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Good Morning Church Family,
Every time I think its feeling a little cooler here than what we usually experience, my feelings are quickly soothed as I listen to the “weather reports” from the North. Snow in Seattle, a foot of snow on Vancouver Island, the freezers in Alberta & Montana have been unplugged as the contents are now safely stored on the back deck – on the Eastern side of the continent, snow melts followed by blistering temperatures have left some cars frozen in 3-4 inches of ice and unmovable. Just makes you love San Carlos, even if you have to exchange your shorts for a pair of jeans. It’s a great day!
Having said that, tomorrow, Chuck & Lynn Sheridan (our candidates for assistant pastor) will return to their native North country. We’ve had a busy and productive week as we’ve watched them interact with many of you. They’ve been at several of the missions SCCC supports, joined us at a community dinner, had their interview with the search committee, toured San Carlos and Guaymas, Chuck shared the message with us last Sunday, they shared meals with several of our church families and more.
         Tonight they will be at the church for our “meet and greet”. Anyone who attends our church is invited to this “get to know you” evening. They will share a brief testimony, followed by a Q&A time where they will interact with any questions that are on your heart as it relates to them potentially being on staff at SCCC. Please join us at 6:00 pm at the church. There will even be some coffee and dessert to compliment our evening.
SCCC Annual Report (2018) for San Carlos Community Church – CLICK HERE All the Leadership reports, financial reports, budget 2019 and the agenda for our Annual General Meeting have been organized into one document for you to peruse at the above link. Please feel free to ask Mayra to print a hard copy if you do not have computer access or email her at to print a copy for you. Please take the time to reflect on the report and the future goals of San Carlos Community Church and then join us for the AGM on Feb 28th.
The AGM is scheduled for Thursday, Feb 28th at 6:00pm. All church attendees are encouraged to attend this evening as we celebrate what the Lord is doing through our church family at SCCC.

Update: The deacon and elder nomineeshave all been interviewed and so our slate is complete. Deacon nominees are Pam Bertrand, Megan Van Kirk, Jennifer Hudson and Jim McKinney. Elder nominees are Betty Graham, Christie Forester and Art Koenes. Each of these will need to be affirmed by a vote at the AGM. People who love serving the Lord are such a blessing to  our church. So I’m grateful for this slate of candidates that we have for the coming year.
So good to hear Brenda Koenes’ testimony of the recent Medical Clinic experiences last Sunday. A record 2016 patients were seen in a number of different cities and villages. Meaningful spiritual experiences as they shared the Gospel were a constant and the miracle story of the little two year old were huge encouragements. Some of you got to host dinners for them, a number of you translated and others of you helped the Medical Team in various other ways. What a great way to influence those around us with the love of Christ.
The information is out – our ladies are hosting their second annual Ladies Retreat with guest speaker, Sandra Caruso on Saturday, March 16. The ladies will add a special touch to our Sunday service on the following day. Tickets are now available and can be purchased at the church or from members of the Women’s Ministry.
Marilyn Hicks is organizing a second round of “Dinner for Six”. Please see her to sign up for this fun time of getting to know some of the folks at church.
Men’s Breakfast and Study – Steve Thompson is leading this week and will be looking at “Love.” Awe, how appropriate for Valentine’s Day –  Thursday at Tequila’s (8:30am)
Sunday’s Message in Review: “Life is a Highway” was the title of Chuck Sheridan’s message. There are many chapters in our lives and each chapter is like a building block, establishing us for the next chapter of our life. Nothing in our life is ever wasted as the Lord can and will use our life experiences for His purposes in our future life. These are opportunities for growth and they become that when we realize that God hasn’t abandoned us in our tough chapters.
         As I listened, I was reminded of an illustration I heard several summer’s ago, where the speaker talked of life being like a book. Sometimes we live out a difficult chapter and its hard to move on to the next chapter as we can get stuck reading and rereading or living and reliving that chapter. At some point, we need to close that chapter and move on to the next one. We can learn from that chapter or we can remain stuck in it. Life is always about the journey and with Christ as the leader in our lives, we can anticipate His purpose for our life becoming a meaningful reality.
Praying you have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine 

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