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Good Morning to You; Hey Sunday we had a 20 % jump in attendance. It was a great day.

It is so good to see people coming back into church. Slowly we are returning to ‘normal.’ In that context I was thinking of the 12. Since the first day they met Jesus they NEVER had a normal! And I guess I too wish it would all get back to normal. But then I think more about the 12 and I guess if I have a regular good old normal, maybe I need to ask myself the question, “Am I too comfortable? Is my normal what Jesus would have for me?”

Am I not just an alien here? Not just in a context of a Canadian in Mexico, but Heaven should be my home view and destination. Not a “back to normal, regular home.” I am convicting myself as I write.

I guess being with Jesus is to be an adventure. And being missional in life, is to be a life of adventures for Jesus. But yeah we all probably want to have adventures that are safe and with an escape back to “normal.” Is that why we book “Adventure Tours” with a thrill and excitement but knowing that we will be safe and tucked in bed at the end of the day.

As a Christian sold out for Jesus and on the adventure of being with Him, perhaps it is time to throw away my hopes of a “normal” life. As they say too, perhaps having a normal life is over rated? What is a normal life anyhow?

If we as the church have learned anything in these past six months, I would suggest that we are still a church. Able to adapt to changes and charge ahead to new opportunities. Our services went to Facebook, prayer sessions went to Zoom, conference went to Zoom, and some of the churches even went to ‘underground’ secret worship celebrations! The church developed ways to continue and still reach out to the community.

So in my pursuit of Jesus, I guess I’ll give up on the normal. Old normal and new normal. The 12 didn’t have a normal. They had an adventure with Jesus. Are you!? I am. Hey thanks for helping me sort this out. I feel better now.

Sharing my observations, Chuck

Men’s Breakfast and Study: Come on over to Tequila’s Thursday Sept 17 @ 8:30am. We will pray together and continue our studies. This week we have a study on “Patience” The management will give us extra seating to keep within the ‘social distancing’ regulations.

Can I talk about Bibles? Community Food Relief Program: While the program is designed to give away food to those affected in their employment by Covid, I started setting out Bibles on the table where we meet people. In Santa Clara, on Saturday, Lupita, gave away 42 bags and seven Bibles. People are lined up on the road as we unload the white truck. I am thinking it is like the dinner bell in town seeing the truck come down the road. And Lupita is such a sweet soul. She has really got a big heart for the people of Santa Clara. Then Mayra meets people in Guaymas and distributes 22 bags to the people who she meets. Here at SCCC, the community has got to know us well. Today ten Bibles went missing from the table. One at a time they take a Bible. On Monday we distributed 56 bags to the community.

When I talk to Charles and Lindy of Cast Away they are just so thankful for the generosity of the community to help with the program.  Let’s be clear, SCCC is part of a community team involving Cast Away Kids, Rotary, Rescate, SCCC and private individuals of San Carlos. I am so pleased at what I see happening because of this team. Thank you. Such a great way to ministry the love of Jesus to our community. Pray for the community as economic recovery returns.

Bible Study; Joel; How to study Biblical Prophesy    The aim of this study is to examine the book as prophesy but also to give some example of how to study scriptural prophesy. Our study resumes at chapter two. You will find us “Live” on the church fb page. The study will be online Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m..

If you email me, I will send you a digital copy of the lesson.

Please take advantage of our Prayer Wall – The Prayer Wall on our church website is a great way to keep informed of the needs of our church family and/or to request prayer for a need you have. The Ladies Prayer Group and others check it regularly for requests. Please keep Gary Bradley in prayer. He is not recovering well. Also Barb D. as she is fighting cancer and the chemo is really harsh.

Sermon Review:  “Community”

We had a 20 % jump in attendance Sunday! We celebrated the Lord’s Table. Our emphasis was that we are a community. The church is not about the building. A lesson we all learned these months as we continued to love and function as a church in distance from one another.

How did the church begin? Acts 2 is the beginning. The students became the leaders. The watchers became the attenders and participates. And it started as 16 nations! The church was born. A body of believers is the common term and definition. But what does that mean?

The institution made by man was the Tower of Babel. (Genesis 11) The institution made by God is the church. But when God imparts his Holy Spirit upon the church it becomes the body of Christ. The outcome of that should be the love of one another.

We can illustrate this lesson from words. 16 nations were present at the beginning of the church. One language present was Hebrew. The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is silent. It is always silent. It is the letter ‘aleph.’ Always present. Always supportive. Always silent. The church has people that are there, supportive, silent and just able to be there. At church, often we should just love one another, support one another, and sometimes just be silent.

The challenge I put out comes from Romans 12:10 “love one another with brotherly affection; outdo one another in showing honor.” RSV  The challenge is to outdo one another in showing affection and honour. Men are interesting to study. They are always trying to best one another or out do one another. Whatever one man does, the other can do it better. Hence a lot of things get broken. And sometimes it is the church that will get broken or an arm or my ribs!  (Yep I said that)

I have noticed that when the Holy Spirit is present in a church that the people have genuine love for one another. The church functions better. They honour one another. They strive to support each other. The body of Christ functions as it is supposed to be. A strong church community is effective to the rest of the community. Ah, I love the church!

I’ll spare you the time for the whole message here. You can take in the message on our facebook page, the link is below, or on the audio at the SCCC website, also with a link below.

God bless your week, Pastor Chuck

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