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Good Morning to you all,
             We’d appreciate you joining us this Thursday for the Annual General Meeting at 6:00 pm. You can view our Annual Report by clicking HERE.  Please contact Mayra at who will gladly print you a written copy of the report. Refreshments will be served, but more importantly, it will give you a greater understanding of all that happens through the ministries of our church family. We’d love to see you there.

We get an extra day on our calendar this week as this is a “Leap Year”. My lady tells me that her father always said, and apparently its even an Irish tradition, that February 29th was fair game for any single woman to propose to that desired man! Just saying, if the shoe fits, take your liberty! 
           On Sunday, we also said “see you” to Dick & Ruthanne Woodward, who have been living in San Carlos for approximately 35 years. Ruthanne has served the church in so many ways over the years from the early days of putting the service together in that little bible study room of the old Sanctuary to helping with VBS in recent years. Her warm smile and positive attitude has always brought encouragement to both Jeannine and I and to many others I’m sure. We wish you all of God’s best as you move into your new home in Texas. We are looking forward to a few return visits in the coming days. On behalf of our church family, hugs from all of us to you!
             Last week, I shared with you about the Youth Conference we would be having in our church this last weekend. Just shy of 200 people showed up to worship, to learn and to pursue the Lord with all their heart and that’s what they did. The final evening was highlighted by a concert with Bani Munoz from Guatemala. Not only was he an incredible singer, but he constantly built up the youth, while challenging them to follow the Lord wholeheartedly. I was overwhelmed by their ongoing response at the altar times, where youth gathered around the platform to pray and to invite God to speak into their hearts and/or to commit themselves to following Him in obedience.
             Youth from 19 churches including Hermosillo, Empalme, Guaymas and San Carlos were in attendance for the day and a half of meeting with our Lord. Youth from Belen (Devon and Marisol’s Ministry) and from Mayra’s Mother’s church also attended.
             Selene had the dream and brought this event together, bringing in speakers, raising funds, housing the guests, establishing a venue of workshops and discipleship related teaching. Please take the time to bless and encourage Selene for her passionate desire to create a venue where kids would draw closer to their Lord. Way to go, Selene!

The following is some of the feedback she received which Mayra has translated for us:

Comments about the concert from the youth to Selene’s Mom. (Selene’s Mom was one of the speakers)
“Thank you sister, I give thanks to God for your life, for coming here and gave us that word of value, what you shared impacted my life.”
“God bless you sister, I take your words in my heart, you impacted my life”
“God bless you Pastora, you shared such a powerful message”

Comments to Selene:
“Thank you Selene, today I had my best experience with God, good night, I love you!”
“Good morning, I feel different since yesterday coming out of church, I don’t feel fear anymore and for the first time I have peace inside of me”
“I believe that God was present from the beginning of the plans for this conference, I also believe that God manifested himself in a surprising way and the words He gave were so clear and personal. I think that each topic is related to what I was living today. Without a doubt I can say that they talked about me❤”
“Selene I liked very much the conference, I truly feel very different after leaving the church and while we were there everything felt very beautiful and I think God spoke to everyone in some way🥰 even my house it feels calmer, with more peace☺ I still feel something beautiful inside of my heart 💓and I know it is God😊 Thank you very much for EVERYTHING Selene🥺❤”

Mayra’s comments:
I loved to see the youth having an encounter with God, some people returning to Jesus, the presence of the Lord filled the house and touched everyone with a willing heart to respond to HIM. Bani and Billy were and example for the youth not only in their ministry but also in their character sharing fellowship with humility and speaking a word of blessing to the kids. Every speaker brought something from God to the youth hearts. We are blessed.

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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