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Good Morning to you,
             Another quiet, beautiful morning in San Carlos. Good morning to you all. I do pray that life is going well for you wherever you may be. We’ve now done 3 weeks of “Drive In” Church, followed by our 4th week of “Online Church”  last Sunday. I am so grateful for all your feedback. I received some very encouraging feedback this week from folks who have returned to their Northern homes and who are watching online. I also have heard from several of our year rounders, who would simply love to worship “in person” once again. My desire would be to have you all here year round. That would be the best!!! Imagine that!
             However, I continue to be grateful, as unusual as this season is, to be able to post a full service every Sunday morning. I am grateful that we have the resources, the required technical skills, the electronic capability and most importantly, the people, the team who puts it all together. Yes, I’d love to be together in person, I surely would, but the Lord in his goodness has provided this present opportunity and we continue to do our best to utilize it for His Glory.
             I did receive one very precious piece of feedback from a gentleman this week, a fellow who came to stay in San Carlos for roughly a year after a serious surgery. He has since returned to the USA. There is much more to the story,, but for the last four weeks, he has been with us online and his words were such an encouragement as he shared how God was meeting him exactly where he was at and how the messages were helping him grow in his walk with Christ. For me, it was just another one of those moments, where Jesus, because of covid, in spite of distance, meets us where we are at. I assure you that not one of us could orchestrate a plan in the way our Lord is able to. So, while it would be nice to be together, I’m reminded again, that God’s will is not centered on me, its centered on the agenda of Jesus. I think someone said that last Sunday.
             This Sunday, we will return with our “online church”, looking at Acts 17 and these thoughts: What do you do when you do the right things and say the right things, but you get the wrong results? What do you do when you obey God, you’re being faithful to his word and His ways, but the results aren’t what you hoped they would be? Ever been there? Sunday, “Facebook Live” – hope to see you there.

If you missed last Sunday’s message, you can watch the full video service at the following links:

May 10 SCCC Worship Service (English) Click Here
May 10 SCCC Worship Service (Spanish) Click Here
Prayer Wall – On the front page of our website, Note the “Prayer Icon”. Take some time to check it out and to pray for those who have a need. It will bless you to see how many of these prayers have been answered in a positive way. Several new requests were added this week. More details can be found on the Prayer Wall:

Gary Bradley – transferred to ICU in AZ. Gary is a local realtor, who also attended several of the “Drive In” Church services. His family is requesting our prayers.

Pamm Monier – requesting prayer for Hector who has a brain tumor.
Mayra’s team served 40 families with “Food Hampers” yesterday. SCCC has had an emergency relief fund in place for several years. The purpose of this fund was to help people in our community who were directly impacted by a local emergency. I believe the 2009 hurricane, which did so much damage, was the impetus for beginning this fund. Our church family wanted to be ready to participate and care for those devastated by an emergency. I think many of us thought the use of these funds would be triggered by another hurricane. However, we have all seen the impact of this Covid virus on our local families and on these folks, who, through no fault of their own, are now in need. As a result, Leadership has dedicated up to 1000 USD per month (for up to 6 months) from this fund to help fund this joint project with Castaway, Rescate and Rotary. We have implemented an accountability model which allows us to serve these families with confidence.
             I got such pleasure yesterday as I took a few moments to observe Mayra & her team put 40 of these “food Hampers” into the hands of these needy families. This is a time when we can be the church in a very tangible way. So often it is the physical care of people which opens the door for another, even greater opportunity – to be a witness of the love of our Lord. Who knows which person, which family, which volunteer will find hope because SCCC cared in a desperate time of need? Way to go, church!!! 

Praying you have a great week,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

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