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Good Morning to You,

I shoot a lot of arrows out of my bow. It is expensive to miss. I have $10 American sitting out there in the desert of Sonora, because I missed the target. I have done that a lot lately. This last week, I was out there with a friend of mine, and I realized I was making a mistake and had formed a bad habit. I made one change and my perspective on the sights changed. I walked off that morning having hit the target at fifty yards right in the center! It was all in the view I had.

If I dwell on the things of the world and listen to the news or country music, I am just going to be depressed. I am so glad my first (or second) focus of my morning is Jesus. And all day, I keep looking to him. It is the best view I have. He helps me stay anchored in a reality that sees the troubles of the world, yet has hope. The crisis’s around the world this week have been staggering.

I am reminded of the psalmist David, 2 Samuel 12/20 Then David got up from the ground. After he had washed, put on lotions and changed his clothes, he went into the house of the Lord and worshiped. Then he went to his own house”

After losing his son, this is what he did. He recognized his sin, what had happened, the tragedy of it all, and knew he could do no more now, but to continue to worship God (who also he knew took and had his son.) In times of personal trouble or seeing the world as it is (a mess) we do what we can, then step back and just continue to worship.

Mornings are a good time to be quite and reflect on where it is all at and about. Keep the perspective. Correcting the aim, having a right view. Keep Jesus in the view.

Sharing my observations, Chuck

Men’s Breakfast and Study: Come on over to Tequila’s Thursday August 13 @ 8:30am. We will pray together and continue our studies. This week we have a study on “Purity”  That should be easy pass for us guys!  The management will give us extra seating to keep within the ‘social distancing’ regulations.

Please remember our Community Food Relief Program: This week there is no food program. Next week, we resume. I ask that you continue to pray for the program, supplies and volunteers. SCCC is part of a community team involving Cast Away Kids, Rotary, Rescate, SCCC and private individuals of San Carlos. Such a great way to ministry the love of Jesus to our community.

Bible Study; Jonah; Satire of a Lost Evangelist.  It is more of a character study. It raises questions about our obedience, when the task seems to hard. I hope you don’t see yourself in Jonah? It is a rich story of only 48 verses. We will be 4 to 6 weeks in Jonah. You will find us “Live” on the church fb page. The study will be online Wednesday afternoon.

If you email me, I will send you a digital copy of the lesson.

Please take advantage of our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have. Ours should be a church of prayer. Pray for our nations in this trying time.


Sermon Review:  “Elijah looks for God”1 Kings 19:9-18

The Story & the Contest; There had been a contest of prophets and deity at Mount Carmel. Many hundreds of prophets showed up on the Mount, but only on deity, the Lord God that Elijah worshipped. It is found in 1 Kings 18. It is a great story. We see the hero, and man of faith that Elijah was. I can’t really imagine the place he was in and all the trust and faith he needed not to be the coward that day. But with a chapter division, the change comes about. We find an exhausted depressed man afraid for his life, running off to the wilderness.

Elijah comes to rest in a cave at Mount Horeb. Elijah is looking for more of God. God gives him a display of wind, earthquake and fire. The voice of God was not there. Finally Elijah hears a whisper of a voice outside the cave. He covers his face and steps outside.

God is asking him, “Elijah, what are you doing here?” His reply is pitiful. It is full of self interest and comes out of a poor perspective, based on exhaustion and fear. He complains that he is “the only prophet left and his life is in danger and the people are rebellious and in sin and …”  I really can relate to him. I am sure many of us have been here.

But God wants to know why is Elijah here? It is not the place where he is suppose to be. He should be with the people and helping with the healing of his nation, not hiding in caves and deserts. God recommissions Elijah to go back and finish the work that started on Mount Carmel. New adventures, and new experiences!

I have read many explanations of the wind, fire and earthquakes. I sure mine is just another. And I’ll tell you what I think. We keep thinking of God showing up in the miraculous. Expecting God in some majestic display, the super show man. He did that great miracle before, like healing the blind and stirring thousands to revival at Pentecost and raising the dead son of a widow. Yes, I love the displays of Jesus. I like big displays, fancy paint jobs, loud motorcycle pipes, chrome and music, but it never feeds my soul. In fact, I tend to dry up after all the big shows. After Mount Carmel and wind, fire, earthquakes, and chrome pipes, I just want to hear the quite trusting solid voice of God. I need to slip away and be quite and just listen for the blessed whisper that delights my soul.

Stop running around looking for something in the show. Sit still and listen.

God bless your week, Pastor Chuck

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