Pastor’s Desk 2020-01-28

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Good Morning to you all,
If winter for the expats in San Carlos begins Nov 1 and ends April 30, you are now halfway through your winter experience! January is almost done. I’m not sure if that is encouraging? But here we are and we’ve just finished another, day? Another Week? Another Month? . . .
But hey, we’re ending the month on a great note – last night, about 85 of us gathered in front of the “big Screen” to watch the movie “God Bless the Broken Road”. While enjoying the free, hot buttered popcorn, we had to wipe the occasional tear, as we observed a broken family, one who experienced a terrible loss, find their lives restored as they looked to Jesus for their help. If you missed the movie, be sure to borrow, buy or download it and watch this story of God’s healing power.
Tacos de Birria – Selene, the Youth and the Mom’s served up another great meal after service on Sunday. They are a friendly bunch, so many smiles as they served the folks, all while raising the funds for their February Youth Conference. Great job, once again.
Missionary Newsletters – a whole bunch of brand new missionary newsletters have been posted to our Church One Drive. This is a great way to stay updated with everything that God is doing through their lives. Read all about it by clicking HERE.
Larry & Maris hosted a reunion of the Israel Tour Group last Friday, with the highlight being the entrance of Joanne, Debra and Malcolm. These “authentic” Bedouins made their entrance on  the red carpet of the Kalmbach home with grandeur. Although, I first mistook Malcolm for a Yasser Arafat look-a-like, I soon realized he was simply one of those Bedouin shepherds, with a couple of helpful sidekicks. With enough Israeli food at this potluck to feed the Israeli army, we reminisced and enjoyed some of our favorite photos on the big screen.
Coda is back – Judy Long will begin another season of Coda this coming week. Mondays @ 10am @ the church.
Baptism anyone – We’re planning on another baptism in March and we’ve already got a young candidate that will bless your heart. If you’ve not had the experience of following Jesus in obedience to His command, this will be your opportunity. God questions? Talk to one of our Pastors.  

Prayer Needs: – Would you join us in praying for these folks who need us to stand with them? You can find many of these prayer requests on our website: .Click on the Prayer Icon to pray for or to add a request of your own.

Deacon Nominations: Interviews with potential deacons will begin this week. We have four wonderful nominees that we are working with to see if this is God’s timing for them to serve in this way in San Carlos Community Church.
Our Sunday morning messages during January included messages on our vision for reaching San Carlos, how to support that vision and stepping out in faith. We are grateful for your tangible responses and support of the ministries which happen through our church family.
In February, we will begin a new series, looking at the book of Acts. While Jesus death, resurrection and ascension were Part 1 of God’s Plan A to the world, the book of Acts reveals what the early church was all about. This is Part 2 of God’s Plan A, (there is no Plan B) to reach the world. It was a church of power, action and the work of the Holy Spirit. Take the time to read this book and next Sunday, we will embark on the story of a group of ordinary people who achieved extraordinary results. But there is a wonderful reason why they were able to do so.  
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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