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Good Morning to you all,
Well, I guess it’s a good morning, actually it’s a great morning, but we have seen some folks hit the road going North at the end of February. We’re always excited to see you come, but we miss you when you leave. We do wish you all safe travels. However, there was still 200 in attendance on Sunday and we are grateful for each of you.  Its been a treat for us to connect with many of you on a personal level and to just renew that friendship once again. We always pray that you are returning to a great church home in your community. If you don’t have one, we encourage you to be on the lookout for one. As we shared on Sunday, our salvation is a free gift from our Lord, but our spiritual growth is the direct result of being part of a church family. So be encouraged as you participate with your “other” church family.
We had our Annual General Meeting last Thursday. We thank those of you who were able to attend the evening. We want to welcome Earl Harris, Brenda Koenes and Stephen Musser to the Deacon Team. We pray you will find your time serving the church to be a rewarding experience. Many of the things you will be responsible for, sometimes things which are totally behind the scenes, allow the ministry of SCCC to happen efficiently and effectively. So we partner together in presenting the Gospel to our church family and our community.
             Several bylaw changes were also passed, including a refined process of adding staff pastors. As a result of the changes, Mayra and Selene, have become part of the ministry team and are now officially staff pastors as opposed to the previous title of director. They are both fully credentialed and ordained in their respective denominations.
We were also made aware of some other wording which needs better definition and we have our ever faithful John New already working on those details for next year’s AGM.

Many of the Bible Studies have come to an end for this part of the season. Griefshare, CoDA, Mountain Movers and Men’s Group will continue and all serve as opportunities for fellowship and growth. Thank you to all the leaders who have made these discipleship options a reality. I’d love to hear your feedback. If you have a topic or theme you’d like us to study in the future, just click “reply” to this email and share your thoughts. 
Our Last “Monday Night at the Movies” happens on March 16th with the movie “Unplanned”. You may find the first few minutes of the movie somewhat graphic, but it does lay the groundwork for the very powerful message the movie presents. You can preview the “trailer” at The movie is based on a life changing true story. This is another in the series of excellent quality movies we have been able to present this winter, compliments of Catherine Gibson.
CEC, the Bible Training Center next door, is having their annual fundraiser dinner and you’re invited! Come out, not only to show your support to the students, but to enjoy a wonderful evening with a delicious dinner and the chance to hear first hand from students about the work God is doing in their lives. 

  • Date: Thursday, March 12th @ 5:30pm
  • Cost: by donation
  • Place: CEC’s Dining Hall (Yellow and blue building behind the church)
  • If you would like to attend, please RSVP to

Last Sunday, we look at a couple of pretenders, who we find in Acts 5:1-11. When the enemy realized he could not hinder the church with outside threats (Acts 4), he moved inside and began to work internally, influencing the hearts of those who knew the Lord. The enemies greatest threat today continues to be the local church, just as it was in the very first church.
      Ananias and Sapphira are our first example of corruption and deceit in the church. Quite likely they were involved in church leadership, but sadly they were looking for credit and prestige without sacrifice. Although, they have had great intentions, they ended up presenting themselves as something they were not.

       While its easy to be critical of them, we (believers within the church) can face the same challenge of trying to present ourselves as something we are not. That’s the message, the lifestyle that often keeps those who are outside of faith from becoming believers. When we say one thing and do another, when we serve for the “pat on the back” or the “visibility” it provides, people see through it. These attitudes hijack the mission of the church.

      People do see our imperfections, but when they see us deal with our “stuff”, when they see us take responsibility for our shortcomings, they take note. I don’t believe that those outside of faith are looking for perfection, they are simply looking for something that’s real and genuine. And that is something we are all challenged with.
       This leaves us with our closing prayer as a challenge for the next few weeks: Lord help me develop my character rather than manage my image!

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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