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Good Morning to You, Lynn and I are so happy to be back in San Carlos at SCCC. Our two week trip was exhausting. It was great the way people came out to help us unload the trailer and get sorted out. Thank you very much. Also to Frank and Dan who put in a very long day to pick us up and bring us in to San Carlos. Wow did they work hard. I have a new respect for these men, as I do for our church.
I am seeing several people return from North America. Already they are escaping the cooler temperatures that are there and coming here! Seems like a good plan to me. I barely got acquainted with them when so many left and now we have all winter to get to know each other. The way I see it, the ones who are here first I get to know the best! It is really good to connect with you.
Pastor Glenn and many others of our church are in Israel for 10 days. I am so excited for the impact this trip will have on their belief system and how they will now read the Bible. It will have fresh insights for them. Please pray for them that they will get an even greater sense of who Jesus is.
This next Sunday, I am preaching from Hebrews on the Torn Veil of the Temple. You might read chapter 8-10 to get a sense of where I may be. The following Sunday Nov. 17, our Pastor Glenn is back at the pulpit. Always good to hear the Word from him. Then on Sunday Nov. 24, my long-time friend and mentor Rev. Randy Wengel of Winnipeg will be here with a fresh Word from God. All the good ways that I serve, and minister are because of this man. All my short comings are because I was a poor learner! I am sure that through November you will meet God at SCCC through the Word spoken here.

Coming Up at SCCC

It was so good last year and Marilyn has offered to start an early winter session of “Dinner or Lunch for 6”. Some of you signed up last Sunday. Email her at if you’d still like to get in on this unique way to getting to know some of the church folks. We had such good feedback last year. She will announce the initial groups soon. If you’ve got some questions, please don’t hesitate to email or speak to Marilyn. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. I am really looking forward to this.

Leadership Retreat for all our deacons, elders, pastoral staff and their spouses (Dec 5-6) This will be our third year together as the larger leadership team for a time of dreaming, learning and growing as the team that God has brought together to bring guidance to our church here in SC. More details to come.

I am so grateful for our Worship Team at SCCC. We are wanting to help you be more familiar with any new songs we sing on Sunday Morning, so now, Ryan will post links to these songs on the Church facebook page – “San Carlos Community Church”. Check it out. There’s some great music being written as of late and our team spends a lot of time looking for songs with applicable and meaningful words which will draw us into the Lord’s presence as we worship together. Hey team, you are doing a great job! Worship at SCCC is so easy to engage.

Ladies Mountain Movers: A time when the ladies gather and pray. And wow, can they pray! Come Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m. Look out San Carlos, the ladies are praying.
Men’s Breakfast and Study: This week and will be a study on Honesty & Integrity. Something men are good at! Yep! Come on over to Tequila’s on Thursday (8:30am) and add to the discussion. New to the group, breakfast is free.
Our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have.
Sermon Series: Perseverance in Prayer Luke 18:1-8
Albert Einstein is credited with saying, “It’s not that I am so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” Are you one of those people who pray and get immediate results? Well not too often do I see that. But I have learned to just keep praying. We must persist in praying. We must preserve in our prays. We must stay with the matter in prayer until we see the answer of God.

This parable in Luke is the poor widow, who keeps after a judge to give her protection, and justice. Finally, because of her perseverance he grants to her what she requests. He is not just, perhaps even corrupt. And so why does he hear her? Look at verse 1. There Jesus is telling people that this is how they should pray. Pray and never lose heart, never get weary of faith or lose hope. The judge granted the request because she never quit coming to him.

Now we have a God and judge who is not like this judge of Luke 18. Our God is always eager to hear us, and is just. So why does it seem like some prayers are delayed? Look at Daniel 10:2-13. Daniel had prayed for 21 days. What if he had given up on day 20? So, is there a time formula of how long we persist in prayer? No, I am sure not. We should pray, pray and then pray more.

Let us look at perseverance as a definition; persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Or synonyms; persistence · tenacity · determination · resoluteness · staying power · purposefulness · firmness of purpose · patience · endurance · diligence · dedication · commitment · doggedness · steadfastness · tirelessness · stick-to-it-iveness · Stubborn
I like the word tenacity. And stick-to-it-iveness. But sometimes, I just need to be stubborn. Can we have tenacity in prayer? Have you ever played with a dog, that when you have the piece of rope or a sick and the dog bites it and won’t let go? The dog holds on so tight you can pick up the dog by what the dog has in his mouth. We need to get that matter of prayer in our teeth and not let go!

I learned a long time ago not to use my wife for sermon illustrations. Nor should I use a person from the congregation and their experiences. So, I used an experience that I had where I had to preserve in my prayers. Rather than repeat the long story here, I just include the link.


Some of the men unloading the trailer for us the other weekend when we returned from Canada were looking at the one motorcycle I brought back. I think they had doubts and questions about it. But the truth is that there is a story there how I prayed for a Harley Davidson. I had sold my first Harley to go to Bible college. Years later I started to pray for God to grant me another Harley. The story is in the link.

V. 8 literally says, “will he find ‘the’ faith on the earth?” 18:8 When the Lord returns will he find faith on the earth? Says to me, ‘will I be as faithful as this woman who prayed persistently in faith? Will God find me to be an example of faith?’ When he returns will he find us faithful?
When this time comes is life here going to be such that many of us will have given up having faith in Him via prayer? Will we be persevering in our faith?

And here is the challenge, will we persevere in our prayers for an answer?

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