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Good Morning to you,

During the months of March, April and maybe May – not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! Yes, its quiet here, just as it probably is where you may be. Could never have imagined such a stand still. But we’re doing well in San Carlos. Not sure of the total cases in Sonora, but I understand there are very few cases, which makes us very grateful. I pray it’s the same for you.

We’re learning lots of new things about doing church – Selene, Mayra and Ryan keep coming up with new and improved ways to present our service. I just keep saying, “run with it”. The stage is different, the camera feels weird, the preaching at empty seats, no furrowed eyebrows to observe, the lack of verbal response, everything is changing except our Lord. He’s with us, He is at work and we are not alone. With His help, we’ll get through this and then we’ll tell our stories to anyone who will listen once again. “ah, do you remember 2020 . . .”

Online Church – Your response has been overwhelming to our first “facebook live” worship service. People could choose whether they wanted to watch the service in either English or Spanish. You should hear me in Spanish, I do have a very unique voice! The service is still available for viewing on the church facebook page. You do not have to have a facebook account to view it. Simply click the following link: (Note – If the video does not start immediately, please fast forward to the 5 minute mark in the video.)

While not fully understanding what the facebook statistics mean, it would appear that we had a significant viewing audience. Allow me to share their feedback as of today:

  • English Service: People Reached – 1034; Views – 683 People
  • Spanish Service: People Reached – 646; Views – 480 People

Online Worship Feedback: What a treat to observe the comments and interaction on facebook during the service and to read the emails received after the service. Here’s a sample:

  • “(—–) and I joined you this morning and it was the next best thing to being there in person!! So glad you are doing this. Can this be a regular thing from now on, so those of us in the states can attend year round?”
  • “Your message hit home with (—-) and myself.  For as many years as I have been praying I’m still pretty elementary.  We have committed to having a more committed prayer life.”
  • “Very often we forget what prayer is all about, is our personal way to relate to our Lord and that He knows all about us. So, when we pray “just” for the basics we are sort of hiding our real needs and limit our faith to what is evident or granted as you mentioned yesterday.”
  • “Great service this morning. And thanks for reminding us all of the need to persevere in our prayer!” 

NEXT SUNDAY – We will be on Facebook Live this coming Sunday @ 9:00 am, both in Spanish & English. Join us as we look at “some tips from the pros” in Acts 13-14.

Here’ s a recent article about San Carlos, along with a small piece about our Church as reported in the Arizona Daily Star (Tucson Paper). They even interviewed the Pastor! Click on the link: Isolation especially tough in Mexico, where Easter equals social gatherings.

Our Food Pantry is working! Mayra was able to bless 9 families with food hampers yesterday.  These are families from our community who have been impacted by Covid-19. What an opportunity to be a witness to our community as we work together with Castaway, Rescate & Rotary to care for these folks. Mark Mulligan has been giving this initiative a huge boost on his Monday afternoon Facebook Concerts from “Mulligan’s Island” (well his backyard). Thanks Mark! Together we make a difference and we’re honored to work together with these organizations.

Food Pantry Overview:

  • Goal – provide food for people from our community impacted by virus
  • We are working in partnership with Castaway Kids, Rescate and Rotary
  • Food/Hygiene Supplies stored at and distributed from the church
  • Mayra gives oversight to the program on our church’s behalf
  • Pickup of Food Supplies at Church – Mon, Wed, & Fri (10-3 pm)
  • Food Supplies / Financial Donations accepted at church (as above)

Jeannine and I continue to be available to serve in any way we can be of help to you during this unusual time. Contact us at

Sunday Messages(Facebook Live) Next Sunday, we’ll be back in the book of Acts 13&14, gathering “some tips from the pros” and their approach to influencing the community around them! See you “Online.”
If you’ve missed some of the past messages, you can listen to them on our website. Go to and click on “audio messages” to listen to any previous messages, including the “Drive In” Church messages from the Patio.

Praying your isolation is filled with God’s peace,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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