses people and that He’s a generous God. The challenge I wanted us to consider is, “does the stuff we have provide us with our identity? Do we need it to feel valuable or even to feel good about ourselves – or the idea of “hey folks, look at what I’ve got.” In other words, does our stuff have us or do we have our stuff? There is a huge difference.
      On Sunday, we looked at distractions that keep us from offering God our Best. The “Mary and Martha” text of Luke 10 have been preached on in various ways over the years. But Jesus’ words to Martha were not that she was doing a bad thing or a wrong thing, but that she was not doing the best thing. And the challenge for us as Christians is to do an internal audit of even the good things we do. Are they distracting us from the best things we could do? “Mary has chosen what is best and it will not be taken away from her.” What is it that distracts you from doing what is best? Your life is too valuable, your calling is too great and your God is too good to waste your life on things that don’t matter.
Praying you have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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