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Good Morning to You All
What a great week of parties – Tuesday Staff Christmas Party at our home, Thursday: joined in on two different thanksgiving events. Don’t worry – no turkey comas as controlled eating was my personal theme for the day, although that was difficult considering the options. Friday: Mayra’s birthday party. Saturday: visiting with former SC people from the church in the morning, afternoon with the Blessing of the Fleet and in the evening: a fun music event at the Nacapule Ranch. Sunday: service, youth dinner and evening birthday party at “Belen Casa de Pan”. What an awesome week, connecting with so many fine folks, some from the church and some, who we’re hoping will soon be in church! Amen! That’s always our hope. I shared on Sunday about what would be first and foremost on our minds when we are on our deathbed. I assured us that it wouldn’t be our homes, our toys or our accolades. There is only one thing we can bring along to heaven and that is people. I pray that your hunger to make a difference in people’s lives, to influence people for Christ, was stimulated on Sunday. As you are in community, consider the sweet opportunities you have to represent Jesus. If you’d like to hear the entire message, you can listen it to it on our church website. Click on “audio messages” for that or any other past messages.
Saturday, Jeannine and I were invited to participate in the “Blessing of the Fleet as the yacht Club celebrated the opening of a new boating season. I got a chance to share a little of our recent travels on the Sea of Galilee and then to pray for a safe boating season for all those boating enthusiasts. I’m always thankful for opportunities like this in our community.
The church looks like a “million bucks” once again. That’s not very good imagery, but it looks absolutely amazing as we move into the Christmas season. Thanks to Karen, Kathy, Gloria and Jeannine. Hope I didn’t miss anyone.
I met with Pastor David from the Spanish church yesterday and what a neat testimony. Last year, we were able to provide their church with a significant financial gift as they wanted to plant a church in La Manga. Well they planted it and last Sunday, David baptized a husband and wife (about 30 years of age) who have become new believers in this fishing village, next door to us. I love when seeds start to grow!
Remember last week – “Cheesecake Anyone”? – well that sold out in a hurry! So Selene and the “Moms” brought their “tacos de birrea” to the church to continue their fundraiser after church on Sunday. And it was wonderfully delicious. So many people stayed to eat lunch on the church patio. This patio has been an awesome addition right from the start and a great place for numerous events. Besides raising 4000 pesos, our church family had time for a whole bunch of food and fellowship. Thank you for supporting our youth group the way you do. And thank you Selene for all you do make the Youth Ministry as effective as it is.
And we continued on Monday, with packing backpacks on the patio. Art, Brenda and Team brought 380 backpacks to fill and along with numerous volunteers from the church, they got filled. I filled one just so I would feel a part of the team. And once again, it was just a great time of fun and working together to prepare this huge blessing for needy children this Christmas.
Hey, Monday Night at the Movies is coming back – “Breakthrough” is the name of the first one that Catherine and Bob have ready for us. The usual free popcorn will be included. It’s a true story of a young boy who went through the ice and remained submerged for an incredible amount of time . . . don’t want to spoil the rest of the story for you, so come on by Monday, Dec 16 at the church. Bring a friend along. It may cause them to want to come back for other church events! Who knows?
Need some extra help with cleaning/baby sitting/etc this month? Mirna, who has done much work for and is highly endorsed by Bob & Catherine, is looking for some extra work. Mirna was with us in church on Sunday and can also be reached at 622-147-1129.
Here’s another chance to participate in blessing some folks this Christmas. Gifts for the children of the ladies in the Guaymas Prison will be accepted at the church until Dec 12th. Gabriela and Heather have done such a fine job of ministering to these ladies on a weekly basis. Please talk to them about any further details or questions you may have.
Dan & Anne Reinhardt (Crest Leadership) have arrived and will be speaking with us at our Leadership Retreat – Thursday and Friday of this week! Jeannine and I spent some time with them yesterday afternoon. They are so warm to be with and yet so knowledgeable about different things they can offer to us as the SCCC Servant Leadership team. This is going to be one of the finest team building events our church leadership has ever had the chance to participate in. I am totally thrilled to see what we will be able to learn and apply from this time together. The end goal is very simple – we want to serve our church efficiently and effectively, so we covet your prayers to this end.
This coming Sunday – we’re going to share some of our Israel experiences, (pictures and stories) which we recently returned from. I’ve asked a few of the folks who went to share only “one story” that made their time special and I’ll close with a few pictures and why they were precious to us. Might be a good time to invite an unchurched friend. We’ve had so many community people ask us about our time in Israel.

Praying you all have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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