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Good Morning to You,  

Well, it was a party: Just when you’re thinking that so many people are gone, 50 or more friends got together at the Burr’s to welcome Chuck & Lynn to our church and to our community. Lots of Food and Fun and great conversations happened as we celebrate the Sheridan’s arrival. The Masters, from New Mexico, who were at the church for the very first time in the morning service, joined in as well. I love it when first time Sunday morning guests feel that kind of liberty, simply because they felt accepted in their time with us. Thanks to the Burr’s for opening up their home. Lots of pictures for your enjoyment on the church facebook page!

Installation Service on Sunday, May 26: We will be taking some time to officially welcome the Sheridans to our pastoral staff at SCCC. Please join us as we celebrate their arrival and pray for God’s empowerment and guidance in their lives as they serve our church family.

Baptism: As part of that same installation service, we will have another baptism, yes another Baptism! Ricky Kirk and several more still to be confirmed, will be baptized in obedience to our Lord’s command. Its always a good day when we see believers following the Lord’s plan for us.

Men’s Breakfast and Study: Stephen Musser is leading this week and will be facilitating a discussion on “Service”. Come on over to Tequila’s on Thursday (8:30am)

Cookie Sunday Changes” For the summer months, beginning with May, Cookie Sunday will happen on the 3rd Sunday every month. Its such a great opportunity to introduce yourself to new guests & newer attendees.

Please take advantage of our Prayer Wall on our church website: to either share a prayer request or to include these prayers in your prayer time. Simply click on the following link: This is a great way to stay in touch with the needs of our church family while we’re away for the summer! Allow me to name a few of the folks who need our prayers:

  1. Chuck Morton – hip surgery on Thursday
  2. Tracey – cancer surgery yesterday
  3. Bee – healing from surgery and her battle with cancer
  4. Bill & Betty Lou Hammer – loss of their son, grandson-in-law with ALS

Israel Trip Update from Brenda Koenes: This past Sunday i was in Canada and had the privilege of sitting in on a speaker representing the mission Bridges for Peace.  It is a ministry working directly in Israel bringing peace between Christians and Jews.  Our tour guide also works with Bridges for Peace. The speaker gave all kinds of detailed points of Interest.  My imagination ran wild as i dreamt of the land that we will all visit in November bringing to light so many of the passages of Scripture that we have read many times.  This trip is coming quickly!!!
              I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know you are in my prayers.  I am asking God to work out any conflicting details; that God would help you find the best workable flight: that God would cause incredible spiritual growth in your personal life as you prepare for the trip and during the trip; I am also asking God to knit us together in friendship as we make this journey together.
              Danielle the travel agent has reminded me that when you have your flight  arrangements please let her know.  She also reminds us that the group flight arrives at 12:50pm on Nov 4, 2019 – therefore please let your people know to come to the airport at this time to start the tour. 
              Counting the days,
              Art and Brenda
Sermon ReviewPastor Chuck continued with our Context series by looking at the statement, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” He explored what it means to be my brother’s keeper and shared how it not only relates to being a caring family, but it relates to helping one another when we see a brother or sister going off track. In Church and in Community, we truly are our brother/sister’s keeper. If you missed it, you can find the message on the church website under the “audio messages” tab.
Praying you have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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