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Good Morning to You, This past week I turned 64. My wife had some people over to celebrate with me. It was a memorable time together. I realized how hungry the church is to be together. Then this last Thursday morning the men’s study and prayer group met for breakfast for the first time since late March. We didn’t have a study but just visited and shared stories about what we having been doing for two months. The men really seemed to feed well off the fellowship. I could see the Lord in their laughter.
The evidence to me is that the church is not the building, but it is the body of Christ. And sometimes just to celebrate, laugh and love one another. We sure do love this church. To live in isolation is not church. We are called to be together. When I read the beginning of Genesis I get the sense that in all of the creation of animals, material and plants, yet in His creation, God was still looking for fellowship. He created Adam to be with Adam. But Adam was alone without his kind. So God created Eve as his kind. Then there was the fellowship of God with Adam and Eve. And what does the devil try to do? He tries to disrupt that fellowship, that union of being together. The devil tries to isolate through shame and sin. We are created to be together. Now we have technology to bring us together to share collectively our words, hopes and our thoughts. But nothing compares to face to face laughter and talk.
I watch on Facebook, as we send out the worship service, the many comments of greetings of one to another. In my mind I can paint a picture as if it was a regular Sunday of worship in our church building, and people are getting up from their seats in the church sanctuary and walking across to greet one another. While the worship music is playing and the Word is preached, people still want to greet one another. It shows me how much the people who are the church love one another.
If I can encourage you, I would say, please phone one another, have facetime conversations, write to one another, how about a proper greeting card in the mail (like in the old days of the 20th century?!) perhaps do a Bible study with someone and dialogue with the other about your experience in the Word. And of course, continue to greet one another on SCCC fb Live worship service.
June 16 our dear Selena is leaving us, to return home to help her mother with their church in Villa Juarez. There is the possibility of her return in six months. We will pray God’s wisdom for her. And I ask that you would pray for her safety in her journey and provision in her ministry.

Men’s Breakfast and Study: Come on over to Tequila’s Thursday June 11 @ 8:30am. We will pray together and begin our studies. The management will give us extra seating to keep within the ‘social distancing’ regulations.

Bible Study; The Letter to the Ephesians. How to “live in Christ” in these days. The strength of Paul was that he learned to ‘live in Christ.’ We need to learn this too. We will begin June 17 at 1:30 with a six-week study on this. We may even be on line with this study too!

Please take advantage of our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have. Ours should be a church of prayer. Please continue to pray for Gary Bradley. We are getting good reports but his health is still serious. Remember to pray for Donna Holland and her family as they go through the grief of loss of Dawn.

Community Food Relief Program: This week our team under Pastor Mayra dispensed groceries to 27 families. SCCC is part of a community team involving Cast Away Kids, Rotary, Rescate, SCCC and private individuals of San Carlos. Such a great way to ministry the love of Jesus to our community.

Sermon Review: Persistence in Serving Acts 20
As I read through Acts we find a model for the church. How should we be as a church? These last chapters of Acts are almost anti climatic. If you know the story, Paul, the powerful evangelist and apostle is going to be arrested and suffer prison and trials. It doesn’t seem like a success story for a minister to finish on.
How is it that he did so well planting churches and preaching far and wide? The church owes a huge debt to this saint. What was it that made him so successful and then to finish ministry the way he did, in being arrested and subjected to trials and abuse?
What I observe is that Paul was SUPER persistent in his serving Jesus. He was like a machine with a vision. He alone was a force of nature, is the saying, but more a force of the Holy Spirit indwelling in him. And when you read 2 Corinthians 11:23-28, his record of the sufferings and abuse he took! I quit just because I am hungry and don’t get a shower every day or what no toilet paper!
His message is recorded in 20:19-23 and the verses 22-23 so convicts me. Paul was bound by the spirit! What does this mean? I think he is saying that his heart and being was driven by the Spirit of God pushing him and strengthening him along through all he went through. As I said, he was a force driven by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
Consider what lengths people will go through for someone they love? I am often amazed at what lengths people will go through to be with that person they love. Sometimes beyond reason and wisdom. People will abandon so much just to be with a loved one. The properties of love are so powerful.

Paul was a man in love with God. He knew what his mission was and would not be moved from it. It was like God had taken his heart as a prisoner. In fact, three times Paul states that he is a prisoner of Christ. Yes, I know it was from his letters in prison but the picture or a double meaning is there that God had captured his entire being and life and he would persevere for Christ.
But too many of us are not like this at all. We measure our success and if we are successful we know by fame, popularity, comfort and affirmation. I don’t think Paul had any of that. What an example. Maybe we as the western church need to refocus our measurement of success. Just be faithful to do what God directs and persist leaving the measurable results to God himself.
Next Sunday, tune into the fb page for SCCC and invite a friend over, sit down, stand up or whatever, and worship together. We will continue to explore Acts for a model for our church.
God bless your week, Pastor Chuck

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