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Good Morning Church Family,

Transition Time Once Again – Thank you Pastor Chuck for your service to SCCC over the summer. We are grateful for all you & Lynn do in serving our church. Chuck & Lynn are in Puerto Vallarta for the next few weeks, enjoying some rest after navigating an unusual summer (facebook church & the reopening of church)

           Jeannine and I returned to San Carlos on October 8 after a rather quick change in plans. With Covid, we were refused entry at the Cdn/USA border with our “Mexico” vehicle. However, we were encouraged to go home and to fly back to SC by Customs and Border Patrol. So we drove back to my Mom’s, purchased a ticket through Toronto, Mexico City and Hermosillo and 6 hours later, we were on the plane. Landed in HMO at 7:30 the next morning, hopped a taxi and were home shortly after 9:00am – kind of felt like a whirlwind.  Although we’re home, we had to leave our car in Canada. If all goes well, it should arrive in Phoenix today, via a transport truck. (If’n the Lord willing) I will fly into Phoenix Thursday evening, pick it up and drive back to SC. Anyway, we are delighted to be home.

           There is many more details to this story, some of which I shared in the introduction to Sunday’s message on Frustration. If you’re so inclined, you can listen to the audio format on the website. I’m not sure if the Lord was providing personal illustrations this last month for Sunday’s message or if that’s just life, but what happened certainly inspired a search of Scriptures to see what role Frustration plays in the Bible. Were there frustrated Christians in Scripture? How does Jesus respond to their frustration? John 11 was a very relevant text to deal with these questions and with our response to frustration. I encourage you to listen to this timely message if you’ve ever had a “bit of frustration” in life.

 New Sermon Series begins this Sunday “Making Good Decisions”. We’ll be looking at the life of Joseph. If you want to get a head start, read Genesis 37-50. Joseph gets more “air time” in the Scriptures than many of the “greats”. So often, we learn from the mistakes of the people in Scripture. Joseph is different in that we learn from the decisions Joseph made as opposed to the mistakes he made. Its really interesting to note this comparison.

 Church Family UPDATES:

Facebook Live” will be back next Sunday. We apologize that the service was not available for Facebook last Sunday. The Message, however on the subject of  “Frustration” is recorded and you can listen to the audio version on our church website

­More Servant Hearts at SCCCUnder Steven Musser’s guidance we have 3 new sound men in place. A big Thank you to Denver Janz, Jonnatan Mendoza and Bryan White for your help.         

Congratulations to our two newlywed couples:

  1. Jan(Santa) Meyer & Anna Sparks (October 2)
  2. Stan (Mac) & Martha McIntyre (October 24)

Prayer Concerns:

  1. Brooks and Yvonne Nelson (in Colorado) both have contracted Covid 19
  2. Mayra Gonzalez has also contracted Covid. Her quarantine will be complete on Wed, but she will not return to work until Friday. We are grateful she didn’t have contact with the youth prior to the diagnosis. Her Grandfather, however, is in Hermosillo hospital with a Covid diagnosis as well.

* Please be praying for all of these folks.

 Train Station Ministry in Guaymas (from Heather Rix c/o Beto & Candy) As you may know, the ministry at the train station (Dream Center) restarted in August. We see about 65 people each week. While the church service & meal is our primary focus, we often get requests for other needs. One need now, as days get colder is SHOES.  If anyone has shoes in good condition they no longer use, (especially men’s shoes) we would be happy to pass them on to those in need.  Talk to Heather or simply drop them off at the church.

 Lots of new Missionary Newsletters over the summer. They are saved on our church “One Drive”. Simply Click HERE to read their latest news.

 Ride from Phoenix/Tucson to San Carlos – from Lynn Fox “I am seeking a ride from Tucson or Phoenix (depending on flight from SFO).I would like to get to Pilar by Dec. 16 or 17. I can fly in on 15th, too. I will take the Covid 19 test 72 hours before for safety, wear a mask and sit in the back seat. Is there anyone who is driving down to San Carlos during that time that I could ride with you. I will pay for the gas, tolls and lunch. I have one carry on and one large size suitcase.” Contact: Lynn at

Looking forward to the winter in SC,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine

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