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Good Morning to You, Some day we will be together! This week I said good bye to more of my North American friends as they departed to Canada and United States. And there are others who I can chat with on the phone, but we can’t be together as they have chosen for health reasons to isolate themselves. But we will be together again. A lady from our church forwarded this video clip to me. I bet you try to sing along!

Sharing my observations, Chuck (please read the next story!)

Community Food Relief Program:  SCCC is part of a community team involving Cast Away Kids, Rotary, Rescate, SCCC and private individuals of San Carlos. This week our team under Pastor Mayra dispensed groceries to 40 families from the church. Christina H. helps Mayra on the Monday of the program at the church.

Now here is a story about this ministry. You know me, and Mayra, but do you know Lupita? Lupita is one of those in SCCC who serves in the background. She comes in and cleans the church during the week. And when the individuals in Santa Carla who were distributing the groceries from their home, contacted Covid 19 and had to step down, Mayra asked Lupita if she would dispense the bags of groceries in Santa Clara. That is the town about twenty minutes from San Carlos that Lupita lives in. It is amazingly poor there.

Lupita said yes. So, with some instructions from Mayra, Lupita took the challenge. You should have seen her the next visit we had. She was just beaming with joy. She had been praying, telling the Lord she wanted to serve him more. She was so excited to help her community and minister to the poor.

This week was her second opportunity to help. In her yard she has a pick-up truck she uses to put the grocery bags in. A table with a shade umbrella, several Spanish Bibles, some little crosses to give away, her mask and a plastic face shield. Her mother-in-law who lives across the road comes over and bags the eggs up and helps Lupita. She has put up some yellow ‘police’ tape to signify the boundary to be kept. And she loves the work. This week she gave away 35 bags to the people of her community.  It is a pleasure to see someone with so much joy helping to serve.

Such a great way to ministry the love of Jesus to our community. What a lesson to be learned from a simple prayer. “Jesus how can I help?”

Men’s Breakfast and Study: Come on over to Tequila’s Thursday August 6 @ 8:30am. We will pray together and continue our studies. This week we have a study on “Angels & Demons.” The management will give us extra seating to keep within the ‘social distancing’ regulations.

Bible Study; Jonah; Satire of a Lost Evangelist.  It is more of a character study. It raises questions about our obedience, when the task seems to hard. I hope you don’t see yourself in Jonah? It is a rich story of only 48 verses. We will be 4 to 6 weeks in Jonah. You will find us “Live” on the church fb page. The study will be online Wednesday afternoon.

If you email me, I will send you a digital copy of the lesson.

Please take advantage of our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have. Ours should be a church of prayer. Pray for our nations in this trying time.

Sermon Review:  “Acts 28; “The Sequel”

There are so many stories in the Bible I wish we had a sequel to.

Malta was an unplanned three month winter port stop for Julius, a Roman Cohort who had the duty of taking prisoners to Rome. One of whom was Paul. Paul and his companions had not planned on this three month stop either. Nor had anyone plans for a shipwreck, except for God. He had a plan.

I did some background checking. There is evidence of the ship wreck in the bay off Malta. And also evidence that Christianity dates back to the time when Paul and Luke were there. It seems the shipwreck was God’s provision for a mission trip to Malta. Something to consider the next time your car breaks down and leaves you on the road. Perhaps it is a mission trip unfolding?

After Malta the trip was rather uneventful. They arrived on the mainland and had a few days walk up the coast to Rome. I can’t place myself in Paul’s sandals, but I would think he was now concerned what awaited him in Rome. On the last day of the walk, they encountered some other believers who had walked south to meet Paul and the others. It was an encouragement to Paul.

The surprise for Paul was when he arrived in Rome. In stead of a dark horrible dungeon, he was permitted to rent a house, near the guard’s barracks. Now he always had a Roman soldier guarding him but he was free to have people in his home as he pleased. The Bible says, he was able to preach and teach unhindered at his home.

The book of Acts just stops there. We don’t know what happens to Paul from a biblical source. There are just stories and assumptions of what happened later. Some suggest he was beheaded, some suggest he was released and went on to Spain. You can have your own ideas. I have none. It is worse than one of those movies that just leave you with “to be continued.” Or as the movie ends, you just know there should be a sequel.

I remember back in the 20th century that there seemed to be a lot of TV shows that left you with that “to be continued.” You had to tune in on the rabbit ears next week to see what happened next. Then came Star Wars and it was a cliff hanger. And of course, how many sequels to Star Wars are there now? (I got a message from Chuck M. that there is 12)

I wish Acts had a sequel for us. But what if we are the sequel? Acts 1:8 says that the message of Jesus Christ is to go from Jerusalem, to Judea, to the ends of the Earth. How far did it go with Paul and his companions? Guessing, again aren’t we? I would suggest that we are the ones responsible to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth. We the church are the sequel. Acts did not end as we think. Luke left us to write the rest of Acts. How are we doing?

God bless your week, Pastor Chuck

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