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Good Morning Church Family,
Yesterday, we spent a few minutes watching the team from Belen Casa de Pan (Devon & Marisol Kehler) connecting in a new part of Guaymas. The area is called July 13, an area without churches and in physical need. The teams went from home to home, giving out Bibles and asking for opportunities to pray for their situations. I posted a few pictures on the church facebook for you to check out. Great day of outreach, Belen!

Wonderful NewsChuck and Lynn Sheridan received a 87% positive vote on Sunday to begin the role of Assistant Pastor at SCCC. We are grateful for your affirmation of them and truly believe they will be a blessing to SCCC. Chuck and Lynn checked so many of the boxes of the giftings and abilities we were looking for and their hearts seemed so in tune with the vision of our church. I spent close to an 1.5 hours with Chuck on a video conference Sunday afternoon and heard once again, of their sense of God’s calling to San Carlos. The elders will complete the details of the contract with them this week and then send it to them for their signature. “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise”, we should see them here the beginning of May. So, yes we are thrilled to hear they will be joining our ministry team. Even more, we are thrilled with how the Lord could multiply our church’s effectiveness in ministry to our church family and in reaching our community for Christ.
     For your convenience, we recorded the “Meet and Greet(Question and Answer Time) with Chuck & Lynn Sheridan. Click HERE for the audio version of our time with them.

SCCC Missions Outreach with BrandonSaturday, leaving the church at 9:00 am @ Belen Casa de Pan (Feeding Program) Need some folks to bake 80  dessert items and 4-6 people to come help with the event. Contact Brandon @

SCCC Annual Report (2018) for San Carlos Community Church – (this is a new revised link) Click Here. All the Leadership reports, financial reports, budget 2019 and the agenda for our Annual General Meeting have been organized into one document for you to peruse at the above link. Please feel free to ask Mayra to print a hard copy if you do not have computer access or email her at to print a copy for you. Please take the time to reflect on the report and prepare any questions you may  have regarding those reports. Hoping to see you at the AGM on Feb 28th at 6:00pm.

Deacon and Elder Nominees for 2019:
Deacon nominees: Pam Bertrand, Jennifer Hudson, Jim McKinney and Meg VanKirk.
Elder nominees are Christie Forester, Betty Graham and Art Koenes.
Each of these will need to be affirmed at the AGM.
The information is out – our ladies are hosting their second annual Ladies Retreat with guest speaker, Sandra Caruso on Saturday, March 16. The ladies will add a special touch to our Sunday service on the following day. Tickets are now available and can be purchased at the church or from members of the Women’s Ministry.
Our Prayer Wall – a testimony from Ellen Flores: Hi Glenn & Jeannine – I am so grateful for these prayers. I have been to several Drs. & numerous tests and everything checks out fine, but I still have a serious problem.  I am wearing a heart monitor for three weeks so hopefully this will help with a diagnosis.  In the meantime these prayers are a great comfort to me. Thank you.  Miss everyone in SC and was hoping to get back for at least a visit but things just haven’t been going my way.   Hugs!  Ellen
March 17 – after church – Softball and Hotdogs at the field behind the old elementary school in the Ranchitos. Bring a baseball glove, balls, bat, if you have them. If you don’t, that’s fine as we will share. The Bairds will supply the hotdogs and a bbq. If you could bring a side dish, that would be great. Bethany Baird is coordinating this event and can answer any questions you may have.
Men’s Breakfast and Study – Stephen Musser is leading this week and will be looking at “Faith and Works”. Wow there’s a subject that can create discussion. Thursday at Tequila’s (8:30am)
Sunday’s Message in Review: We continued in the series, “Reducing the Baggage” looking at the subject of control. There was only one point that we tried to bring home on Sunday – You don’t always have the power to control, but you always have the power to surrender! Looking at Luke 1 and the life of young Mary, before she had ever became the mother of Jesus, we saw the many ways that most of us would have been tempted to control the situation she was in – time for damage control and her response to Jesus was simply, “Let it Be” (ESV) Every time Mary gave up “control”, she saw the faithfulness of God to work things out for her. How would she ever have explained her pregnancy to Joseph, but with a “let it be as you have planned”, the Lord sent a message to Joseph telling him that the whole situation was of God. This continues throughout Mary’s story.
     It really all comes down to being willing to give up control and trusting the Lord with our story, turning our will over to His will. As I mentioned Sunday, I fully understand that its easier said than done. However, I was moved by your response as most of you filled out that slip of paper sharing what it was that you wanted to give up the control of. In my heart I was weeping as I prayed over these slips of paper which were brought to the front. Jeannine and I also had something in our hearts that we relinquished control of, where we simply said, we leave this in your hands, God and were trusting you to do what is best. And already we have seen the Lord working that out. What a treat to trust Him with our individual stories. Those things that are on your heart are always better in HIS hand.
Praying you have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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