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Good Morning to You; Hey I think Pastor Glenn and Jeannine returned with luggage of cool weather with them. The humidity the last couple of days has really dropped off. The seasons are changing. Just the other day I saw the leaves change colour! Just not the leaves here.

Seasons do change. Life changes. The hard part is realizing that we have different seasons of life. Fortunately there are more than four. Some of us have many seasons and some less. But it is to realize things change and take the time to adjust to the change. I just keep thinking about Jesus when I accepted him into my life how radical a change that was. And the 12 apostles did the same. What an adventure. It completely rearranged their lives by just saying yes they would follow him.

Some adventures are welcome. Some adventures are more like the worst car trip with five kids and a tired wife. I think generally we like safe fun-controlled adventures. The ones that have a guide and an insurance clause. But life just has adventures and not like the guided tour type.

How do you go through seasons and accept the sometimes unwelcomed adventures? I don’t have a formula. Many times, I am still exploring. But I know this, I started this adventure without Jesus and it was a mess. But with Jesus it is an adventure with peace. As I continue to release control I find peace and the road is better than I could have made.

The changes of seasons of life are not what any of us want, but with Jesus, it might still be like the car ride with a tired wife and five kids, but at least now I know I have the best adventure guide.

What started me on this thought? It is deer hunting season and I can’t go. Which tells me, life has different seasons. Just one, (deer season) I don’t get to be on!

Sharing my observations, Chuck

Welcome Home: to Pastor Glenn and Jeannine. While officially still “off” they have returned home.

Men’s Breakfast and Study: Come on over to Tequila’s Thursday Oct 15 @ 8:30am. We will pray together and continue our studies. This week we have a study on “Gentleness” The management will give us extra seating to keep within the ‘social distancing’ regulations.

Community Food Relief Program: The program will continue to help those in poverty in the San Carlos, Guaymas area through a revised program. It is a smaller program able to minister to our greater community. As I talk to Lupita, from Santa Clara, (she cleans the church) you just here her excitement as she tries to tell us about the gratitude the people of Santa Clara have for the groceries. I have asked her to write a testimony of what has been her experience. I’ll share what I can later.

SCCC is part of a community team involving Cast Away Kids, Rotary, Rescate, SCCC and private individuals of San Carlos.

Ladies Mountain Movers: A time when the ladies gather and pray. And wow, can they pray!  Wednesday mornings at 9 a.m. they meet at the church. They also are continuing to meet on line too. If you have a prayer request, post it on our Prayer Wall of the web site

Youth Ministry :  It has resumed in the church youth wing, Fridays at 5 pm. I have dropped in a few times just to see if the youth are together in a ‘safe’ manner. Yes they are. It is hard to recognize who is who in those masks. And yep, contrary to what they are use too, there is no crowding together. Pastor Mayra has a structured program of Bible teaching, activity and of course a snack.

School Backpack: This year in early December we hope to stuff at least 300 backpacks for school age children. What is needed is the school supplies of pen’s pencils, notebooks, erasers etc. Also really great is a small toy or gift for a child to be included in the backpack.  Please bring them to the church to myself or Pastor Mayra.

Bible Study;  Will resume in January. Past lessons are on the SCCC Facebook page in Videos.

Sermon Series: Listen to the audio, at;

Sermon Review:  “Money Management” Matt. 6:24 / Prov. 30:25-28

Such a touchy subject to approach. We are eager to go to seminars and read books by ‘best sellers’ on how to manage money. But as soon as the church mentions what Jesus often spoke about, we get nervous. The best basics of good money management is from the Bible.

I can share about my personal struggle with money and never seeming to have enough money. Then I started to check what the Bible has to say about money and how to manage it.

One illustration I can find is about the ants and the locust. One is a producer (ants) and the other is a consumer (locusts.) Is my life just consuming what I can along the way or am I producing something with my life? Proverbs 30:25-28 is a good illustration from these little creatures.

What kind of life I want for myself is in what I do today will move me to my tomorrows. But what we do is say we will start tomorrow and don’t. We have to start today. Start today to put into practice good money management to be a producer and not just a consumer.

Have you ever noticed how the selling/advertising marketers call us consumers? That is how we are viewed by the world. And so, they sell us on being consumers. But the Bible teaches us to be producers.

The hard part is the producer foundation principles starts with the tithe. Faithfully giving 10 % of my gross income in an act of worship into the ministry. It seems odd that the best money management is to start by giving some away. But I am going to live by what the Bible tells me. Not what the marketers tell me.

This winter here in San Carlos, I hope to do a one day seminar on Money Management. But until then, I will just leave you with the audio sermon from Sunday. Of course you can always write me and we can explore what we think about this.

The complete message is on the facebook video below or you can pick it up in the audio from the SCCC website.

God bless your week, Pastor Chuck

If you missed last Sunday’s message, or even if you’re not a facebook user,  you can still watch the full video service at the following links:
  Oct 11 SCCC Worship Service (English)


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