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Good Morning to you,  

On a bit of a personal note, last Sunday, our twin girls turned 30 years of age. Can’t believe they’ve got such a young dad! One of them lives in Perth Australia and the other in Vancouver Canada. They are quite a pair. Although, they were “identical” twins, one was always the princess and the other the sports star and each of them surely have their own personalities.Their words, “we are not “the twins”. We each have a name.” Happy Birthday Ashley and Brittany! Love you both.

With all that’s going on (or not going on), it’s understandable if you’re wrestling with this disruptive turn of events. If you’re needing a better start to your day, here’s a few ideas which may encourage you during this isolation.

  • Be intentional about taking a break to do something you enjoy.
  • Start your day with prayer, not the news.
  • Connect with those in our church family.
  • Connect to old friends with a call.
  • Encouraging others will give you a lift.

After feeling the need for us to be together in some way on Good Friday and with a desire to share communion with you, we did go ahead with an “online Good Friday service”. The video can still be seen on the Church facebook page. But what was really special was the emails I received from people who had participated in Communion “online”. Together, but not together, it was still an encouragement to many.

Easter Sunday – what a joy-filled day. People in 48 vehicles, strategically parked by Meg & Earl, participated in our worship time. I was able to connect with another new family which joined us. Several English speaking families listened to the service on their vehicle radios, using the translation devices, which can also be set to English for the hard of hearing. We’re getting this sound thing figured out! Worship with Ryan and Selene was amazing with such appropriate songs. Once again, Mayra translated and Stephen made it all sound good. It was a happy “honk filled” morning of worship and appreciation for the goodness of our Lord as seen in the Easter message.

Our “tech” community – so worthy of our appreciation. Selene, Mayra and Ryan have gone over and above to deal with technical “stuff”. They do anything I ask for help with and then do it even better than I thought possible. The “online service”, the “Drive In” services, the Easter Children’s project, Youth online events, etc – have all happened as a direct result of their technical skill sets and second, because of their love for Jesus. Thank you so much guys!

Although “Drive In” Church has been so well received, with the new laws/rules which have been implemented from April 13-30 by the state of Sonora, we felt we had to transition from “Drive In” Church to “Online Church” for the next two weeks. After that, we will determine next steps once again. I am grateful for the flexibility we have as a church. The local folks here have been such an amazing encouragement.

Watch the Church Website and Church facebook for details of the March 19 & March 26 Service. All going well, we will have a “live” worship service on facebook which you will be able to tune into by simply clicking the link provided on our church website. Please note, you do NOT need have to have a facebook account to watch the service.

Drumroll please — YES, WE ARE OVER THE TOP – You have matched the 40,000 USD gift. Yea God and yea, His People. Totaling only the funds designated as a “matching gift” we went over the top yesterday. Our Finance Dept has confirmed that they have now received 40,935.88 USD in matching funds. Once again, we say thank you to the family who provided the sacrificial gift which resulted in your overwhelming response. Ministry will continue throughout the summer without financial concerns and we will be in a good place as we enter the fall. Thank you to all for your generosity and for expressing your love for our church in this tangible way.

Mayra’s Online Easter Project – And the winners are:
1st place – Juan Carlos (Anwar & Katia from King’s Kids)
2nd place – Tessa (Kyler & Hannah VanKirk)
3rd place – Fernanda (Alba Rosa & Serafin)
           Congratulations, great pictures you shared.

Yesterday, we began a new, expanded version of our Food Pantry, working together with Castaway Kids and Rescate. With so many local jobs lost to our community, we came together to plan how we could safely support those in need. Mayra will give oversight to the program at our church where food and hygiene supplies will be on hand. Distribution of Supplies will be available Mon, Wed, & Fri from 10-3 pm. Anyone with Food Supplies (closed packages only) or Financial donations for the program can drop them off at the church on Wed from 10-1pm or by advance appts.

Sunday Messages – Next Sunday, we’ll be back in the book of Acts 12, looking at some thoughts on how prayer impacted the early church! See you “Online.”

 If you’ve missed some of the past messages, you can listen to them on our website. Go to and click on “audio messages” to listen to any previous messages, including the “Drive In” Church messages from the Patio.

Praying you have a safe, healthy & Spirit filled week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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