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Good Morning to you all,
What a treat to be part of the San Carlos family! We continue to be blessed by stories from people we meet with, both inside and outside of the church, people whose lives have been intersected by a relationship with our Lord. We also get to meet with others who are curious about the Lord. We get  to connect with people who share the challenges they are facing and how they are looking to the Lord for His support. Sometimes, its like we are in the middle of a great book that is unfolding. I guess in some ways we are! I love the stories.
Blessed by guests – along with several guests this week, we had an “eye glass” team from Montana join us for the service. They came with 3000 pairs of eye glasses and the equipment to diagnose and fit many with their new glasses. They spent time just outside of Hermosillo and another city, which I presently have forgotten. But what a treat listening to them share some of their stories. They are going home with great memories, as do so many others when they come to give of themselves.
We offer our condolences to the Geisler families (Ken & Deb; Don & Nicole) as Don & Ken’s father passed away last week. We pray you are encouraged by many fond memories you have of times spent together with your father. We also pray that you experience the Lord’s peace and comfort as you go through this time of loss.
Medical Team: The Medical Team just finished another busy, ministry filled season. I read this testimony from Marilyn Fisher who signed up for every day she could help. “I had the greatest experience this week joining a medical mission group from Montana to serve the remote villages in Mexico. We were able to see 1760 patients for nurse, Doctor, physical therapy, pharmacy and eye glasses services as well as presenting Jesus to these wonderful and thankful people. I thank God I was on vacation right here in San Carlos and was able to join the team.” What a great testimony and way to go, Art & Brenda for hosting/facilitating such a meaningful ministry.
Annual General Meeting of San Carlos Community Church – Feb 27, 2020 @ the church. Our annual report will be ready this Wednesday. At that time, we will post a link which will allow you to access the entire report. The link will be posted (Thursday) on the church website under the “Pastor’s Desk” heading. There will also be a link in this Sunday’s bulletin where you can go to access the report. Please read these reports in preparation for the AGM. We would love to have all regular attendees and supporters, along with anyone who may be interested in becoming part of the church attend this meeting. Note: We will only provide written reports to those who ask for one (ask our pastors or Mayra).

Church Website –
Deacon Nominees – This coming Sunday, we will also announce our slate of nominees who have gone through the interviews and who have agreed to let their name stand for the role of Deacon. By way of housekeeping, any questions or concerns you have regarding these nominees must be presented in writing to an elder prior to the AGM. We are grateful to each nominee for your desire to serve our church family, for completing the process and for letting your name stand for election/affirmation at the upcoming AGM.
Monday Night at the Movies returns next Monday, Feb 17, @ 6:00 pm with “Overcomer”, another brand new faith based movie that will grip your heart as you begin to understand the plot. John Harrison (Alex Kendrick) is a basketball coach at a high school. Due to the closure of businesses in the city and the departure of several families, he agrees to be the running coach for Hannah Scott (Aryn Wright-Thompson) who is asthmatic. Hannah’s sporting journey will be accompanied by a self-discovery that will answer a question that has been a concern for her for a long time. As always, bring a friend, in fact, why not bring along a friend who doesn’t attend church and let them catch a glimpse of church life with our church family.
Prayer Needs: – Would you join us in praying for the folks who need us to stand with them? You can find many of these prayer requests @ Click on the Prayer Icon to pray for or to add a request of your own.
Sunday, we continued our new sermon series from the book of Acts with a focus on the church, which began after Jesus return to heaven. We looked at chapter 2, the day of Pentecost, where the 120 were waiting in the Upper Room for the gift Jesus had promised them before He returned to heaven. The gift showed up that day and changed the entire trajectory of those 120.
             Peter, of course, was the greatest example of that change – moving from an ineffective disciple to a powerful preacher as he shared a spirit empowered message which caused 3000 people to give their hearts to Christ.
             The terminology used during that life empowering event was referred to as being filled with the Holy Spirit. And with SCCC’s plethora of spiritual backgrounds, being filled with, being led by the Spirit conjures up all kinds of different imagery in our minds. What does it mean to be a spirit led church in 2020 in San Carlos?
             For me, its so much more than “some experience”, its about an interaction with God where the Holy Spirit guides us into doing the very task Jesus left us with just before He returned to heaven. “Go Preach, teach, baptize” but not yet, not until you have been filled with His Holy Spirit.”
             My challenge is the same one that Jesus gave the early church. Without any distinctive in mind, would we be willing to pray the same prayer the 120 prayed in that upper room? Would we be willing to invite the Holy Spirit to fill us? When the Holy Spirit came upon them, they became effective witnesses. Would we dare enter our community with our “Jesus inspired” job description and do what He asks of us – share a testimony of God’s goodness in our lives, pray for a sick friend, give hope to someone who is hurting, give a word inspired by our Lord to a friend who is searching? I wonder if its even possible to do this kind of ministry on an ongoing basis without pursuing this daily prayer – “Lord, please fill me with your Holy Spirit!”
             Next week, we get to see more of the life of that early church as Pastor Chuck walks us through Acts 3. Read ahead and observe the early church in action. And once again, I encourage you to pray that prayer on a daily basis, Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit. I’d love to hear what happens as a result of our church family praying that prayer.
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine 

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