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Good Morning to you all,
Wow, could you ever imagine something with this kind of power, shutting our world down so clearly and so quickly. Everyone’s life has been interrupted. Like you, I’m seeing and hearing all kinds of comments on facebook and in the media. Some of the posts/comments are lacking in accuracy, some are simply opinions, while some are accurate, but which ones? We all have our own favorite sources. But we are all impacted by what we see and listen to.
             Everyone looks at this scenario from a different perspective. But there is a “line” where fear wants to set in for each of us. As you observe that “line” in other people’s lives, some of those reactions will feel “over the top” to you. Other reactions will make you wish that people would take this situation a whole lot more seriously. Wherever your “line” is, this is a great time to call your friends and simply listen to and encourage them. Yes, the fears are real, we don’t need to minimize people’s concerns. But our God is also real. We need to use wisdom in hygiene, but we will look back at some point in the future and realize once again, that our Lord helped us through it all. So take a moment to listen to your friends and neighbors and encourage them. As believers, we have this opportunity to live in hope and to share it with others.
A NEW OPTION FOR YOU – As a leadership team we have wrestled with what to do with church in light of Covid-19. We would like to try an experiment that respects the safety of people while providing a venue for worship. So this Sunday, we’re going to try something new. If it works, great, if it doesn’t that’s ok. I think we can honor God and be a blessing to our town. So ths is what’s happening this Sunday:

“Drive In” Church begins this Sunday on the parking lot of San Carlos Community Church. We love to worship but with the concerns of Covid 19, we wondered what we could do to create a safe venue for worship and we think we might have one with no huggin’, no touchin’, no handshakin’, no gettin’ out of your vehicle – just a great worship service, all from the comfort of your vehicle! You will get to worship with Ryan and his team and hear some practical truths from God’s Word. Why not join us this Sunday at 9:00 am. We’d love see you there. Oh, ya – Spanish translation will be provided.
Remember that 40,000 USD Matching gift we announced two weeks ago? “Drumroll, please” I believe we are almost halfway there. Over 18,000 USD has come in.
Here’s an encouraging email Jeannine received this week. We wanted to let you and Glenn know that we have mailed a contribution to the church by way of the Nogales address. We mailed it yesterday. It is to be a part of the matching gift project.  Please let us know that it arrives safely–hopefully in time. We love San Carlos and San Carlos Community Church.  Praying you all stay well.  God bless you all.” What a testimony!
We’re hoping you will do what you can do to help us meet this challenge. “Double your dollars” with a gift before Easter. No better investment.

Deacons & Portfolios – We are grateful for our servants on the Deacon Team. Here is a list of their names and their area of responsibility:

Maris Kalmbach – Deacon Chair (shared Treasurer role)
Earl Harris – shared Treasurer role
Dave Campbell – Missions Chair
Brenda Koenes – Benevolence; Deacon Secretary
Meg VanKirk – “We Care”; Keys & Codes
Carol Falkenberg-White – Facility / Supplies
Jim McKinney – Maintenance
Stephen Musser – Audio/Visual; Ushers and Greeters
This Sunday’s Message – We’ll be in Acts 8, looking at the lives of two believers, Philip and Simon. They were the same, but different! Join us at Drive In Church to see what we can learn from their responses to faith. Read ahead if you like. Hope to see you there.
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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