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Good Morning church family,
What a perfect morning. The temperature dropped to a very comfortable 22C (70ish) during the night and will return to a pleasant 30C in a few hours.  The windows are open and the refreshing soft breeze creates a great writing environment. I so enjoy this time. Great time for reading “short” articles about our faith, some leadership articles from several sources and other articles of interest. It just feels like a really good day. I pray your day begins in a way that leaves you refreshed.

We have come to that transition point of our season. This will be my last “Pastor’s Desk for the summer and I will be sharing my last message from the book of Acts this Sunday (May 31). Some of you are well aware that I enjoy tracking information and keeping records about what happens in my life. I have been lovingly called a “spreadsheet guru” in the past. So I thought I’d check into the Pastor’s Desks written since we began our role here in 2013. If you were signed up at that time, this will be the 248th “Pastor’s Desk” you are receiving – receiving, not necessarily reading, lol! I trust you’ve enjoyed a few of them.

Jeannine and I will return to Manitoba in a week or so, all things going well, Lord willing,the creek don’t rise and all that stuff. We will be driving back, first time we’ve ever done that, so we will get to see a lot of crops growing and enjoy the different stages they are in. You can’t totally take the farm out of the preacher and I’m sure Jeannine will have to drive the “daytime” hours so I can make my observations. Its also better for her health if she drives when I’m making observations other than the highway on which we are travelling. Its probably better for my health too, if you know what I mean. We do look forward to our time with my Mom and other friends. We will stay at a place called Manhattan Beach Retreat Center, which also serves as the Church Camp for the denomination I pastored with in my earlier days. It’s a wonderful environment and we will serve our 14 days of penance (quarantine) there, prior to venturing forth into the Canadian wilderness!

Pastor Chuck & Lynn return to serve the church on June 1 and will do a great job of leading the church through the summer. I know you will continue to pray for and bless them with the same kindness and support you have blessed us with. We are so appreciative of all that you add to our lives.
Prayers Requested:

1. Donna Holland – Donna’s daughter, Dawn passed away in a tragic accident in Montana on Saturday. Please pray for Donna and her family as they grieve this terrible loss. She left SC to return to Montana yesterday to be with her family. We are so very sorry for your loss Donna and pray you will sense our Lord’s comfort and strength in the days to come.

2. Gary Bradley is still in ICU in Tucson but is now conscious. He had surgery on his spine to find the infection which has done so much damage to him. His daughters were finally able to communicate with him on facetime. Please continue to pray for Gary’s recovery.

3. We like to call her “our Doctor” as she’s been a part of our church since she arrived in Guaymas.  Dr. Elizabeth Munoz or “Ely” returned to Mexico City this week to work with and treat Covid Patients in that city. They are in need of Drs for this pandemic and Ely offered to serve. Please pray for her safety and for the opportunity to minister, which she so loves to do. God’s best to you, Ely!

4. Our prayer wall (on our church website) is a great tool which allows us to care for each other while we are separated. Please take advantage of it.
Mayra and her team provided 19 dispensas (Food Hampers) yesterday with another 15 or so to go out tomorrow.
This Sunday, we will return with our “online church” at 9:00 am. This will be my last message from the book of Acts. This coming Sunday, I want to summarize what we have gleaned in the first 19 chapters. We understand that our Lord has Only one Plan, His Plan A to spread the Gospel around the world. The book of Acts is the first church in action beginning the process of doing just that. Our question, “what application can we make from this first church to our church today?” This Sunday, I want to share two applicable correlations we can make from the first church, two truths/actions which rise to the surface in this great book, two actions which kept the Gospel alive and moving forward. It is because of these actions, we have the Gospel today. And its our application of these same actions that will keep the Gospel moving forward for others in the future. Hope to see you on “Facebook Live” this Sunday.
If you missed last Sunday’s message, or even if you’re not a facebook user,  you can still watch the full video service at the following links:
           May 24 SCCC Worship Service (English) Click Here 
           May 24 SCCC Worship Service (Spanish) Click Here
We are praying that you all have a safe & healthy summer,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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