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Good Morning church family,
I have no idea how they even see the ball, but the golfers are out there. I can see a silhouette of them in the pre dawn light. I can hear the clubs connect with the ball. I don’t know what time they started but we’re on the 5th hole. Talk about dedicated! Well that’s my lead in to my most recent, non-spiritual dedication – my garden. I’m not trying to throw snow in anyone’s face, but hey, some of the onions are 8 inches tall, the carrots are thicker than hair on a dog, the lettuce is getting leafy and the volunteer watermelon is flourishing. I like it. Its not quite farming but there’s just something invigorating about watching things grow!
Tomorrow Nov. 11 – While the remembrance is slightly different in our respective countries, it is still a day where we honor those who either served or gave their lives to maintain the freedom we all get to enjoy as North Americans. (A definition of the remembrance and differences in each country follows.)
      I am personally grateful for the freedom I have to live my life in both of the countries we reside in, as I’m sure you do too. Physical freedom is a wonderful gift. But I am even more grateful for the spiritual freedom I have because of Christ. It doesn’t matter which country of the world I live in – spiritual freedom, which results from inviting Jesus Christ to be my Lord & Savior, cannot be taken away, voted out, diminished or destroyed. I have freedom of mind, of conscience, of heart and ultimately, an eternal future in heaven. I think we have it pretty good, don’t you?
Remembrance Day (Canada) commemorates those who died in armed conflicts, particularly in and since World War I. In Canada, November 11 is officially called Remembrance Day, but it is also known as Armistice Day.

Veterans Day USA (originally known as Armistice Day) is a federal holiday in the United States observed annually on November 11, for honoring military veterans, that is, persons who have served in the United States Armed Forces.
Facebook Live” is back on track. So until you can return to San Carlos, we invite you to participate in our worship services on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am (Sonora/Mountain time).
Condolences: We send our condolences to Diane Ellison and family. Ron passed away last week. Ron and Diane, after a number of winters in SC, stopped returning several years ago because of health issues.
School Backpacks: This year in early December we hope to stuff at least 300 backpacks for school age children. What is needed is the school supplies of pen’s pencils, notebooks, erasers etc. Also, really great is a small toy or gift for a child to be included in the backpack.  Please bring them to the church to myself or Pastor Mayra.
­Prayer Concerns:
1. Pedro (Mayra’s Grandfather) is still intubated in Hermosillo hospital. Yesterday Mayra mentioned there had been some improvement which we are so grateful for. But let’s continue to pray for his total return to health.
2. Diane Ellison & Family – Ron’s passing
Train Station Ministry in Guaymas (from Heather Rix c/o Beto & Candy). One need now, as days get colder is SHOES.  If anyone has shoes in good condition they no longer use, (especially men’s shoes) we would be happy to pass them on to those in need.  Talk to Heather or simply drop them off at the church.
New Sermon Series – Life Lessons from the Life of Joseph Last Sunday, we looked at the way God built character into Joseph’s life. You all know how challenging much of his life was. However, Joseph continued to make good decisions which reflected the character building God had taken him through. The challenge for us is are we open to allowing the Lord to build our character. Do we ever consider that? I mean I have no desire to be in a pit, a prison or to be lied about. Yet that’s where the fruit of the spirit Joseph constantly displayed had grown out of. The fruit of the spirit was a natural outflow of how his character had been developed.
      We talked about some of the tools Joseph implemented in his character development. 1. Decide before you have to decide – know what you believe before the trial comes. 2. Pass the small tests – in passing those, we become better equipped to pass the larger tests which we will all face at some time. 3. Trust in God – God has not changed, He has not deserted you, has not tossed you under the bus. He is here, he is alive and well and willing to walk with you through every circumstance you face. So when the tests come, don’t give up. Rather partner with the Lord in the development of your character. Anticipate His victory(s) in your life.

This Week: Genesis 37 – This Sunday, we’ll be looking at how to get out of the “pits” in our lives. How do we handle those overwhelming moments in our lives? Join us live at the church or join us on facebook live.
Looking forward to the winter in SC,
Pastor Glenn & Jeannine
Happening this week:
Wed @ 9:00 – Mountain Mover’s Prayer
Thur @ 8:30 – Men’s Breakfast, Study & Prayer (Tequila’s)
Fri @ 5:00 Pm – Youth Nite at the Church

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