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Good Morning to you all,
The Annual Report for San Carlos Community Church is ready for you to review  CLICK HERE We will only provide written reports for those of you who ask for one. Please contact Mayra who will gladly print you a copy if needed.           
             We would really value your attendance at the AGM on Thursday, Feb 27, 6:00 pm. Refreshments will be served, but more importantly, it will give you a greater understanding of all that happens through the ministries of our church family. We’d love to see you there.
Overcomer – last evening – wow, another phenomenal movie experience. What a story! I’ve often noticed how different things capture one’s attention in a movie. In my case, it was the question asked of the coach, “who would you be if you weren’t the basketball coach?” It was a great question to which he later learns the answer. I was reminded of an experience in my own life, six years into my first pastoral ministry. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, it was a time when everything this pastor did, turned to “spiritual gold.” The church grew, we built a new building, people were getting saved, ministries multiplied, it was pretty amazing. The day came when someone looked in from outside and asked me that very question, “who would you be if you weren’t Pastor Glenn?” The question infuriated me as I wrestled with that thought. The fortunate part was that this was the beginning of recognizing that yes, I was Pastor Glenn, but I was also Glenn – the husband, the father, the friend, along with other roles, and ultimately I was a man who was loved by God for who I was with or without being pastor Glenn. Understanding that fuller identity was life giving and I am grateful to this day for that understanding. It changed so many things in the way I fulfilled my pastoral role from that point forward. It’s a great question to ask oneself, “Who would you be if you weren’t what you do?”
This week, we take a special look at what is happening with our Children’s and Youth Departments at San Carlos Community Church.

1. Youth Conference – Selene’s plans are coming together as she and her team host the first annual Youth Conference in SCCC this coming week.  Jóvenes Inquebrantables (Unwavering Youth) is the name of our youth group and this conference is advertised as far away as Hermosillo and their goal is to attract 200 youth for this Friday / Saturday event at SCCC. We are so thankful for the hearts of both our youth and children’s pastors and this is just another example of their commitment to see young people come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Selene has worked diligently to raise support for this conference through the sales of tacos, cheese cakes and tamales, doing her best to make the conference self-supportive. Would you take the time to pray for her this week and if you have the opportunity, please take a few moments to support and encourage her.

2. C-Quest – a Kid’s Camp opportunity. (Gary Edwards – Executive Director C-Quest; C-Quest, a very spiritually successful children’s ministry has offered to extend their camp training expertise to the churches in our area. The entire training time has been offered to the churches in our community free of charge as all the training costs and related fees have been covered through their own donor base.
             Our very own Mayra is endeavoring to spear head this project and is looking to partner with a minimum of 10 churches in the area. Each church is asked to provide four participants plus their pastor for this training time. The goal is for each church then to host the summer camps which they have been trained to lead. This is a huge project for our very capable, children’s pastor. I invite you to pray for her and with her as she works toward making these connections in Guaymas. She hopes to share about this opportunity at the next Guaymas Ministerial meeting and will be looking for their participation at that time. Encourage her and bless her as she follows through with what is on her heart for our local children.
Deacon Nominees – This Deacons who are allowing their names to stand for affirmation at the AGM are: Stephen Musser, Brenda Koenes and Earl Harris. We are grateful to each nominee for your desire to serve our church family.
Baptism anyone – We’re planning on another baptism on March 22nd. If you’ve not had that experience of following Jesus in obedience to His command, this could be your opportunity. Got questions? Talk to one of our Pastors.
Prayer Needs: – Would you join us in praying for the folks who need us to stand with them? You can find many of these prayer requests @ Click on the Prayer Icon to pray for or to add a request of your own.
Sunday, we continued our sermon series in the book of Acts, learning from the experiences of that very first church after Jesus returned to be with the Father in heaven. In the first few chapters, we saw how the church was to fulfill the final message of Jesus to go into all the world, share the Gospel, and to baptize new believers. But before they went out, they were to wait for the gift of the Holy Spirit, promised to them by Jesus This gift would empower them to be the faithful witnesses He had called them to be (1:8). After they were filled, the fruit of that infilling became obvious as a once incompetent Peter now preached with power – the result was 3000 people responded to the salvation message. This was now the “spirit led” church in action, following all that Jesus had spoken.
             Last  Sunday, Pastor Chuck walked us through chapter 3, a chapter with two great miracles. But as Pastor Chuck shared so well, this was not meant to be a model  for beginning a healing ministry, even though Jesus often heals, but this was meant to be a model of what we are learning about God and about what He is doing in our lives so that we can (witness) go and tell others about the greatness of Jesus.
             I love Pastor Chuck’s line, “Peter never identifies himself by what he does, but by who he follows. Who do you follow?” The followers of Jesus in the early church shared what they knew and what they had seen with those who they met in the marketplace. Their model and our model, their goal and our goal – to see people being drawn to Jesus as we share about who he is in our lives.
             We all know it takes more than our own energy to live out our Christian journey with this consistency. Next week, as we look at Chapter 4, we will catch a glimpse of what caused them to have this “Winston Churchill” mindset to “never give up.” I am so thankful for the source of boldness that we have been given. Read ahead and come ready to explore Ch. 4.
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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