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Good Morning to You All
Without Water – Sunday evening and all through the night, my pressure system (water pump) was running constantly. I looked for leaks and open taps – none! At 3am, I could no longer sleep, so I timed the “running of the pump.” Every 3 minutes, it started up and ran for 40 seconds, then it shut off and repeated the process, all night long. In the morning, I had my shower and began my day. A few hours later, a call on my cell, from my bride, informed me that we have “no water”. A number of things, which I won’t detail, had caused multiple injuries to my water system, the least of which meant that 6000 litres had been pumped back into the community for others to use because of a malfunctioning “check valve”. The pump also suffered some irreparable injuries. Without water, you are kind of hooped. But hey,  those things can all be fixed.
              On Sunday, we presented our journey to Israel. Wow, talk about lead in music with John New and team. I was tickled pink as we sang some of those great songs with the Israeli minor beat. I was also so encouraged by all the folks who shared some thoughts of what gripped them in the Holy Land. Thank you to each of you. One of Israel’s accomplishments is utilizing minimal water and achieving maximum results. Their land is productive and used highly efficiently. Its interesting to me though, how a land with so little water also became the land where Jesus, the one we often refer to as the “living water”, lived out his short life on earth. Without Him, we are hooped!
              Reading about Jesus, the living water, is somehow different after the visit to Israel. As you come to verses with words like the “Mt of Olives” in it. Oh, ya – been there! I get it now as I read Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives, overlooking Jerusalem and He wept – Jerusalem was so lost. I get it now when the disciples talk about the region of Galilee. I really get it when it says, John the Baptist was living in a desert place – no kidding because San Carlos isn’t dry compared to that part of Israel. The places are real, the stories of those in the bible and particularly the stories of Jesus himself are even more alive in our hearts than they ever have been. Jesus is the “living water”, the living hope, the living Christ, the living Messiah, who spent his earthly life to restore us to His Father. And I’m so glad that we’re no longer hooped. Israel is just a really special place and I’m grateful to have traveled there with some of our San Carlos family.
Well, its that time of the year – oh you thought I meant Christmas – well that too, but its open season for some “new deacons”. We’re looking for three of you who would love to serve in this way in our church. Nominations are now open and will remain open until January 19, 2020. A handout defining the role of deacon can be found on the nomination table at the back of the sanctuary. As attendees and supporters of SCCC, you are welcome to nominate people who you prayerfully believe would be able to fill this role. We encourage you to participate in this process by writing down the name of a potential nominee on the nomination card at the back of the sanctuary, signing it with your name and placing it in the nomination box. When nominations close, leadership will review and meet with those nominated to discuss the potential role of becoming a deacon at SCCC.
On that same table, you will also notice some new Bibles (Spanish and English versions), which we have received from Rob & Sherry Kehler. Their desire once again is to provide you with a gift to give to someone the Lord places on your heart. Is there someone you know who may need a Bible? They are “new believer” Bibles, written in an easy to understand format, there is numerous footnotes throughout which explain what is happening in the text and/or why and there is headings on each section to tell you what the story is about. It is a wonderful gift for you to give to someone you know or maybe to even utilize yourself. The only qualification for these bibles is that they are not meant for mass distribution. They are intended to be a personal gift from you to someone you are aware of who could use one. Maybe it will give you an opportunity to discuss your faith with them as well.
Last week, we participated in our Annual Leadership Retreat, with the deacons, elders, pastoral staff and their spouses. We did well. Our speaker, Dan Reinhardt presented us some great ways to become more effective in our communication with and our understanding of both ourselves and others on the Leadership Team. Dan gave us some great insights and materials with which we can follow up and continue to grow into a more effective and united team serving our church family. We are so grateful to Dan and Anne for their time with us.

Hey, Monday Night at the Movies – Jan 16th 6:00 pm – “Breakthrough” is the name of the first one. Enjoy some of the great popcorn as you watch this true story of a young boy who went through the ice and remained submerged for an incredible amount of time . . . don’t want to spoil the rest of the story for you, so come on by Monday, Dec 16 at the church. Bring a friend along. It may cause them to want to come back for other church events! Who knows?
January is looking great as we are able to enhance our “discipleship opportunities” for the season.
1. Ladies Bibles studies, always a highlight, is returning.
2. Men’s Group has outdone itself – new speakers on a continual basis.
3. Sue Marston’s Bible Study begins in January.
4. Pastor Chuck will add two more studies – one that will cause you to love and enjoy reading the Old Testament and the other – a very practical study on mastering the use of our money! Both will be taught in an afternoon setting at the church.
5. Grief Share returns in January – what a ministry to those who’ve lost loved ones.
6. Coda will return with a new leader this year – more to follow.
7. Youth Ministry continues to flourish under Selene’s guidance. A Major Youth Conference will be happening in the church in February.
8. Children’s Ministry with Mayra rounds out these offerings. We encourage you to invite children and youth who you might know, to participate in either of these ministries.
There are so many opportunities for you to grow in your walk with Christ at SCCC. Next week, we’ll highlight the Missions we support and how to connect with their newsletters!
We have also added the financial report for November at the end of this email. You can look at the financial report in one of two ways – you can either look at the dollars or you can look at the ministry it accomplishes. Because of your gifts, ministry happens in San Carlos and in the church – new people receive opportunities to grow and learn or to even accept the Lord as their Savior. And we have multiple stories which reveal that each and every Sunday, as newbees come through those church doors. Just look around on Sunday and ask yourself who you haven’t seen before. Shoot, maybe even say hello to them! But the financial challenge is real in maintaining this with the transient congregation we have. So, allow me to encourage you to consider supporting the church with a special (maybe even a gift that stretches your thoughts when it comes to giving) year-end gift which will allow us to finish the season well and leave us in a healthy place as we move into 2020.
Need some extra help with cleaning/baby sitting/etc this month? Mirna, who has done much work for and is highly endorsed by Bob & Catherine, is looking for some extra work. Mirna was with us in church on Sunday and can also be reached at 622-147-1129.
Praying you all have a wonderful week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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