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Good Morning to you all,
I’m not apologizing in any way, but we are simply having the most comfortable weather one can imagine. Sitting outside in the evening, small breeze, no bugs, room temperature. Wow, its good. It can’t get much better from my perspective.
Sunday, we began a new sermon series with a focus on the church, the first century church in particular. We will be working our way through the book of Acts in the coming weeks with a focus on what made the church effective. It’s a book full of drama and adventure, a book that shows how the church continued to function after Jesus returned to heaven. It’s a book about unlikely people who, empowered by the Holy Spirit, did incredible things to reveal who Jesus was and is. It’s a book that reveals our purpose as believers, a book that reveals how the message of Christ permeated 34 countries, 54 cities and 9 islands in a period of 30 years. And it all happened because the unlikely participants of the message of Christ were empowered and motivated by the work of the Holy Spirit within them. I encourage you to read the book of Acts, become familiar with it and enjoy seeing the way our Lord operated in the beginning. A good question to consider as you read the book is to ask, what area of my life do I need to pray for God to fill me with His power so that I can follow through on what He is calling me to do?
As per our sermon focus, we got to practice some church family stuff on Sunday as we dedicated little Esli Jasibe Kehler. She was the most relaxed little lady as I held her to pray God’s blessing upon her. She didn’t squirm or fuss, but simply allowed me to have a little conversation with her. Its not something we get to do often with our church demographic, so this was a huge treat. And to have both sets of grandparents there, uncles and aunts and cousins, along with her parents (Devon and Marisol) made it even more special. The beauty of this infant dedication in church is that all of her church family gets to recognize our opportunity to support this little lady in prayer as her parents raise her in the ways of the Lord. That’s church, that’s family.
             And after we finished the dedication, we did some more church family stuff as we shared in communion. It was a really good day.
             And more church family stuff is coming soon – on March 22, we will have another baptism service. If you have questions about baptism, or would like to be baptized, please talk with one of our pastors.
In light of our focus on the church, as observed in the book of Acts, we will be changing up the prayer time for the next while with a focus on the individual ministries of our church. Its about church and an intentional focus on our specific church and our church family.
On Saturday, I had the honor of leading a memorial service with a group of Maureen Mellon’s friends at La Palapa. It was an extremely special time as the service moved to an open mic after I shared the Gospel message with them. I observed as 8-10 people shared, often for 4-5 minutes, about Maureen’s impact on their lives. Amazing to see friends share in this way.
Cookie Sunday is experiencing revival. YES, more opportunities to test out some of those delightful delicacies as we meet and connect with folks we may never have met before. Cookie Sunday will now happen on both the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. So that means this coming Sunday, folks! If you feel up to baking some of these treats for this special ministry time, we would be so grateful.
Coda is back – Judy Long is leading another season of Coda – Mondays @ 10am @ the church.
Baptism anyone – We’re planning on another baptism on March 22nd. If you’ve not had that experience of following Jesus in obedience to His command, this will be your opportunity. Got questions? Talk to one of our Pastors.
Prayer Needs: – Would you join us in praying for the folks who need us to stand with them? You can find many of these prayer requests @ . Click on the Prayer Icon to pray for or to add a request of your own.

Missionary Newsletters – a whole bunch of brand new missionary newsletters have been posted to our Church One Drive. This is a great way to stay updated with everything that God is doing through their lives. Read all about it by clicking HERE.
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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