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Good Morning to You,

I love Sunday’s. Another reason I love Sunday is, it was “Cookie Sunday.” And we celebrated Cristian Marquez-Jaimes birthday with an ice cream birthday cake. It was excellent. Oh and those bite size cookies. God has blessed our ladies with a gift.
In an effort to get to know people, Lynn and I are having a “Under 50” potluck meal at our home, Tuesday June 25 @ 6p.m. Proof of age will be required. (to be sure you are under 50 years of age!)

VBS It is Vacation Bible School. I am watching the church staff get ready for this event. Wow I am seeing a great production coming together! Why? Because of the impact we can have on young lives, by teaching them of Christ when they are young. It can have life changing and eternal consequences to these kids. Please, I encourage you to contact the office, or contact Mayra, or sign up on Sunday to volunteer. The dates are July 1-5, 9 a.m. to noon. Please give some time that week or in the next couple of weeks to help get it all ready.

Ladies Mountain Movers: A time when the ladies gather and pray. Please join then, ladies, or enter a prayer request on the web site “Prayer Wall.” And then expect to see results!

Men’s Breakfast and Study: Brandon Baird is leading this week and will be facilitating a study on Attitude. Come on over to Tequila’s on Thursday (8:30am)
Please take advantage of our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have.

Sermon Review Listen at;

Walking on Water. Matthew 14:13-33
The story starts off with the Miracle of Feeding 5000. From compassion, Jesus made provision for the people in feeding them from so little and healing their sick.
Then he directed his disciples to get into the boat. Jesus sent them to the other side of the lake while he went to pray. We have a sending God. How do we know we are sent? What is our gauge? Is it a feeling? I am fairly sure the disciple shad some questions about what was happening. Jesus had sent them late in the day in a boat and now they are in a storm. Perhaps they were questioning if they had heard the instruction correctly? How were they feeling about, where is Jesus when you need him? They may have been asking, he did send us?
Meanwhile, Jesus went alone to pray.v.23 Why didn’t the disciples insist on staying with him to pray? Would Peter have done better walking on water if he had stayed and prayed? Perhaps if Peter had stayed and prayed with Jesus he too would have walked across the sea!
Then in the fourth watch of the night, Jesus comes walking on the water. The disciples think they are seeing a ghost! Peter exclaims, “Lord, if it really you, bid me to come to you!” Jesus said “Come” so Peter obeyed. Well how do we measure success? Because he sank! Did Peter fail? No, he succeed! But it raises the question about our perspective on success. How do we gauge our success in following Jesus?
Jesus rebuked or encouraged Peter, “Oh you of little faith?” If given the opportunity would Peter try again? And sometimes we too must try again. Learn the lesson and do better next time. It was Jesus who called Peter to do the ‘impossible’ task. Who is calling you? Perhaps to do what you think is not possible. From the book, The Call by Os Guinness I read this statement, it is a good reminder, “You are not to be someone but called to Someone”
Will I answer the Call? Will I answer His call. We must stop trying to be water walkers, and just answer to the one calling us.

Have a very good week! Pastor Chuck

Giving. Last week I posted a chart of what our financial statement looked like. Then I was told there are other manners to donate, that I didn’t know! So, I have added those here for you to use if you wish. Myself, I am a Canadian. What I do is write cheques (checks) and mail them to Great Commission Foundation in B.C. Canada. By mailing in a few at a time, I am not wondering if I am keeping up on my giving. Consider your method and part in supporting SCCC.

You can make a donation on the SCCC web-site ( ) or by clicking the links below. There you have the option of making payments on a monthly basis which will enable the church to have a steady income and will enable you to have easy records when it come to tax time! You can also make it a one-time donation if that is your preference.

In the US Mail checks to: San Carlos Community Church (SCCC)
1200 West Mariposa Road
PMB 152, Nogales, AZ 85621

US donations can be made online through Paypal. Click on the Paypal link below:

In Canada Mail Cheques to: San Carlos Community Church
c/o The Great Commission Foundation
PO Box 14006
Abbotsford, BC V2T 0B4

Canadian donations can be made online by clicking the link below. Please make sure to designate your donation to “San Carlos Community Church.”

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