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Good Morning to You,
Hope your week has gone well. A number of guests on Sunday, including parents of one of our youth. They also brought a son, daughter and granddaughter with them. They came because of their daughter. Another Gramma came and sat in with her grandson in the Children’s ministry class. I connected with another gentleman after the service. His question – would you define what grace is to me? Overheard another couple speaking with one of you – their words, “I felt so welcome here.” That is the practical application of the very subject we were talking about on Sunday. People who were comfortable exploring the truth clams of Christ in a judgmental free environment. It that doesn’t make you shout a little, you may need to get your “shouter” checked out. We get to love them, God gets to change them! 

Special OfferingThe special offering raised last Sunday was roughly 4200 USD. I know there are others who have increased their regular monthly giving through both the American and Canadian online options. Thank you for your generosity. I heard from Chuck Sheridan earlier this morning and they are excited to get here. And we are excited to be able to enjoy pastoral care and ministry year round with them joining the pastoral team. While that adds an additional financial component, it also truly brings us to the place of being a year round church with year round pastoral staff. The direct result we are anticipating is that our church will continue to grow and expand its ministry, even during those challenging summer months. If you haven’t yet, but would still like to partner with us in helping to make this a vibrant, year round church, I would invite you to consider doing so.
Anyone lose some glasses? Mayra found a set of “Guess Glasses” in a soft purple case. You can claim them at the church or by calling 622-226-0945.

This Saturday (March 30) @ 5:00 PM at the Church: Estoy Contiga Fundraiser. Tickets are being sold in MDS lab & imaging and in Santa Rosa for 200 pesos.
Monday (April 1) @ 7:00 pm @ San Carlos Community Church – Community Educational Series: “My 30 Years on the Bering Sea – You can’t make this stuff up” by Captain Jack Molan. Jack and Joanne, former attendees at SCCC, will be with us for this incredible evening, talking about his life on the Bering Sea, hurricanes and hassles at Sea, Alaskan photography and thriving under pressure. You don’t want to miss this event. A 50 peso entrance fee will be donated in its entirety to the King’s Kids Orphanage. See the Poster at the church!
Youth Concert Coming Saturday evening (5:00pm) April 6 @ SCCC. Our own Selene is heading up the band with recruits from SC, Empalme and Guaymas. Great worship music with testimonies inserted between. For young and old – don’t miss it. Time to be determined!

Men’s Breakfast and Study – Stephen Musser is leading this week and will be facilitating a discussion on the Church. Come on over to Tequila’s on Thursday (8:30am) No Surgery required!
Baptism Anyone – Looks like April 14 will be the day. The location will be the Sea of Cortez, and it will happen following the morning service. If you’ve not been baptized as a believer, I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you and discuss baptism and look at why the Lord asks all believers to follow through with this act of obedience. Email

Semana Santa April 16-17 – Yes, its happening again. Tuesday and Wednesday 9-12 right at the church. Lots of options for you to help out from security to cooking to games to teaching. Talk to Mayra and let her rock your boat as you help out with these future church leaders.

Sunday’s Message in ReviewLast week, we continued our “I Love My Church” series, looking this time at the balance between grace and truth in the church. Jesus, it says in Scripture, was full of grace and truth, not a balance of, not half grace and half truth, but FULL of grace AND truth. In Acts 15, we saw how the early church dealt with a controversy which threatened to split the church and easily could have, given their circumstances. The discussion was intense as a group of religious leaders insisted that the Gentiles follow their rules, as well as accepting Jesus as Lord, in order to become believers and be accepted in the church. James, the half brother of Jesus and head of the Jerusalem church, led the leadership in understanding that it was critical not to “make it difficult” for the Gentiles to become believers. They wrestled through what was tradition and what was Gospel and concluded that inviting Jesus to be their Lord was the only requirement of becoming a believer.
            The challenge for us is similar. Are we doing things that make it difficult for people to make Jesus their Lord and Savior? Have we added rules and stipulations prior to the acceptance of people who may be curious about Christ? Our role is to make our church a welcoming place where people can explore the truth claims of Christ. Folks, God can purify a heart, before He purifies a life and God can change a heart before He changes a behavior. That’s the reality of what He did in all of our lives, isn’t it? If we will love them, God will change them. I am so grateful when I hear and see stories of our church family making application of this wonderful truth.

Praying you have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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