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Good Morning to you all,
Mark Mulligan – another great evening with Mark last night. On behalf of our church family, I  want to thank Mark, Elsa & their family for their continuous support of our church family and our benevolence fund. You have blessed us so many times and I pray that blessing returns to you many times over. We are grateful.
             Thank you to all of you who came and enjoyed this inspirational evening. 130+ people in attendance and raised just over 40,000 pesos, half of which will be used to replenish our Benevolence fund and the other half will support the Mulligan family’s mission trip to Guatemala.
Tacos de Birria – This coming Sunday after church­ Selene, the Youth and the Mom’s are doing another fundraiser right after church this coming Sunday. Some of you got a taste of these tacos at the last fundraiser, just prior to Christmas and they were amazing. Join us on our church patio and enjoy a great lunch with family and friends. The funds raised will help support the Youth Conference coming to SCCC on Feb 21.
HELLO – 47 ladies at the Women’s Psalm 23 Bible Study. 8 of them had not attended these studies previously. What an encouragement to see this many ladies gathering to learn how to apply this wonderful passage to their lives.
             Girls win – I know but there were also 24 men at Tequila’s for Men’s Breakfast and Study time while Steve Thompson taught us on “who is Jesus.” There was also a great response to finding Jesus in the Old Testament on Wednesday as Pastor Chuck debuted his new course. Friday was the beginning of the course on Money and God. What does one have to do with the other? If you’d like to learn about how God and Money fit together, this is a great class and well worth checking out. Grieshare completes the offerings of the month and began yesterday at 3:33 with our own Christie Forester. There’s so much happening and all designed to help you grow in your walk with Jesus. In talking with Judy Long, I understand that Coda will begin shortly as well.

Mountain Movers Prayer Group continues to see excellent participation. Join them on Wed morning at the church.
Prayer Needs: Would you join us in praying for these folks who need us to stand with them?
1. John Walther – Staff Infection & Heart Issues, waiting for a knee transplant
2. Becki Burr’s sister (Kathy) in hospice
3. Rhonda Johnson’s sister in law (Judie) in her last days.
4. Wayne Beitelspacher’s Brother – cancerous tumor behind the eye.
             This a few of the needs. Please follow our prayer wall on our website.
Deacon Nominations: Thank you for your participation in the deacon nominations. They are now closed. More to follow.
Its about MoneyI am so encouraged by the positive feedback regarding last Sunday’s message on giving. One gentleman shared how, as the treasurer of his church, he met with his Pastor one week and shared how his Pastor was robbing his people of a blessing by not speaking on giving. This treasurer saw a direct link between faith, giving and our walk with God. He went on to share with me the positive impact his message had on their church family.
Last Sunday, I shared a message which I have shared several times with the SCCC church family. It’s a message burned deep in my heart through many years of observing the Christian church. Six years of my ministry involved working with denominational leaders of all stripes who served across our nation, a time when I could observe both the positive and the negative impacts of beliefs distinctive to their respective denominations.
             Those observations include three components which make up our belief systems in our churches, beginning with our preferences, to our denominational distinctives to the very non-negotiable core of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
             Preferences are exactly that and include values from our favorite styles of music to what translation of the Bible we use. Divisions in churches often happen over preference issues. Preferences are simply things we like, often failing to have biblical support for the “like”.
             The distinctive values of our “group” take us a little deeper and are very dear to our hearts. We have chapter & verse for these denominational tenants. They are not “salvation related” doctrines, they are simply our interpretation of those beliefs. The challenge is finding two theologians who have the same understanding of any one of these distinctive doctrines, not because they don’t love Jesus, but because they focus on a different set of Bible verses. Sometimes we may wonder if Jesus had a problem with communication when we see how divisive these issues have been in our churches. Could it be that many of our distinctive values were not a concern to Jesus, but that Jesus was much more concerned with the attitudes of our hearts, than he was with the so called “biblical issues” we debate.
             Core Truth is the final of the three. These are the non negotiables. Without these in common, we cannot work with those who would declare their core values to be otherwise. There was four of them I spoke about in Sunday’s message, which you can review by listening to the message on our church website.
             The point is this – There is nothing wrong with holding to distinctive values. The problem develops when our distinctive values have to be everyone else’s distinctive value. The moment believers elevate their distinctive values above the core of the Gospel, those believers are no longer able to work in unity with those who have a different set of distinctive values. However, when the non-negotiable core is on the top of our priority list, we can freely work with others whose “non salvation” related distinctive values are different than ours.
             San Carlos Community Church is able to flourish spiritually because this understanding has freed believers of all “stripes” to work together in unity to accomplish God’s purposes for our church family. You can listen to the entire message @ and then click on “audio messages”.
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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