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Good Morning to You, Back in church together was a real celebration. I am sure the visual was a shock to many as they walk in and all the padded chairs are stacked and we have folding chairs all set up in a ‘social distance’ pattern. But after several minutes people relaxed. We were not there for the furniture but for worship and that we did well. We did as we normally would do, except all looking like masked bandits!

What spoke to me most was that as the service ended people stood around and talked. I watched and there was ‘hand bumps’ and ‘chicken winging’ and people did what they could to respect each other both by being together and by standing apart. It was an interesting interaction of community. You might think they would just hurry to their cars and leave but they didn’t. They spread out inside and out to see each other. People were really happy to be in one another’s company.

I think everyone left with a sense of health. Spiritually filled (I sure hope so) and socially normal. A few conversations said to me was that this was good. There was a health in the body again as it came together.

Oh we even had quests. One family came, yep with children and dog. They were here from far away and had been here for the summer. Some of this family we already had inaction with through the summer, so I am hoping they felt a sense of this was already their church. And the other guest was here visiting in town and was invited by a member of our church.

Next Sunday, we will do it again. We will gather, worship, expect the presence of the Lord and be a community in His presence.

Sharing my observations, Chuck

Men’s Breakfast and Study: Come on over to Tequila’s Thursday Sept 10 @ 8:30am. We will pray together and continue our studies. This week we have a study on “Peace” The management will give us extra seating to keep within the ‘social distancing’ regulations.

Community Food Relief Program: SCCC is part of a community team involving Cast Away Kids, Rotary, Rescate, SCCC and private individuals of San Carlos. Such a great way to ministry the love of Jesus to our community. Pray for the community as economic recovery returns.

Bible Study; Joel; How to study Biblical Prophesy    The aim of this study is to examine the book as prophesy but also to give some example of how to study scriptural prophesy. You will find us “Live” on the church fb page. The study will be online Sept 2 Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m..

If you email me, I will send you a digital copy of the lesson.

Please take advantage of our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have. The Ladies Prayer Group and others check it regularly for requests.

Sermon Review: “Insightful & Blind”

I was 15, and shooting a rifle. The bolt action had slipped up a bit and when I fired the rifle the powder blast came back in my eye. It burned my face and my eye. I was very scared. The doctor couldn’t be sure how long it would be for my eye to heal. But my eye healed and the burn on my face went away too. But for a 15 year old boy it was scary to think I may not have good sight in that eye. I can’t imagine losing your sight.

There is another blindness. That is the blindness to your own faults and sins. We looked at four gospel stories of five different men who went from blind to sight. The Gospel of John, gives one chapter to one story. The comment is cruel, “Master, who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?” That was the thinking, that blindness was the result of sin. John 9:1-2. The chapter is 41 verses long. The story ends with the man worshipping Jesus and the Pharisees getting a rebuke. One man got his sight and also got spiritual insight. While the Pharisees could see all along, but were still blind. Blind to their own sin. Look at the dialogue between the man and Pharisees in verses 30 to 34. The religious leaders had no spiritual insight!

I have two people in my life that have all the authority to pull me in and speak to me about my short comings, sins, and faults. There are more than two who think they can, but these two, I really will hear. If they speak, I am listening. If the guy in the other car is speaking about my driving, I probably won’t. Have you ever given such authority to someone, to let them speak that strongly into your life?

The Pharisees thought it was not necessary. They were self reliant and living righteously and believed they were spiritual insightful. Who could ever speak to them? They had no sin. They followed all the Law. But when the Christ stood before them, they were blind to reality of salvation. The kingdom of God was before them and they missed it!

I’ll spare you the time for the whole message here. You can take in the message on our facebook page, the link is below, or on the audio at the SCCC website, also with a link below.

God bless your week, Pastor Chuck

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