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Good Morning to you all,
Let me try and paint a picture of some really special kids from our Children’s Church. After Sunday’s service, 14 little friends paraded down the center aisle, lined up behind their favorite teacher and each with a personally created card in hand, ready to wish this guy a Happy Birthday. To get on my knee and to receive that card and a hug from each of these little guys absolutely made my day! To add a little whip cream to my cake, many of you brought a card and or offered birthday wishes. Thank you for your kindness. It was greatly appreciated.

We are all carefully watching for corona virus updates and looking for next steps in our response to it. I understand from some news articles last evening that there is now one confirmed case in Hermosillo. I imagine we’ll hear some recommendations from the Sonoran Governor today.

I heard from a number of you who are going North this week. Its kind of sad to see the season end on this note but we will look forward to your return this fall and we wish you a safe and uneventful trip back to your summer home.

40,000 USDYes that’s the gift we will receive from a very generous family! We are so grateful for the potential relief this could provide for our budget and potential summer financial challenges.
     But here’s the deal – This is a matching gift and we have until Easter to match this amount. If you are sending an extra gift through GCF in Canada or Paypal in the USA, it will be included in the matching grant. Please include “Matching Gifft” on all checks given to SCCC or on the envelopes used for offering.

Can we match 40,000 in the next 26 days? I believe we can. The following was one way we can make this challenge a little more bite sized. If for example:

  • 1 person gave 10,000.00 USD – We’re still looking
  • 2 people gave 5,000.00 USD – We already have 1
  • 6 people gave 2,000.00 USD – We already have 3
  • 8 people gave 1,000.00 USD – We already have 3
  • Along with additional offerings, Our Present total is 15,000.00
Would you be willing to be part of this budget miracle?
Sunday’s Message – The “heart of a healthy church” as seen in Acts 6&7. While this first New Testament church already included 25% of Jerusalem’s population, we also see “some rumblings” come to light in this passage. The leadership met the issue head on and appointed 7 men to deal with an area of leadership the apostles were failing at. Our focus was on one of the seven, an ordinary person, a person full of faith and the Holy Spirit, a man named Stephen. Stephen’s service and his sacrifice laid the foundation for an event he would not personally witness, at least not from this earth. Saul, soon to be Paul, held the coats of those who those who threw the stones taking Stephen’s life.
     What intrigues me is Saul would not change his life as a result of Stephen’s deliverance. The foundation for Saul’s life change was laid as he observed Stephen declaring God’s greatness in the middle of his pain. And I can only imagine how Stephen’s plea to our Lord for those taking his life must have impacted Saul. Stephen’s act of service caused Jesus to stand at the right hand of the father and declare, He is mine.

We learn several truths from the life of Stephen.
1. At the core of the Christian life, is a life of service.
We sacrifice so that others can experience the love of Jesus!
2. God does his greatest work through ordinary people.

Challenge: When you serve, Jesus stands because he knows that your service partnered with His Spirit is a perfect combination to lay a foundation for change in somebody’s heart. Do you see your service and your sacrifice as the very thing God may be using to reach someone? What an inspiration for living a life of service for our Lord.
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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