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Good Morning to You; Yesterday is the last day of my past.  I was driving through the Ranchitos of San Carlos to make a visit, when I passed a road side cross. The type that someone puts up in memory of some person who died near that location. And it brought to memory a friend of mine, Robin Gray. He was a biker I knew that died when he was riding his motorcycle and was struck by a car.

The family had a private funeral, so some people went and put up a roadside marker at the accident location. Many of us went to the location just to see where his last moments were and think about Robin. A life past. Those days are gone. Times change and it is hard to keep up with it all.

In some respects, I am glad that the yesterdays are gone. It means I can work on today and planning on tomorrow. I should not be held by past failures, though they are very few, (?) and past successes can even limit you. Yesterdays are great learning experiences and some great memories, but they can be restrictive. Now I can do even better than my past successes and failures. If I held on to my past then I can be confined and defined by that past. I will choose to look to today and tomorrow and know that my past is gone and I have great opportunities for tomorrow.

I still miss Robin and many others, but my past is only going to be the finger print to make me better for tomorrow. My choice.

Sharing my observations, Chuck

School Backpack: This year in early December we hope to stuff at least 300 backpacks for school age children. What is needed is the school supplies of pen’s pencils, notebooks, erasers etc. Also, really great is a small toy or gift for a child to be included in the backpack.  Please bring them to the church to myself or Pastor Mayra.

Sermon Review:  “The Awakening” Luke 24

Two men were walking on a road going from Jerusalem to Emmaus and they joined by a third man. He was a stranger to him and not recognized. Luke 24:16 says that they “were prevented from recognizing him” and the stranger was Jesus. Why were they prevented from recognizing Jesus? Is God blinding their eyes to restrict their vision?

It also happened to Mary. John 20:13-16 says she went to the Garden to the tomb of Jesus and he was not there. But she met a man who she supposed was the keeper of the property and asked where the body of Jesus was? The man spoke to her and she recognized the voice, it was Jesus! Why did she fail to recognize Jesus? Some may suggest that he was in his new glorified body. Ok, then how was he recognized by others? Does this mean a new glorified body, needs repeated introductions? I can just imagine the greeting parties in heaven with us all in new glorified bodies!

I would suggest that Mary did not recognize Jesus when he stood there in the Garden because she was expecting the dead and not the living. I would suggest that the two men on the road also made a mistake. Their conversation was about “Jesus a mighty prophet in words and deeds.” They only knew that Jesus. And they further told of their disappointment because they believed that Jesus would redeem Israel from its foreign armies and that he would be the new king of the nation.

In these cases they all had a mistaken identity of Jesus. They thought he was someone else! Of course we wouldn’t make that mistake. Or do we even now? We think we have Jesus all figured out and know him. But we hardly know each other yet alone the embodiment of God, the one who became flesh.

So perhaps I just need to keep open to knowing Jesus more. To be ready for new experiences of life in and with Jesus. And to do this I need to keep the lid off the box I would put my picture of Jesus Christ in.

The men on the road also failed to explained to their travelling companion, what their Bible said about the coming Christ. They only gave him the common stories of the market place. The talk about town. Jesus then went on to tell them what the Prophets and Moses said about who Christ is.

I think then I need to base my picture of Jesus upon what the Bible says and not what the market place talk is about who Jesus is. What stories may Jesus have told the other two on the road? My answer to that is in the SCCC website audio link or on the SCCC Facebook video of Oct 25.

God bless your week, Pastor Chuck

Sermon Series: Listen to the audio, at;

If you missed last Sunday’s message, or even if you’re not a facebook user,  you can still watch the full video service at the following links: Oct 25  SCCC Worship Service (English)

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