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Good Morning to you,
Drive In” Church  – YES !!! what an absolute delight to see your response on Sunday. We counted 47 cars, quite a few with more than 2 people, met some new guests – Colin & Claudia. Everyone did such a good job maintaining distance and respecting each other’s safety by staying in their vehicles – safer than going to the grocery store! There was a wonderful sense of being together, even being in our cars. “Amens” came in the form of “honks” as you can tell when you listen to the sermon online. Thank you for your positive support, it was a really good day!
             From my Mom prior to our “Drive in Church”
“I have had you on my mind and I hope and pray that you will have a blessed morning service.Hopefully you’ll get new people that are looking for spiritual help. Love Mom.”
             (Thanks Mom, so grateful for your prayers, love you too!)
Allow me to say a huge thankyou to all of you who participated in making the service possible. Chuck welcomed all with his invigorating updates, Worship with Ryan and Selene from the “Deck” was amazing. Mayra translated the message. Stephen ran the sound. Meg, Earl and Betty facilitated the parking while greeting the folks with a warm smile – no hugs or handshakes. Dan & Rebecca provided the platform! 
              Ryan deserves a huge appreciation for everything he did to get all the technical stuff in place with sound, worship, translation, website recording and on and on. If you get a chance, express your gratitude to him. It was a lot of behind the scene’s kind of work.

Next Sunday – YES, at present, we are planning another “Drive In” service next Sunday, April 5. Any changes, updates or announcements will be made on our website and church facebook. Later this week, we will be posting the songs we’ll sing next Sunday on our church facebook page so that you can look up the words on your mobile device or so you can print them in advance. Please keep praying with us that our services will be an inspiration to many during this time of significant disruption to so many people’s lives.
Update on 40,000 USD Matching gift – We are now at 24,650. USD and several folks have told me they will be sending extra funds shortly. I received another check for 1000 USD yesterday afternoon. When the rest of these promised funds come in, we’ll be dangerously close to 30,000. Thank you, not only for your generosity, but for believing in the ministry of SCCC. We have two weeks left in our matching challenge. I believe we can do it, Church family!
I wanted to share another encouraging testimony I received this week: – Hi Pastor Glenn and Chuck, “We (sadly) decided that we better go back to the states because of the virus. We had planned to be there until the end of April.  Our heart said stay but our head said go . . . . Sorry for the long story but just wanted both of you to know that SCCC has made a huge difference in my life.  I’ve always gone to church regularly but can remember times in my life where I did it more as an obligation than really wanting to go. You both have changed that — I love going to church on Sundays and get so much out of your sermons.  They make me think and they make me try much harder to be the person I want to be.  Thank you for that! Since we planned to be there until the end of April, I will just send a check which will equal my weekly contributions . .”
           We are always encouraged to hear what God is doing through our church family.
Our SCCC summer schedule begins tomorrow April 1. We now return to only one pastor serving until November 1. With the new model our leadership implemented last May, we have two pastors serving in a part time role. Both of us serve during the busy winter months, while only one of us is needed during the quieter summer months. This has been a great model for our church, leaving us with so much greater capacity during the winter months, while allowing the church to have pastoral care year-round.  Pastor Chuck and Lynn will be taking their time away during April and May. Jeannine and I will begin our time away on June 1 at which time, Chuck and Lynn return for the rest of the summer months.
We may not be able to be in each other’s physical presence, but we can still connect and encourage one another. Maybe today would be a good time for you to call a friend, neighbor or family member and to be the encouragement they need. You just never know who would be grateful for a call!

All of the ministries which typically continue during this time of the year, will meet only at the discretion of their leaders. They will keep you informed or you can contact them for info:

  • Griefshare – contact Christie Forester
  • Ladies Prayer – this Wed on Messenger (Christie)
  • CoDA – contact Judy Long
  • Men’s Breakfast – contact Glenn (cancelled till further notice)
  • Youth Ministry – contact Selene

Administration – Mayra will be available at the church office on Mon, Wed & Fri from 10-3 pm. You can contact her with any questions. She will also be there to receive any donations you may want to drop off.
Sunday Messages – Click on “audio messages” for all our messages, even the Drive In Church messages from the Patio.
Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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