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Good Morning 2020 and Good Morning to you all,
I must confess that I like “toys with motors” but last night, for the first time in my life, Jeannine and I played on a WII (that’s not a misspelling for WW2) with our friends, John & Pam. We bowled on this thing, no bowling shoes required, it kept score for us! Great skills however were required – perfect arm movements, strategic ball spins, so that at the release of the ball, it would travel that perfect path between two gutters and ultimately take out those 10 enemies at the end of its path. The rest of my story was one of loss as Jeannine so joyfully whooped my butt. Yes, is was sad, but while not bitter, I will bring tissues for her the next time! What a great evening of fellowship learning these new life skills.

“SIX THINGS I PRAY I WON’T DO AS A SENIOR ADULT IN MY CHURCH!” by Thom Rainer – great article at the end of this newsletter.
First 2020 Sunday! A very special time for me on Sunday as Pastor Chuck and I shared the serving of Communion. I’ve always felt that communion needs to be modeled in the way Jesus modeled His leadership. Images of “Jesus and the Towel”, images of the last supper and other “serving” images come to my mind. So in serving, Pastor Chuck and I together served the servers, who then served you and as they returned to the front with the emblems, we then served them. The intended imagery of our communion is one of servant leadership, which is reflected not only in communion, but in our roles as pastors in our church. We’re at SCCC to serve and its wonderful to be able to do so.
Changing Seasons was the message Pastor Chuck shared with us on Sunday. We looked at “time” and different ways we measure and reflect on time. Scripture uses several words when it speaks about time  – one referring to chronological time and the other to a “Kairos” moment, or a very specific moment of time in our lives. We were challenged to look for those moments in time, that Kairos moment when God is specifically speaking to our hearts and calling us to that new “season of life”. You can listen to the entire message @ and then click on “audio messages”.
I pray you have begun to plan your spiritual growth” walk for 2020. What area of your life would you like to focus on? There are so many options for you to consider and we’re hoping one of  them is exactly what you need to move to that next level of your walk with God. Many of them are starting in just over a week. Pick one now and get signed up. What are you going to include in your 2020 spiritual growth plan?
Mark Mulligan is coming back for an inspirational, fun filled evening of favorite songs on Jan 20 @ SCCC @ 6:00pm. Great event to bring a friend to who may never have darkened the doorway of a church.  Admission is by donation and our hope is to replenish some of the funds needed to serve underprivileged people in our community.
Check it out –  You’ve heard me say on Sunday mornings, shoot I’ve heard you say, that the commercials on Sunday morning are too long. While I agree completely, we still are excited about all the phenomenal opportunities at SCCC this winter and we want you to know how to be involved. So in an effort to shorten the commercials, we are regularly refreshing the website for your awareness. You will find numerous events posted on the Church facebook page as well. The Pastor’s Desk, the bulletin, the foyer calendar and the rotating announcements which run from 8:50 to 9:00 am on Sunday mornings will also tell the story. I’m trusting all those options will be a wonderful way to remain informed of all the great opportunities at SCCC!  
Monday Night at the Movies – Mark your Calendars for these great evenings coming in the New Year  
Jan 27 – “God Bless the Broken Road”

Feb 17 – “Overcomer”
Mar 16 – “Unplanned”

Annual General Meeting – Thursday, Feb 27, 2020

  • All ministry reports need to be sent to Mayra by Thursday, Feb. 6 2020 so she can compile the Annual Report for the Church. 

Deacon Nominations: We are looking for three new people to join our deacon team in 2020. If you’re a regular supporter and attender of SCCC, we invite you to participate in the choosing of these additional deacons. A qualifications handout, along with a nomination ballot can be found on the information table at the back of the sanctuary.
God’s best to you in 2020,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine  

The following is a link to their podcast where you can listen to the entire presentation. The highlights of their podcast are listed below.
Rainer on Leadership 602 [edited]
For Thom, it’s a present reality, for Sam it’s a prayer for the future. Listen as Thom and Sam discuss the attitudes each pray to avoid as senior adults in the church.
1. Have an entitled attitude because of my giving to the church
2. Say “I’ve done my time”
3. Focus more on recreation than serving
4. Complain
5. Be more concerned about my preferences than the needs of others
6. Lose my zeal for evangelism
Other highlights:
1. As a senior adult with discretionary income, give joyfully with no strings attached.
2. There is always a role for servants regardless of age.
3. For a senior adult with health issues, the role of prayer warrior is one way to stay connected to the church body.
4. Once you become preference driven, it is easier to become a complainer in the church.

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