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Good Morning Church Family,

A picture is worth a thousand words, right! And as I drove past the Dafoe’s home yesterday, I saw how true that statement is. Grant & Ethel and Norm & Tilda, each in comfortable lawn chairs, perfectly lined up against the southside wall of their home and basking in the warmth of the sun. There was the sweetest smile on everyone of their faces and it was heartwarming to observe.

Our AGM happens this Thursday at 6:00pm – We would love to have you join us for this evening of reviewing our previous year and looking forward to the year to come. If SCCC is your church home while you are in San Carlos, please feel encouraged to attend. The 2018 Annual Report can be read or downloaded by Clicking Here.

Deacon & Elder Nominees up for election at the AGM: 
Deacon nominees: Pam Bertrand, Jennifer Hudson, Jim McKinney and Meg VanKirk.
Elder nominees: Christie Forester, Betty Graham and Art Koenes.
Men’s Breakfast and Study – Ed Hildebrand is leading this week and will be looking at “Self-Control.” Thursday at Tequila’s (8:30am)
March 17 – after church – Softball and Hotdogs at the field behind the old elementary school in the Ranchitos. Bring a baseball glove, balls, bat, if you have them. If you don’t, that’s fine as we will share. The Bairds will supply the hotdogs and a bbq. If you could bring a side dish, that would be great. Bethany Baird is coordinating this event and can answer any questions you may have.
Some Updates regarding our upcoming Israel Tour (from Brenda Koenes)
A couple of other facts.  If you are flying from Canada, please tell the travel agent when you reserve and they will book your flight for you if there is more than ten people.  The advantage of this is they will coordinate your flight with John Howson, who is our official tour guide.  To save you some time of conversion of CANADIAN to US DOLLARS, Sun tours has given me a CDN price for flight and land of $4475 CDN.  You can actually fly from any CDN  airport and rendezvous in Toronto before flying onto Tel Aviv.  I suggest that this might be the way to go for any of our northern Americans.
     For those flying from Mexico, we will need to book our own flights.  Art has suggested to me that we fly a day earlier so we can get over jet leg before the tour would start. The shortest flights re 24 hours or more. The added hotel fee would be an added expense but He feels it would be worth the extra money.  As soon as we book, we can tell you our times we would arrive in Tel Aviv, so you could book a similar flight. Once you have booked would you please send me your itinerary.
     Personal Checks, e-transfer (Canada only), or credit card (plus a 3% fee) are the ways you can pay for your trip.
     We are calling the trip full at 50 people so be sure to register soon.  I pray none of you, having requested to be on the list, will not loose your spot,  There is payment programs where you just need to put down your initial $200 US to hold your spot.  Some have already registered.
Sunday’s Message in Review:
We spent another Sunday learning to travel a little lighter, this week dealing with our past, something which often desires to accompany us into our future. The reality is that we can’t change our past, but . . . God can change our future.
If anyone can relate to being haunted by his past, it would be Peter after his outright triple denial of Christ. And yet Christ comes to him, openly speaks of what had happened between them and then after that discussion of Peter’s love for the Lord, proceeds to restore Peter’s ministry to him with the words, “feed my sheep”.

     Likewise, we sometimes hear voices which remind us of our past failures, voices which make us feel disqualified to move forward, voices which declare that we are unforgivable and unlovable. Those voices often keep us from moving into God’s desired future for us. How do we deal with those disqualifiers? Firstly we need to understand the God’s grace is Bigger than our sin, than any failure we may ever have had in our life. (I John 1:9) We are not what we have done, we are who God says we are!
     Secondly, not only are we saved from our sin, we are saved for a purpose. As Paul says, “forgetting what is past, we press forward . . .” Paul stepped forward into his future and we also need to, not only close the door on the past, we need to step into our future, looking at what it is that God has called us to do.
     A great encouragement for me was understanding this was really not a story about Peter’s failures, but rather, it was a story about the goodness of God in Peter’s life. When I read this story right, it becomes a story, again not of how bad I was, but it becomes a story of how good God is in my life. No, we can’t change our past or anything about it, but with God’s help we can anticipate Him writing a great story about the things Jesus is doing in and through our lives..

Praying you have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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