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Good Morning to You, Birthdays, I love birthdays. Mine was a month ago, Lynn, hers is in three weeks. My mother’s was Sunday June 28 and next week is my brother’s. Just this last Sunday it was the birthday for a church friend in Alberta. She and her husband live here every winter and attend our church. Oh, and this month it was my grandson’s birthday and we also became great grandparents July 4.

Birthdays are celebrations of life. And when my friends or family have a birthday, it is a celebration of their life. Christmas is a special celebration of life. Jesus as my friend, Lord and Savour. I am so thankful for his life.

Funerals are sad. Regardless of they “are in a better place now.” It is just sad, because they are lost to me for a time. Like some of the people I have met along the way, I wonder if our paths will cross again. I enjoy my friends.

But there is no funeral celebration or “Memorial” holiday for Jesus. That is perfect, because he is still alive. I speak to him, worship him and hear from him. He speaks little but is very direct. Some of my other friends talk a lot and never get to the point! But Jesus, when I hear him, it is always memorable.

I set aside days to celebrate birthdays. I set aside the date for Christmas. And I set aside the time to spend with my Lord Jesus. To celebrate life with him.

Please set aside the time to pray.   Sharing my experience, Chuck

Men’s Breakfast and Study: Come on over to Tequila’s Thursday July 16 @ 8:30 a.m. We will pray together and continue our studies. This week we have a study on “Grace.” The management will give us extra seating to keep within the ‘social distancing’ regulations.

Bible Study; The Letter to the Ephesians. How to “live in Christ” in these days. The strength of Paul was that he learned to ‘live in Christ.’ We need to learn this too. Class # 5 “Imitators of God. 5:1-10”  You will find us “Live” on the church fb page. The study will be online Wednesday afternoon.

If you email me, I will send you a digital copy of the lesson.

Please take advantage of our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have. Ours should be a church of prayer.

Community Food Relief Program: The program here continues as the virus continues to keep places of employment closed. The demand seems to be the same, but nevertheless, the program has cut back to every second week. Part of the decision was based on depleting funds and the work load on the volunteers. The program could use finances and prayer. The people involved in this program only deserve praise.

Sermon Review:  “Acts 25: The Story of Three Types of People”

My favorite movie is “Out of Africa.” It has hunting, airplanes, adventure, and yep, romance. It is the kind of story I can follow and insert myself into. I can identify with some of the characters.  My challenge to you as you read through Acts, is that you read it as a group of stories that follow the lives of first century people. In Acts 25, I am asking you to insert yourself in the story and see who you identify with?

We looked at three men, Paul, Festus, and King Agrippa. Each was different in religious views and beliefs and social status.

King Agrippa was a Jew by birth and culture. He probably considered himself a prime candidate for entrance to heaven because he was a Jew. As a modern example many will say they too should go to heaven when they die. They are good people, born in a Christian country (well maybe) and their family attended church a few times a year. They observe Christmas and Easter and maybe Lent season too. That is how I see Agrippa. Practicing a religion but not having a relationship of knowing God, maybe just about him. In 26:27 Paul challenges Agrippa saying, “King Agrippa, do you believe the Prophets? I know you do.” If you believe the Prophets, then you should understand what they said about the Saviour and his coming. It is like asking a person who goes to church a few times a year, “Do you believe the Bible? Then don’t you believe what it says about a Saviour and salvation by him?”

Festus was a typical Roman of his time. Outside of biblical sources we know very little of him. As a typical Roman of his time, he would worship many deities and pray to which ever one seemed like it may be appropriate for the occasion. The hope was that from a sacrifice and prayer he would gain favour. He believed in gods but really would not know a god as we describe a relationship with Jesus. As to Christianity and Judaism, he knew very little. This is why he called Agrippa to assist him. Fetus had a hope of a good after life, if the gods took favour on him. It was a fearful position. Many people today are the same. Checking horoscopes, and going to see people for spiritual guidance. Trusting in the alignment of stars and their pretty crystals and rocks. They really are spiritual people, just not believing in a faith or religion.

Paul was a religious man. He persecuted the Christians as a good Jew should he described himself as having “a zeal for God.” But it was a religion of laws and do’s and don’t. By observance of all the laws and being a good person, attending the Temple and making sacrifices, etc. Well it really was a religion of works.
Then Jesus interrupted his belief system and turned his world upside down by appearing to him. Paul now believed in a risen Lord Jesus who gave him forgiveness. That story is in Acts 9. But Paul repeats the telling of the story many times. Next week we will look at his telling of the story in chapter 26. Paul goes from religion to relationship.

Can you insert yourself into the story? Can you identify with one of these men? I would hope you identify with Paul, as a person that has come to know Jesus in a personal way. That your prayers are of such that you hear as well as talk to him, as Lord and Saviour and not just some distant god.

For the full story listen to it on the website. The link is below. Or our Facebook page in the Facebook link below.

God bless your week, Pastor Chuck

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