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Merry Christmas to You All,
Twas the morning of the night before Christmas and not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The early hours are a precious quiet time for me to contemplate the day ahead, to work on thoughts for upcoming events and to simply “refresh” if you would. And on Tuesday mornings, to write the Pastor’s Desk. This morning, I”m thinking about Christmas, but I’m also finding myself reflecting on this past year.
              Its been a really good year personally for both Jeannine and I. Summer back in Manitoba, connecting with old (long time, might be a better word) friends, spending time with my Mom, seeing all our kids this summer was a big highlight. We spend the summer on a lake at our old Church Camp, where we meet many of these friends and hear great speakers who come through to share the things God has placed on their hearts.
              We also love to travel and see new sights, not the regular way with tours, etc., but by “the seat of our pants” with Jeannine on Trip Advisor and Expedia, looking for the next hotel to book or site to visit. Our life always seems to be wonderfully structured, so to travel without plans, other than a plane ticket to another country, is our favorite adventure. And our time in Asia fulfilled that for us this summer.
              The truth though is that so much of our fulfillment comes from being home in San Carlos. And our year here has been a really good one. Our life here revolves around our church family and our community. So many of our conversations after the Sunday service are about some new person/family who came and who may be curious about faith or Jesus or forgiveness or acceptance or  . . . We meet many of them and try to listen for their longings and desires.
              This past year, we have seen our capacity to do ministry increase in huge measure. To have the Sheridans here for the summer shepherding the church, doing Bible Studies, connecting and caring for you all and now, we are able to do it together for the winter months with a greater capacity for ministry than ever before. To see Chuck at the Rescate market on Saturday, making multiple connections, all of these with potential to see people come to know Christ. And in the church, we have more than multiplied our capacity to minister to and to care for the people.
              We have a great team. Mayra’s “Semana Santa” and “VBS” events have created huge opportunities to influence children (and families) in wonderful ways and her ongoing work with the children on Sundays is a wonderful way to be available to the children in our community. We got to meet Selene and the “Moms” a few Sundays ago as they served lunch at the church. These Moms are a prayer wall for Selene as well as she leads and directs not only their teens, but other teens in our community. Her part on our worship team only adds to our listening pleasure.
              All of that to simply say this, I have so appreciated being part of this team. It really is one of the best I’ve ever worked with! So as I sit here, I’m grateful for that. I’m grateful for a leadership team (elders and deacons), many of them new this last year, many of them learning a new role, but being so diligent to participate and to enjoy their service at SCCC. And beyond that, our worship (music) times this past year – second to none; our greeters, ushers, bible study leaders, sound booth workers, facilities and maintenance people, the finance folks, our missions team – all the related meetings that go with these groups – have been fun and fulfilling because people are working together with a passion for the church and a love for each other – best year ever at SCCC is how I see it.
              Here’s the whip cream, the top dressing of it all – its you, our church family. We love you all. You make our day so often by what you say or what you do or what we hear about you. You make people feel welcome when they come to church. You go the second mile to be hospitable. And more people will come to know the Lord as direct result. It simply doesn’t matter how good a service we put on, ain’t nobody gonna stay if they don’t feel loved. Its just that simple.
              So to all of you, thank you for who you are and all that you add to our lives! You enrich our lives and the lives of so many people all around us and it’s a treat to worship our Lord with you at SCCC.  So from Jeannine and I – Merry Christmas and all of God’s best to you in the year to come.
Praying you all have a precious Christmas week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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