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Good Morning to You, Hey it seems like the heat has broken. You can all come back now! It was another great Sunday and great time of fellowship. I wish we had cookie Sunday every Sunday. But it is this coming Sunday.
We still have a lot of summer people away. So many travellers! We had a few guests. I was really glad to meet three men who are here from North Carolina for a few weeks and choose to visit us. We had a great time talking about N.C.                                    And coming up after cookies this Sunday is Baptism Class for those interested in baptism.

Let’s try and stay connected.

Happenin’ this week @ SCCC
Ladies Mountain Movers: A time when the ladies gather and pray. Ladies come Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m.. I am told great things happen!                                         Bible Study: Daniel chapter 12. Last class. Wednesday 1:30 pm at the church.
Men’s Breakfast and Study: We are having a study about Personal Growth. This should be interesting. Come on over to Chihuahua’s on Thursday (8:30am) Bring a brother.                                                       Youth Ministry with Selene – Fri @ 5:00 pm
Children’s Ministry with Mayra Sun @ 9:00 am –(ages 2-12) A “dress up day” to celebrate Mexico Independence Day. Bring the children in costumes for a party.                                                                                              This Sunday: It is Cookie Sunday. (another manifestation of God?) A time when we meet on the church veranda for fellowship and the producing of cookie crumbs. How does it happen? If you can, bake some cookies. If not, just show up.
Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have. Or email me @ and I can get the Ladies to pray for you.
Israel Trip. There is still have room for five more couples or ten people to join up for the trip to Israel Nov 4-12. For more information contact Brenda My wife and I have been to Israel. It will impact you for sure!
Sound & Video: This winter Brandon & Bethany will be taking on a new phase in their lives. And with that they will have more responsibilities. With the new opportunities comes for them greater demands, so Brandon will need to phase out of the Sound and Video. Then we will be looking for volunteers who would like to learn about our system and take this position on a rotating schedule. If this interests you now or over the winter months, please let me or Pastor Glenn know.
Pastor Glenn: Pastor Glenn and Jeannine are away on a vacation, back in Canada and even beyond. A time to be refreshed and to learn. A time to fill up their vessels on the presence of Jesus. Please keep them in prayer as they travel and rest too.
Baptism. Coming up we have a baptism September 29. Speak or email Pastor Chuck or Mayra if you want to be baptized.

Sermon Series: Parables, Mark 4:3-20 The Sower                                                    Often, we read the Scriptures with a view we have been taught. It is like having sunglasses on and thinking that is the colour of everything in the world. Our view is only that and limited. So, we read this parable and understand it in only one way. As soon as you read the title you thought “What else could I possibly learn from this parable?” We have to dig a little deeper as we mature as believers.
I was reading this parable and asking myself how I could apply this parable to other areas of my life? And I figured out that I am a sower too. I have seeds to sow and invest that have been granted to me.
But first, the parable (story) is from verse 3-8. And it is simple enough to grasp. Then the disciples start to question about the meaning of the parable. Jesus says in verse 9, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” It is sort of like saying, “Listen up and use your ears.”
I found verses 11-12 more difficult to grasp. When read it from the Good News Translation and in the Contemporary English Version it becomes a bit clearer. The idea that the kingdom of God to be found would be a secret or a mystery is a little against “go tell it on a mountain” idea, or that we are to share the Good News. Why would Jesus tell parables and leave the kingdom hidden as a secret?
In the Greek text the word actually is closer to being “mystery” The NIV uses the word mystery. Paul in Romans 16:25-27 describes a “mystery” that God has revealed. It is not a secret to be forever hidden. And sometimes things are just a mystery. We even use the term “mystery” to describe something we just don’t understand.
Jesus healed people and then told them to keep quiet, and not tell people (Mark 7:33-36.) And also, in Mark 8:27-30 Jesus tells the disciples to keep quiet about their understanding of who he is, until the right time. It is all about the right time. The mystery of the Gospel will be disclosed at the right time.
For years my wife and I watched, “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Then one year it came to us that the whole story was the Gospel veiled within the story. Why didn’t we see that before? It needed to be revealed to us.
The other problem I had with the parable was in verse 12 Jesus quotes Isaiah 6:9. It didn’t take long to think that through. Sometimes you can show people miracles and they want to dismiss it with some scientific theory (though science and Bible are easy to reconcile and work together.) Or you try to explain the reason for your belief, and they will argue back and even interrupt you, they don’t really want to hear. They just want to talk and plug their ears from hearing you. You know those people. They hear but don’t listen. They see but don’t understand.
Now the parable gets easy. The seed is the Word of God. How is my heart at receiving the Word of God? Do I keep it prepared to receive or let cares and worries and anger keep it unprepared? If you have read my ‘summary’ this far, you probably are in good heart condition staying with me this long! You are probably the learner hearing type! Thank you.
That is all so simple. We understand the parable and Jesus also explains the lesson to us in verses 15-20. But then as I read it, I see that I too am a sower. I have seeds to sow. Am I investing my seeds rightly? I don’t think I need to explain this much. I have seeds of time, money, words and love. Am I investing my seed in good soil, or just scattering my resources without preparation for them? Do I really consider these as commodities that God has entrusted me with?
Harry Chapin sang Cat in the Cradle. It is a ballad of how a father didn’t use his time well and his relationship of love for a son; he wasted that opportunity too. And later in life he saw the result of that. He tried to recover his relationship with his son and found it just wasn’t there. The father had not invested well.
It is a two-part challenge. Have I prepared my heart to be a learner and to let the Word of God settle in my heart to grow and change me? Secondly, how am I doing at using the seeds that God has entrusted me with? Seeds of time, money, words and love. Receive well and invest well.     Listen too, at;

God bless your week! And thank you for your support. Pastor Chuck

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