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Good Morning to You,

Our Easter Celebrations are over once again. San Carlos was a busy place this weekend with many of the families coming for what we call “Holy Week”. I’m not sure how many folks were in the area, but I read some estimates of 80 – 160,000 on different facebook posts. I have no idea how accurate that is, however we took a drive to Cochorit Beach late Saturday afternoon and it was certainly dotted with tents & vehicles, as were several areas right here in SC. Its always fun though to see all the folks that come to our town, from families (often with grandparents, kids and grandkids) that come to relax and enjoy each other to friends that perhaps come for “other” purposes!

I’ve already sent you a Pastor’s Desk this morning highlighting the servant leaders of San Carlos Community Church, but allow me to highlight some of the reasons which caused us to celebrate at SCCC this weekend. Along with all the ongoing ministry that takes place here, here’s a few of the “over and above” events that happened in April:

  1. Youth Concert – hosted by Selene and other youth leaders from Guaymas & Empalme. 80 youth worshiping and celebrating together!
  2. Baptism – Cinthya Camacho and Dan Grimes were baptized in the Sea of Cortez on the 14th after the service. Two more have asked to be baptized in May!
  3. Family Fest – led by Mayra and approx. 40 volunteers – 100 plus children at the church for sports, bull riding, face painting, hot dogs, popcorn, dance classes, worship experiences and spiritual life teachings. So grateful to the students from CEC, who presented many spiritual life illustrations. Belen casa de Pan and Independencia church served up some skits for the kids and were involved as volunteers. It was just a magnificent opportunity to influence the kids in our area!
  4. Mayra is following up with the Ranchito’s kids who attended the Family Fest by hosting a Children’s Day at the church on April 30. A few of these kids are coming to Children’s Church, but we are praying that many more of them will return and will soon become a part of our Children’s church!
  5. Good Friday – Such an awesome Good Friday service as three of the men from Men’s Group shared a portion of their faith journey, particularly as it related to their salvation experience. It was just a practical application of what Jesus accomplished on the cross on that Good Friday. Mayra & Selene, accompanied by Christie led us to the cross with a precious worship time. Thank you to Ed Hudson, Harv Teitzel and Ed Hildebrand for sharing.
  6. On Easter Sunday, we celebrated all that the Lord has done and has made possible through His death and resurrection. There was a sweet presence as we worshiped together – it just felt like there was a sense of spiritual expectancy in the house. Five couples and an individual came as first time guests bringing our attendance to around 120.
  7. Chuck & Lynn Sheridan are on the road to SC and were in Lincoln, NB on Sunday. So looking forward to their arrival at the church and to have them join the pastoral team. 

I think if there was one overarching theme I experienced over the last few weeks – it was about the hope we have, that I personally have, because of our Lord and Savior, our Jesus!

Men’s Breakfast and Study – Ed Hildebrand is leading this week and will be facilitating a discussion on “Grace”. Come on over to Tequila’s on Thursday (8:30am) 

A request for prayer from our church family – Jeff & Bee Kyle and Rick & Donna Kirk

  1. Donna Kirk – who is dealing with heart and blood pressure issues. She will remain in Phoenix for another week.
  2. Bee Kyle – had surgery on Sunday to partially replace her hip. She is battling with cancer which has done damage to her bones. She and Jeff are asking for your prayers. She’s been suffering for several months.

Let’s join them in inviting the Lord to provide a miracle for both Bee and Donna.

Praying you have a wonderful week,

Pastor Glenn & Jeannine 

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