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Good Morning to you,
“Drive In” Church has had so many positive reviews. In my own mind, we had to make it safer than going to the grocery store and we’ve done our absolute best to achieve that. There may be some who question why we don’t simply do an online church service. We probably could. But the DNA of this church is one of enjoying being together as a church family. I think that’s been huge for us, especially so during this season of isolation. While we are not able to greet, shake hands or hug as we usually do, I think there is still something about worshiping together and I hear the same message from many of you as well. We continue to emphasize our “stay in your car” policy. Without this “social distancing.” we put you at risk and we are not willing to do so. So thank you for working within this policy and thank you for gathering in a safe manner where we can worship together. I do look forward to a hug or a handshake in the near future as I’m sure many of you do. That will be a really good day!

Its Holy Week: Good Friday – only three days away. Although its such an important day in our Christian faith, we will NOT be hosting a Good Friday “Drive In” service! For those who are local, I trust you will understand.

EASTER SUNDAY: Join us this coming Sunday at “Drive In” Church – right here at SCCC @ 9:00am.

Saw several new families at church last Sunday! I later emailed one of the families, a couple we met earlier this year. This was their first time at church. What an encouragement to read their feedback. Please keep praying with us that our services will be an inspiration to many during this time of significant disruption to so many people’s lives.
From Christie: Today at the grocery store, I met a woman I have invited to church many times.  She lives near the church and told me how much she loved the music and message.  I told her that I was thrilled that we could bring church to her!!  GOD is the WAY MAKER !!!!
Mayra’s “Easter Scavenger Hunt” Follow this fun event on our church Facebook Page. Prizes for everyone under 13 years of age but fun for all!
Here’s a link someone sent to me that you might enjoy! It’s the Nashville Studio Cell Phone Choir doing their rendition of “It is Well with my Soul”. Simply click the following link:

Administration – Mayra will be available at the church office on Mon, Wed & Fri from 10-3 pm. You can contact her with any questions. She will also be giving oversight to the Food Pantry should anyone need food/hygiene supplies. She will also be there to receive any donations you may want to drop off.

Selene continues to connect with her youth online with games, encouragement, worship and spiritual care. Check out her facebook page for some great worship which she is leading on guitar! What a singer!
Last Wednesday, after receiving 100 + pounds of grapefruit, some diapers and tomatoes from our neighbors, plus 3 ice cream pails of cookies from another family, we decided on a road trip. We contacted three of our supported ministries to see if they could utilize a portion of this gift. With a resounding yes from each of them, we were on our way!
First, to the Bairds & King’s Kids – got a great tour and got to see the many updates they’ve done at their ministry site, dropped off some grapefruit and cookies and then got to say hello, from a safe distance, to their kids.
From there, we headed on to Maggies and were greeted (from a safe distance) by a group of happy little people. This not hugging just doesn’t seem right, but it is so necessary at this time. These kids were grinning as they transferred their grapefruit to their own containers. We also left cookies and diapers for the younger ones.
Then off to Devon and Marisol’s to give out the last grapefruit and cookies. While they have had to curtail their feeding program, they continue to offer Children’s ministry and videos via social media and then they make weekly deliveries of food hampers to the families of children they regularly feed.
              What a great day observing the ongoing ministry of these folks. It was another really good day to see all that is still getting done in spite of this virus. Yea God and hat’s off to these people who continue to partner with Him in serving the needs of those in their care.

Update on 40,000 USD Matching gift – Its approximate, but I believe we are only 3,000 USD away from completing the matching gift we presented to you just one month ago! That should be worth a “horn honk”. We’re getting use to receiving encouragement through “horn honks” on Sunday mornings. It may be a bit of a let down to worship inside once again! Thank you for your generosity and for expressing your love for our church in this tangible way.

All of the ministries which typically continue during this time of the year, will meet only at the discretion of their leaders. They will keep you informed or you can contact them for info:

  • Griefshare – cancelled for the season. (Christie)
  • Ladies Prayer – Meeting via social media (Christie)
  • CoDA – contact Judy Long
  • Men’s Breakfast – cancelled till further notice (Glenn)
  • Youth Ministry – contact Selene

Our SCCC summer schedule began on April 1. We now return to only one pastor serving until November 1. With the new model our leadership implemented last May, we have two pastors serving in a part time role. Both of us serve during the busy winter months, while only one of us is needed during the quieter summer months. This has been a great model for our church, leaving us with so much greater capacity during the winter months, while allowing the church to have pastoral care year-round.  Pastor Chuck and Lynn are taking their time away during April and May. Jeannine and I will begin our time away on June 1 at which time, Chuck and Lynn will return for the balance of the summer months.
Sunday Messages – Click on “audio messages” for all our messages, even the Drive In Church messages from the Patio.

Have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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