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Good Morning to you,
There was no formal lifting of any covid rules that I am aware of, but Saturday, a number of restaurants opened their doors for “Inside” eating. While I live with a super cook, we both wanted to get out and to revisit one of those fine establishments where one gets “taken care” of. Limited tables, but same great food once again. It was a treat. More of them are opening to the public tomorrow. Still quite a few “snowbirds” around here, maybe we’ll run into you.
Prayer Wall – Just a reminder. It seems like our “prayer wall” is one of those ministries “Out of sight, out of mind.” Allow me to remind you of this great way to care for one another when we’re “apart”. If you’d like to post a prayer request, or if you’d be willing to say a prayer for some of those who have posted, head over to our church website and click on the prayer icon.

We have a “servant” mindset amongst our leaders and church staff which warms my heart. These people continue to find unique ways to use their gifts to serve. By clicking each respective link, you will see what I mean:
Selene CLICK HERE & Karen leading “Online worship” in both her Mother’s church in Potasi and another church in Iowa – it’s even more beautiful in Spanish.  
Mayra CLICK HERE. Watch Mayra leading an Online Prayer Service for her Mother’s church in Guaymas.
Ryan & Junior CLICK HERE leading an Online Worship Service for the Fatima Church.                    Servant Hearts at their finest. Thank you guys!
Changes – we may not always enjoy changes, but on June 15, we will be saying farewell to our Selene. Allow me to share her note of appreciation with you:
      I am happy and grateful to God for the time He allowed me to work and serve in this house. I met incredible people, full of love for God and this community. I am in the midst of mixed feelings about having to leave. Some difficult situations in my house and church, in which my mother is the pastor, have led me to make the decision to return to San Luis Potosi,. My desire to get there is to be able to help restore, first my family and church with the help of God. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to serve at SCCC. I felt very loved and protected, you all are a family for me, I wish that God would make things easier and be able to return and continue to enlarge the kingdom of God together. THANK YOU for everything!.
Selene Diaz

Selene has been with us for two years and has served with such a sweet spirit. She is an incredibly gifted young lady, who is also very caring. We have put a plan into place, to hold her position at SCCC open, while she helps her Mother. If things work our satisfactorily, she would have the option to return to SCCC on Jan. 1, 2021. In the meantime, we have reworked Mayra’s job description to allow her to serve the additional role of Youth Pastor until the end of the year. Jeannine and I will dearly miss Selene. She is in our hearts, as she is in yours. We wish her all of God’s best as she makes these changes. God will always guide and God will always provide for both Selene and SCCC.
Mayra’s team served 22 families with “Food Hampers” yesterday. I was so pleased to see the application process of this project. There are requirements and disclosures which need to be in place in order to receive a hamper, one of those being that their employment was lost as a direct result of the virus. To this point, our church family has donated just over 18,000 pesos to this project. Hats off to you all.

What’s Up will post this article today regarding this project and those involved. Its been such a positive experience working in conjunction with these community groups.

Covid 19 Community Food Relief Program.
             The community collaboration of Castaway Kids, Rescate, Rotary, the San Carlos Community Church, and many volunteers has expanded to support many more needy families in our community.  Through your donations and amazing fundraising by Mark Mulligan we supplied almost 130 despensas to our Mexican neighbors over the past week.  These despensas are helping over 400 people in Ranchitos, Lomas del Mar, Renacimiento, Guaymas Norte, Fatima, Santa Clara, San Jose and the greater Guaymas area.  Santa Rosa Market has been immensely supportive by obtaining and providing the food and supplies quickly and at low cost so that we can get these despensas out to families.  Thank them for their efforts when you are in the store! 
             The support of our Mexican friends and neighbors who know the families in these communities and have the connections in surrounding areas has been paramount in helping us get the food supplies to the folks who need it the most.  The past week’s distribution is more than 3 times what it was at the outset and is only possible because of the over 250 people from Mexico, Canada and the US who have donated to support this effort.  In the coming weeks we will be increasing the distribution as we hear of more families who are becoming desperate.  The support in our community is truly amazing!
             Each despensa contains enough basic food and supplies to feed and maintain a family of 4 for a week.  They contain traditional dry Mexican staples (beans, lentils, rice, etc…) and some fresh vegetables as well as soap and cleaning agents; plus diapers and feminine hygiene products are available if requested.  In many cases, the families we are helping do not have refrigeration so we have specifically chosen items that will last for a week and sustain the family.
             We cannot thank Santa Rosa Market and all of our volunteers and donors enough for working so closely with us and being so very supportive.  Together we are making a difference!
             Take care and stay safe,  Charles and Lindy.

Sunday Messages – (Facebook Live) Next Sunday, we’ll be back on at 9:00am, looking at Acts 16 – How do we receive God’s guidance? Is it available today? What if we miss what God seems to be saying and get it wrong? Could there be a bigger picture in process, when our circumstances seem unfavorable?

Would you help us increase our viewing audience? When the service begins on each respective Sunday, “share” the link to your own facebook. We have found that each “share” exponentially changes the amount of people who will view our service. Looking forward to seeing you “Online” this Sunday.

If you missed last Sunday’s message, you can view the full video service in either English or Spanish at the following links:

May 3 SCCC Worship Service (English) Click HERE
May 3 SCCC Worship Service (Spanish) Click HERE

Praying you have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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